Titans, NFL/NFLPA donate $400,000 to flood relief

One day after Vince Young announced a plan to help raise money for flood victims in Tennessee, the Titans, NFL, and NFLPA joined together for a generous donation of $400,000.

We salute Adams, who gave $200,000 from the Titans foundation, and then encouraged the NFL and NFLPA to match the donation.   Adams also said that Titans players and staff will be going out into the
community next week as a group to help with the recovery efforts.

The money will be split between the Metro Nashville Disaster Relief Fund, Tennessee Emergency Relief Fund and the
American Red Cross. 

Anyone that would like to donate to the Red Cross can text 90999 from their cell phone. Or use someone else’s cell phone.  It’s for a good cause.

16 responses to “Titans, NFL/NFLPA donate $400,000 to flood relief

  1. That’s great but it’s $100,000 less than Taylor Swift. Pony up and donate a cool Mill Titans!
    How much revenue do the fans of Nashville bring?

  2. How about donating 500 million to the Vikings, since it’s pretty much a crisis up there with the whole stadium problem.

  3. That’s great, Gotta take care of our own. Obama and his regime isn’t even noticing or acknowledging what’s happening in Tenn. Maybe Haiti will give us some help…don’t think so.

  4. That does seem like a small amount coming from those 3 organizations combined. Bud Adams paid more to flip the bird.

  5. “Titans, NFL/NFLPA donote $400,000 to flood relief”
    The a is nowhere near the o on my keyboard.

  6. Thats great and all but with the amount of jack going through the NFL, does anyone else feel they should be crossing the mill$ range on a donation? It’s not even a half a mill they donated?

  7. Sorry but $400,000 is peanuts for you guys. Find a way to pony up some more dough. It’s for a worthy cause.

  8. Seriously, the local football franchise can’t pony up more than a teenage country star?

  9. wow, the titans/nfl/nflpa should be embarrassed by that contribution. a multi BILLION dollar industry can only muster $400k while a 18 y/o singer can spare $500k.

  10. I’m sure that Memp!, John El Way, stadanko, burnball, fleet10, NoKoolaidCowboy, mvlonergan, and nicewolf64, obviously being experts in spending other people’s money, can show us all how it’s done and donate a cool million between them. After all, it’s so easy to be a philanthropic wizard when you’re on the Internet.

  11. That is so sad. Each team should’ve ponied up that much. We are talking about Billionaire owners, playing a multi-billion dollar game, in billion dollar stadiums (paid with tax payer money)and with multi-millionaire players as the tokens on the board. The NFL should be embarrassed with that offer, especially with half of it coming from the Titans foundation.

  12. Thanks Titans organization and NFL for the generous donation! Now we are only 1 billion 99 1/2 million dollars away from a full recovery!

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