Marvin Harrison case still continues

Last Thursday was the two-year anniversary of the shooting that occurred with a gun that former Colts receiver Marvin Harrison claimed was in the safe at his home and that it hadn’t been fired in months.

Let’s repeat that one.  On April 29, 2008, a shooting occurred with a gun that, according to Harrison, was in the safe at his home and hadn’t been fired in months.

It’s undisputed that the shooting occurred only minutes after Harrison had fought with the target of the shooting, Dwight Dixon.  More than a year later, after Dixon had sued Harrison for the shooting, Dixon was shot multiple times.  He later died.

Before he slipped into a coma, Dixon told police he had been shot at the behest of Marvin Harrison.

Late last month, Shaun Assael of ESPN The Magazine updated the case.  On Tuesday’s Outside the Lines, a report from Assael showed that both cases — the April 2008 shooting and the July 2009 murder — remain very much alive.

Assael points to evidence implicating Harrison’s cousin, Lonnie, in the killing of Dixon.  Amazingly, surveillance video shows the shooter walking away from the scene, removing a sweatshirt hood, and then returning as a crowd was beginning to gather.

Former Philadelphia prosecutor Lynne Abraham opted not to file charges, despite admitting that she was “pretty comfortable” she knew who fired the gun.  But she was concerned about the fact that Dixon initially told police a different story.  Dixon explained to Assael several months before his death that he initially feared retaliation from Harrison.

It’s possible that Dixon’s fears came to fruition.

New prosecutor Seth Williams is still investigating both cases.  Though it appears that, eventually, action will be taken, each passing day is one more day that the persons responsible for both shootings remain among the free, theoretically able to wound or kill again.

And with Harrison four years away from his first opportunity at what appears to be an inevitable entry into the Hall of Fame, a chance remains that he’ll be inducted in absentia — or that the mustard-colored blazer will be clashing with an orange jumpsuit.

35 responses to “Marvin Harrison case still continues

  1. just by looking at him i always thought marvin was a nice and quiet type who would of thought he was “g”

  2. So you think if he has an orange jump suit on (i.e. in prison) that he’ll get in the hall of fame? I’d take the under every time.

  3. This is not nearly as serious as someone buying shots for a 20 year old sorority chick.
    Let’s just consider it a mistake.

  4. Im still impressed that Seth Williams has time to be our DA here in Philly and a DT in NY

  5. This case is another example of how little we know the athletes that so many people look up to. If you had told people that a situation like this would happen with one of the top WRs in the game Harrison would be the last guy most people would pick.

  6. They will sweep it under the rug and he will stay on the outside; the NFL and the United States Justice System will not allow Peyton Manning’s image be tainted by the thought the favorite son threw so many passes to a murderer.

  7. reggie waynes success and peytons continued success may make the selectors consider his numbers just more evidence for peytons claim to the HOF regardless of marvins criminal behavior

  8. richkotitte says:
    May 5, 2010 8:21 AM
    They will sweep it under the rug and he will stay on the outside; the NFL and the United States Justice System will not allow Peyton Manning’s image be tainted by the thought the favorite son threw so many passes to a murderer.
    Don’t forget about Forster rape case thats been coved up by the NFL its been over 4 mths and still nothing

  9. Who cares he killed a drug dealer , that`s great work Marvin `Charles Bronson` Harrison.

  10. It’s nice to finally have a DA who investigates cases and actually ponders going to trial.
    Unless you were the editor of a local magazine targeting 80 year old women from Bryn Mawr, Lynne Abraham was a useless hack.
    But she sure was…what is the phrase I am looking for here…Oh, yeah, she was white and had zero political ambition. So the people and political machine loved her equally!
    Now if we can only get the Police Force (the worst urban police department in America) up to even a C- we’d be getting somewhere.

  11. Starting to think that the entire northeast section of the country is corrupt beyond repair.

  12. Florio, you forgot to mention that this incident might make signing Harrison more attractive to the Bengals.

  13. I think that he’s far from a lock for the HOF.
    There are plenty of receivers who are not in the hall who are just as deserving or more deserving than Harrison……..Chris Carter for instance.
    Harrison’s stats were padded by playing with Peyton Manning, and playing in the passing era. Plus he absolutely disappeared during the playoffs every year.
    Not a Hall of Famer in my opinion.

  14. jerseykingpin – Hey A-hole.
    Foster passed the polygraph, the girl failed it.There is NO evidence, only one testimony. No player is stupid enough to commit a crime 1 day before his (at that time) most important game.

