Finally, new PFT stuff to buy

The good news is that we’ve found another new way to get the PFT logo into the public consciousness.  The better news is that we get paid for it, too.

Now available is a new line of PFT stuff.  For now, we’ve got a black T-shirt with a Superman-sized logo in the middle of the shirt.  We’ve also got a black sweatshirt with the same thing.

So what are you waiting for?  Break out the “cashish” and get yourself a black, sunshine-absorbing PFT T-shirt, just in time for the summer months.

50 responses to “Finally, new PFT stuff to buy

  1. 18 bucks + shipping for a shirt with 3 letters inside a football-esque speech bubble?
    I’ll pass…

  2. If you make Florio Jr. wear that to school, he’s going to (deservedly) get stuffed into a locker.

  3. Why not buy a t-shirt from Walmart for $5 and write ‘I am a loser’ on the back.
    Same result, less money.

  4. Sorry, got to agree with stiller43. You’ve got an association with NBC. Get someone to do something more worth our money.

  5. I know this question may seem crass but…
    How much of the profits will you be donating to charity?
    Care to post your 2010 salary figure?

  6. Pft has just left the realm of the underground and are now as pop as lady gaga.

  7. Better: use some of your most famous headlines in big bold letters and then put a smaller PFT logo below the words. Like “TERRY BRADSHAW DEAD” or “LAST WORD ON THE [YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER HERE] SITUATION.”

  8. I am waiting for PFT to release any of the following products:
    1) A PFT Shirt with a big picture of Florio’s head
    2) A speedo with the PFT logo on it
    3) Any kind of lap band related merchandise officially endorsed by Florio

  9. So does the price mean you pay me $17.99 per day or is it per hour to advertise you and NBC?
    Seems a little low to me.

  10. Secretively viewing Pompous Florio Trite and denegrating myself in pubic are two different things. I’ll take a pass.

  11. You need to knock down the price on your women’s long-sleeve t-shirt and bring it out in several more colors–or at least in black.

  12. I want to purchase on official Mike Florio Hairpeice with the PFT logo on it. What’s the ETA on that item?

  13. I couldn’t think of anything better to wear during the summer time than a black sweater.
    Well done PFT. Well done …

  14. Mike
    Websites less popular than yours started by college kids have webmasters who have quit their jobs because they make so much money selling merchandise promoting the site.
    The problem with your products are that they are lame. The PFT logo on a shirt is freaking lame.
    If you got somebody who knew what they were doing to make some cool stuff that people might actually want to buy, you’d have enough readers buying it up that it would probably bring in more profit than whatever arrangement with NBC you’ve got now.
    Just sayin.

  15. please everyone don’t buy this crap,i might have to pull a Tom Cable on anyone who does…

  16. # kylel2005 says: May 7, 2010 3:33 PM
    I am waiting for PFT to release any of the following products:
    1) A PFT Shirt with a big picture of Florio’s head
    2) A speedo with the PFT logo on it
    3) Any kind of lap band related merchandise officially endorsed by Florio
    4) PFT style Florio hairpiece.
    5) Mike Florio “Blog like a champion” T-shirt
    6) PFT Temporary tattoo
    7) Rosenthal “I hate commenters” bumper sticker.
    8) Best of PFTV DVD with bonus scenes showing that in fact they have no pants on under the desk.

  17. I would start with committing to a logo that doesn’t look like Florio Jr. created in art class.

  18. You want to get your name out there? Award them to the first person who disspelled one of your posts as bullshit. It would be a badge of honor. Only downside is that you might have to open your own overseas sweatshop to meet the demand.

  19. Maybe Smith and Channing Crowder will buy one so they can give it to you to mop up the blood after you get bi-atch slapped?
    Which brings me to this: if they miss and the sheer wind force knocks the squirrel off your head and said squirrel rips your scalp, can you sue?!?

  20. It’s like Quarterback of the Future, but wearable.
    …and probably more readable.

  21. @Biff Henderson …
    In public??? You mean he expects people to wear the stuff in public??? Good grief!

  22. To be honest i’d by some PFT stuff if you weren’t associated with NBC. But, I can’t bring myself to support such a dispicable brand like NBC.

  23. get a white one and maybe i’ll bite…and i bet florio is making more money than steve smith this year.

  24. i might buy a Florio vs Steve Smith commerative shirt…hopefully availible soon

  25. I have a shirt that says Big Bob’s Carpet. You should have a shirt that says Big Florio’s Hairpiece.

  26. Florio should partner with PETA and have his sports-model mug on a t-shirt with the caption
    “No squirrel should die to stroke an ego”

  27. I spent 10 years as a buyer for a licensed sportswear company. Black isn’t a good selling color, lots of people (including me) would never buy or wear a black shirt no matter what. I can tell you that the best selling t-shirt colors are athletic grey, white and navy blue. Runners up are red, dark green and brown. Obviously team/school colors are best – but in general those are the top sellers – you’ll never go wrong with athletic gray or white. Try one of them and watch your sales increase – I might even buy one.

  28. Florio:
    Let me know when you come out with your own line of toilet paper.
    Then I might wipe my butt with it.

  29. Hmm, Florio. Don’t think what danphxariz said about black would be true for the fitted long-sleeve women’s tee. But red, navy, and heather grey would be nice, too.

  30. What no official PFT line of Mike Vick doggie sweaters, Pac Man Umbrellas, Tatum Bell Luggage, or Haynesworth Hiking Boots?
    That’s gold Jerry, gold!!

  31. I’m waiting for the blooper reel of Florio being interviewed by women. You can almost see the Adam’s apple bob. (Gulp.)
    The rug idea is good, but why not take it a step further: Florio’s Hair Club for Football Couch Potatos?

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