Cardinals sign Justin Miller

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t think his team needs to add to its secondary, but the Cardinals have added a kick returner who can also play a little cornerback.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Cardinals signed Justin Miller to a one-year contract.

Miller, who was invited to the Cardinals’ recent minicamp on a tryout basis, apparently looked good enough for the Cardinals to think he’s worth keeping around for at least a few more months.

In 2005 and 2006, Miller was one of the best kick returners in football. But after suffering a knee injury in 2007, he’s bounced back and forth between the Jets and Raiders and managed to get on the field for only 12 games in three seasons.

17 responses to “Cardinals sign Justin Miller

  1. “Well, I used to play a little second base.”
    — Herman Munster to Leo Durocher who was scouting him to join the Dodgers.

  2. Lol, weren’t you guys just telling us that the Cards won’t add anyone to their secondary?

  3. Who cares who they sign… Unless his name is Warner the Cards will be at the bottom of the NFC West again. 🙂

  4. Another great scoop Florio!!! ALmost as good as Larry Merchant” I think we have finally seen the “myth” of George Foreman’s power exposed as false—–DOWN GOES MOORER!!!

  5. WHY?? He has sucked since he left the Jets…I say he gets released by game 2

  6. Calihawk –
    again? Last year it was you and the Rams…..
    enjoy Haselhof and his bad back…..he won’t last 4 weeks.

  7. The very article preceeding this one says “Cardinals won’t add to secondary”
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT reporting guys!

  8. Classic Florio denial. The previous story was that the the Cadinals would not sign a defensive back. Then they did. Florio writes this up in a way to cover up his error, a return specialist not a secondary back . Florio would be better served, and would have a m0re loyal following, if he could get over this deal about being wrong. Florio, we would like you better if you were human, than if you were right all the time. Ie, we don’t like Kiper, and please don’t continue on your path of being the smarty pants who is always right, even when you’re wrong.
    Even the Bradshaw death, he keeps making excuses. To the point of being hilarious. Florio thinks he’s funny, but mainly he’s funny when he’s trying to make himself right. Fools trying to make themselves right are always way funny.

  9. Again? Back to back (to back) West Champs. Get used to it Seattle, even Carroll can’t rescue your franchise.

  10. # BDMag says: May 3, 2010 4:01 PM
    Again? Back to back (to back) West Champs. Get used to it Seattle, even Carroll can’t rescue your franchise.
    most likely not w/o kurt!! 9ers will win the west this year, fitz can’t do it on his own, lienhart, hahahhahhahahhaahahahah

  11. Arizona winning the division again?? Really witout Boldin ,Warner, Dansby etc .. All signs point to NO..

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