Rams still talking with Brian Westbrook

The recent back surgery to Steven Jackson highlighted the lack of depth in the Rams backfield.

It has some asking why the Rams didn’t draft a running back, because Kenneth Darby and Chris Ogbonnaya are an uninspiring pair of backups.

The Rams may still bring in a player with just a tad more career production — Brian Westbrook. 

We’re still talking to him,” Rams G.M. Billy Devaney told Howard Balzer of the St. Louis Globe-Dispatch.  “There’s still a chance we
can work something out, but there’s no great rush there.”

There are indications the Rams are willing to offer him a contract.  Perhaps Westbrook is holding out in hopes of a better offer or a team that has a legitimate chance to win a title.

16 responses to “Rams still talking with Brian Westbrook

  1. Or, if you knew Westbrook, perhaps a team that doesn’t practice and play all their home games on turf. His knee(s) can’t take the turf.

  2. Not many teams with a legitimate chance need a RB–I would say Green Bay, but its too cold up there for his repaired ankles and knee’s.
    B-West just retire and go down as one of the best RB to put on a Eagles jersey.
    Fly Eagles Fly!

  3. And Mike Florio is still “Not Talking” after 311 days since he promised a return of the PFT/CFT “Comments Ratings”.

  4. @smitty same thing i was gonna say. he hasn’t played an entire season on a passing team w/ a grass field. I can’t imagine the St. Louis Rams being a great fit for what he wants.

  5. Forever an Eagle, and a great one. I hope he chooses retirement and keeps his health.

  6. While it might sound surprising that the Rams management has not managed to have viable backup options at RB (or any other single position, for that matter), this has been the state of the art since Zygmunt took over, and so far it has continued with Devaney and Spagneuouolo. Unclever management teamed with unclever coaching. At least they’re nice guys.

  7. Houston GM Rick Smith, pull your head out of your ass!
    If our ‘system’ [Denver’s old system] takes average, late-round backs and turns them into pro-bowlers–why can’t it take a pro-bowler and rejuvenate him?
    Sign Westbrook. Make Texans fans happy. We blew it on Faneca & Tomlinson, we’re sure to make it the trifecta of blown opportunities.
    Any Texans fans wanna help me plan a coup to overthrow McNair & Smith? they’re keeping our team from getting over the hump.

  8. Don’t do it bdub!! Just retire knowing you were the most bad ass eagles RB ever!! You’ll always be in our hearts! Thanks for all the good years!

  9. BWest carried the Birds for the past 5-6 years. He deserves better than the Rams. No offense St. Louis.

  10. “Howboutdemcowboys says:
    “but there’s no great rush there”
    no great rusher either.”
    Still bitter about the game Westbrook stopped on the Cowgirls 1 yard line instead of going for the touchdown?
    Cowboys suck.

  11. Even though I hate the Iggles, their disgusting trashy city, and Philly bandwagon fans…I was a big fan of Westbrook. I hope he does well wherever he goes. Good guy.

  12. My advice to Bryan…is, in today’s financial situation…take the damned job!

  13. No OL, No QB, No WR’s, No D whatsoever
    Yea, sounds like a great place for a beaten up, injury-prone RB

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