We're turning back the clock at PFT

As we watch on Comedy Central’s website a discussion between a couple of no-H Johns (Meacham and Stewart) regarding the impending sale of Newsweek, the decline of the print industry, and the rise of the aggregators (who under Meacham’s view of the world are not yet ready to take over because we don’t own yachts . . . but at least I “have a few
more zeros at the end of my contract than he do
“), we’re struck by the irony of the current side project that is keeping the PFT writing crew even more frazzled than we are during the regular season.

For the first time, we’re preparing a season preview magazine, which will be on newsstands in June.

Yes, after mastering (sort of) the digital model at a time when leaf-eating newspapers and magazines are collapsing in a heap of large bones due to the dust cloud from the Internet asteroid that hit the earth a decade ago, we’re going T-Rex (complete with the skinny little arms) to turn the stuff only available on the screen of a computer or wireless device into something onto which you can spill mustard or marinara sauce.

As we put the thing together, we’ve encountered a dilemma.  We need to place a picture of a player on the cover.  And we want to give you, the intended demographic who likely only buys anything made of paper in small rolls (hey, there’s another use for the magazine), a chance to make a case for the guy who should appear on the cover.

So drop a comment and make a suggestion and provide support for it.

And, yeah, we fully expect a few of you to nominate Ben Roethlisberger and/or Steve Smith.  We’re not going to tell you not to do it, because that would only result in more comments nominating Ben Roethlisberger and/or Steve Smith.

230 responses to “We're turning back the clock at PFT

  1. Okay, first thought, Brett Favre, I mean you have more stories dedicated to him than any other player. Add a walker to the picture to make it last.
    Otherwise, I would love to a picture of defensive player, like Ray Lewis (knife in hand of course)

  2. The cover boy has to be Tim Tebow…for 1 it would get a lot off press and second, and more importantly, it would get Ray Lewis frothing at the mouth.
    Your story line could be: Tim Tebow: The Reason Behind the Uncommon Fascination

  3. About a photo of you cowering under your desk while Smith is seen peering thru the window in the background?

  4. How about putting multiple guys on the cover? For instance, guys that keep us talking football and sometime make us shake our head. You can mix the controversial with the great, etc.
    1. John Madden – Maybe this will start a counter to the Madden curse.
    2. Al Davis – Why not, he generates more headlines than any owner.
    3. Brees – Superbowl winner and MVP. Start a tradition.
    4. Chris Johnson – Fantasy MVP. Start a tradition.
    If a guy ever is the Fantasy MVP and Superbowl Winner/MVP, you put 2 pictures of him on.
    If you are going to predict teams to win, put their best player on it as well.

  5. Tim Tebow. Has to be Tebow because he more than likely won’t play a snap in an NFL regular season game.

  6. I think you should make the cover photo a collage of PFT Hero Award winners! What better way to get fans excited about the upcoming season than to see players that make the NFL what it truly is, as opposed to the Roethlisberger/Smith/L.T.’s of the NFL.

  7. Great! Start a new jinx. In that case, choose one of the Manning brothers. In fact, choose both.

  8. Ed Reed- says he feels like he’s 25 again, is coming back after contemplating retirement, is still far and away the best safety in the league, plays for a super bowl contending team, is the most exciting defensive player in the league, is on pace to be the best safety of all time if he decides to play that long. He is your cover athlete. Everyone likes him too

  9. Probably best to get a leader in the league who can talk football as well as play it. As well as someone whose name doesn’t appear with “arrested” in the headlines.
    Peyton Manning is an obvious choice. Drew Breeze?
    Being a Packer Fan, Donald Driver is an all around great example of what the face of a franchise should be. He may not be a top choice for the entire league, but a player like that is what would get my attention at the newsstand.

  10. Why does it need to be a player? Couldn’t you put a coach, or maybe Roger Goodell and DE Smith? It would be cool to have the two of them facing off. Alternatively, you could have two rival coaches facing off – Bilichick and Shanahan, or Payton and Caldwell? If you must do a player, how about someone completely out of the blue like Myron Rolle or Tim Toone. You could make an annual habit of putting Mr. Irrelevant on the cover to symbolize your own outfit as irrelevant…

  11. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest either Jamarcus Russell or Lawrence Taylor. I just think Roethlisberger and Steve Smith are a little too controversial right now.
    Let the Brett Favre comments start…………now

  12. Florio……Put down the computer. The more you talk about Steve Smith the more you seem to be straying from what is real and what is not real. Your precious SOURCE is beginning to get worried.

  13. Hey if you’re going to do this every year why not give Mr. Irrelevant from the draft a little love? Put the last guy picked in the preceding draft on your cover. This year that would be: “Tim Toone”, WR, Detroit Lions, from Weber State. The concept goes very well with your own success story Florio.
    Or here are some other ideas:
    1. Bill Belichick, every season.
    2. The most recently incarcerated NFL player.
    3. An NFL player who killed someone (eg, Rae Carruth). You can say “This issue is KILLER”.
    4. Or how about giving some fat coaches some love. Rex. Charlie Weis. etc.
    5. Les Steckel or Rich Kotite.

  14. How about Terry Bradshaw? It is your story that he was dead that you are most famous for!

  15. Ryan Leaf gets my vote. Or just a collage of highly touted yet unsuccessful draft picks. Who wouldn’t instantly be drawn to a magazine with Leaf, Ginn, Couch, and Russel on the cover?!

  16. I promise to buy it if you put anybody besides Brett Favre on there.
    Peyton Manning, McNabb, Chris Johnson, Jared Allen,Tim Tebow, ANYBODY

  17. You’ve shamelessly used Roethlisberger’s name at every turn to draw attention to your site for the last couple of months; might as well use his image, too. Make it as bad a picture as you can find, take a lesson from sleazy local news tactics.