  15. @Tyler, I remember some idiot soliciting sex from an undercover officer during the Super Bowl week AFTER receiving the Bart Starr award that day!
    These guys are real idiots, concussion or no concussion football takes away their ability to think normally

  16. Who would have thought he acts so aggressive on the streets when on the field he was a bona fide coward of a wide receiver

  17. Is it really a given that Harrison gets in the Hall of Fame anymore? If he’s convicted of this (and the evidence thus far seems to indicate guilt even if he didn’t directly pull the trigger), wouldn’t this be the sort of thing would sway voters to keep him out?

  18. see what happens when you fall outta the league.
    bang bang.
    the hit list was discovered at a philly car wash., & included such names a Dexter Colley & Pierre Garcon. Harrison is makin a strong push to get back into the league
    this fool in philly was just a test run to see if they could pull it off

  19. @ Rev….
    Sorry guy: you totally missed the point. Ben wasn’t obligated to ID a patron who was already in a licensed premisis. I think that has already been established to the point of being overdone.
    Not sure how you compare a homicide to an alleged sexual misconduct but you made me laugh so thank you.
    Maybe before you post again bounce your idea off me before making yourself look like a complete moron. At least I can walk through your facts with you.
    Let’s face it…if being stupid were a crime you’d be Al Capone.

  20. @Joetoronto:
    We’ve got some famous morons from Texas, I agree. Let’s not implicate the whole state. [And George W. is from Connecticut, I might add–we don’t claim that turd.]
    Also, for all you idiots that make fun of ‘Don’t mess with Texas’–it’s a freakin’ anti-litter campaign here. If you happen to like litter–go live in a landfill.
    However, the largest percentage of NFL players come from Texas, so one might conclude the highest propensity for player stupidity would exist in Texas. That’s just circumstance for you….
    Where are the rest of my American brethren that are content to tolerate such a(n) [assumed]Canadian turd like you? You’re just lucky Canada doesn’t have any natural resources the U.S. wants, or else you’d be saluting the Stars & Stripes with J.P. Sousa blaring in the background, MORON. The RCMP’s horses could be defeated by any 10yr old with a lit string of black cats…
    and no NFL teams in Canada….haven’t you ever stopped to wonder why? [despite the ‘N’ in NFL, Goodell listens to $$$] Just drink your syrup, dip your fries and gravy, and shut your yap.

  21. “Woo Hoo, Gladys, just got a notice saying I’m going to be INDUCTED next week! For life!”
    “Wonderful, Marvin, but it looks like they spelled ‘inducted’ wrong.”.

  22. The fact that a supposed jurist keeps whining about this whole subject is sad.
    Bro, you of all people should know…”if they had it, they’d prosecute.”
    They dont have it…and given the circumstances are likely NEVER to have it. Switching out prosecutors (in this case) is not going to matter.
    Walk away dumbass.
    W/all of that said…if Harrison did do it, he was blasting at a P.O.S. punk who eventually reaped what he had been sowing. The World is a better place now.
    Oh Fn well.

  23. Serious stuff. But it’s not like he was betting on sports matches or anything like that.

  24. Time to call Jesse and the Reverend Sharpton, we got’s a problem here…hell send in that Jew basher Farakon or Shakakahn whatever.

  25. well Harrison, just needs Ray Lewis’ lawyer,
    and everything will turn out the way it

  26. ethan robert says:
    May 5, 2010 11:24 AM
    “Woo Hoo, Gladys, just got a notice saying I’m going to be INDUCTED next week! For life!”
    “Wonderful, Marvin, but it looks like they spelled ‘inducted’ wrong.”

  27. I get the feeling that there is more evidence that we don’t know about, hence the DA not rushing to convict Marvin.
    I read the stories about the incident but see many holes in it that may make Marvin guilty in the public but still leaves reasonable doubt as to whether he REALLY did it or not

  28. @ Clean Slaton
    Leave the Canuck alone shit head. We want their oil in Alberta you moron.
    We get 15% of our oil from them. You want to be more dependant on the ragheads?
    Sorry Joe, Clean Slaton is a pick up drivin’, ocean pollutin’, shot gun totin’, flag wavin’ meathead.
    God love him….

  29. Innocent or Guilty, ANYONE who thinks they can debate Marvin Harrison out of a firs ballot HOF is a complete MORON. Harrison has some records not even the immortal Jerry Rice has. He is CLEARLY the 2nd greatest WR in NFL history (statistically) though, Moss will most likely surpass his numbers before hes done. But I laugh hysterically at you fools saying he’s not HOF… My goodness, he’s a first ballot LOCK.

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