Barron signs his restricted free agent tender

The Alex Barron-for-Bobby Carpenter trade extravaganza took another step towards completion Friday when Barron, the Rams tackle, signed his restricted free agent tender.

Steve Wyche of passes along the news.  With this procedural issue out of the way, the two players should be clear to take physicals with the Rams and Cowboys.

All indications are that the trade will be official on Monday, pending the physicals.

13 responses to “Barron signs his restricted free agent tender

  1. What about Bobby Carpenter’s contract? Didn’t you guys report earlier that reworking his deal might be a hold up?

  2. Talk about a slow couple of days. The trade of two first-round busts merit 5+ posts?

  3. a conference call between the physicians conducting the physicals:
    Dr. #1:
    ‘It’s the damndest thing….Mr. Barron complained of a pain in his crotch area the second he landed in Dallas. I checked him for a hernia, but it felt like he’s started to grow a vagina.’
    Dr. #2:
    ‘THAT”S SO WEIRD!!!! Mr. Carpenter said that when he landed in St. Louis, he started to re-grow his penis & testicles! He said he hadn’t had them since before he was drafted by the cowboys! This Dallas-Cowboys-vagina-growing phenomenon should make all of the medical journals!’

  4. “jordanv says:
    May 7, 2010 5:01 PM
    Has Bobby Carpenter even been productive enough to give him a story on here?”
    No, but he wears a star on his helmet so that’s what happens. Everyone can’t get enough of talking about the Cowboys, it’s pretty funny actually. I love how nobody on our team can take a piss without somebody reporting it, and how annoyed all the other fans get and how the bashers come out of the woodwork anytime Dallas is mentioned. Really cracks me up. Keep it coming guys.

  5. Most fans wanted Barron cut in the middle of last season so it’s nice they actually got something.

  6. I actually believe Carpenter can excel in a 4-3 defense or a different type of 3-4 scheme. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out with the Boys and hopefully he can ressurect his career in St. Louis.
    He’s a good kid and with great character and shouldn’t be frowned upon simply because the current scheme he was in didn’t work.

  7. At least we know what team is going to lead the league in false starts next season. Anything more than a few used water bottles is a good deal for a guy who lead the league in penalties over a three year period.

  8. I love how fans of both the cowboys and rams have the same amount of disdain for their respective current players. personally I think it’s a good trade for both teams. No one really comes out too far ahead or too far behind.

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