  18. I vote for the classiest NFL player, soon to be a HOFer – Derrick Brooks.
    OR another future HOFer – the great Ray Lewis (with no knife bs) – he’s a true team leader!

  19. Why would I pay money for this drivel? I only come here to see what you morons are saying.

  20. Tebow sitting at a desk. Florio under it with wearing a PFT thong.

  21. DeSean Jackson: Not only are you two about the same height, he is another example of person who people didn’t believe in, and through hard work and dedication has become a great NFL wideout.

  22. How about a picture of Florio bending over to pick up a football with a happy/surprised look on his face, and Lawrence Taylor and Ben Roethlisberger Standing behind him with rolls of money and/or Bodyguards watching the doors? That would be cute. Allegedly.

  23. ccoolahan14 says:
    May 8, 2010 8:43 AM
    Ed Reed- says he feels like he’s 25 again, is coming back after contemplating retirement, is still far and away the best safety in the league, plays for a super bowl contending team, is the most exciting defensive player in the league, is on pace to be the best safety of all time if he decides to play that long. He is your cover athlete. Everyone likes him too
    Gee… You wouldn’t happen to be Ed Reeds girlfriend would you?
    Homer much?

  24. How about putting the fans on the cover. You could show a press box or sky view picture of the fans tailgating or inside a stadium.
    What is forgotten, it is the fans that drive the high salaries, TV contracts, merchandise, concession prices, PFT site views, and stadium naming rights.
    We are always the ones that ponies up the money, so show some respect and shower the appreciation on us.

  25. Playboy made a fortune selling busts, take heed.
    Put JaMarcus Russell on your cover.

  26. Pat Tillman is a great idea. Caleb Cambell would be good too if he makes a roster. Hopefully the Schwartz gives him every chance he deserves.

  27. Pick a player no one would expect… someone like Josh Morgan, or Robert Meachem. Sammy Morris, or Ahmad Bradshaw.

  28. Roger Goodall in shoulder pads, a no-logo football helmet and black robe holding a football.
    Behind him, clustered around like secondary stories, put pictures of the Williams, Rothlisberger, L. T(aylor), Cushing, Ray Lewis, and others (including a scantily clad, drunk-looking groupie.
    Headline: Impact Players.

  29. how about florio as chris hanson from dateline nbc to catch a predator busting lawrence taylor with a silly whoops you caught me look on his face

  30. I think you should have a Mad magazine trifold cover. With Brett Favre… then if he retires it trifolds up to become Jon Meacham!
    Or even better… you can but GR in full Hobbit decore!
    Okay… stupid internet jokes aside:
    Is there a place to pre-order a copy for delivery?
    And my fanboy(ness) for Peyton Manning tells me that he is the natural fit. But the truth is… Brett Favre is both a superstar player and the embodiment of why PFT.com is successful so he really is the natural fit.
    I think you should have him arm in arm with Esera Tualo (okay, had to do one more stupid internet joke)

  31. Steve Smith punching clausen or florio in the face!!! That would sell like hotcakes!!!

  32. PFT Nation has let me down, I can not believe nobody suggested Ben Rapistberger or Steve Smith after Florio begged for it.

  33. Put Jerry Jones on the cover. That way, when Mean D reads it, he’ll stroke out from sheer apoplexy and I won’t have to read his inane drivel here any more. In other words, a win-win.

  34. Gee… You wouldn’t happen to be Ed Reeds girlfriend would you?
    Homer much?
    Ed Reed was better at EVERY SINGLE STATISTICAL CATEGORY than Troy P. (the unanimous second best safety) when playing the same position (yes, that includes tackles, sacks, ffs, etc.). Also, when playing the same position, Reed had more INTs, return yards, and TDs in THREE years than Polamalu has had in his ENTIRE CAREER(the only reason there is even a question who is best is because Polamalu gets WAY overrated bc he’s a steeler). Reed is on pace (if he plays long enough) to finish NUMBER ONE ALL TIME in: INTs, return yards, defensive TDs (Polamalu isn’t on pace to finish in the top NINETY of any of those categories). If he were to finish number 1 at each category, he’d be the best safety of all time….so uhh…what exactly did I say that was controversial or an example of homerism? Just because you didn’t know the truth/have been completely brainwashed by media favoritism/are an idiot doesn’t mean that I’m saying anything controversial here.

  35. If it’s a season preview edition, how about a montage of teams that PFT and company think will make the post-season? Or a montage of players who PFT will think will make the most impact for their team?

  36. How about a few guys..like Brian Cushing, Merriman, Rothlisberger, LT, Ray Lewis, OJ Simpson and Bill Bellicheck….you know guys who not only make a difference on the field, but have also proven themselves to be real role models..the kind of guys little boys should want to grow up and be like.

  37. 1. Clinton Portis, dressed as Dolla Bill.
    2. Brady Quinn, with the fraternity/crotch grabbing photo.
    3. Channing Crowder
    4. Three small photos of Josh McDaniels, Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas above three small pictures of Mike Shanahan, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. Caption: Are you happy now, Denver?
    5. The Coors Light guys.

  38. I know “multi” folks on a cover may not be a good sell, but since you are starting out … How about a “New Beginnings” theme with the Kolb/McNabb/Campbell swap, along with Bradford and Leinart (or any of these alone) and a feature on which of the “new QB’s” along with others in the article (Browns etc.), are most likely to lead their teams past the likes of the vets and into the Super Bowl? Or maybe since you guys coined the whole thing … maybe a “Turd or Treasure?” issue with Dez Bryant and Julius Peppers (since the knock is taking plays off) and focus an article on which player (yes Rothlisberger and maybe those traded for 5th rounders?) with those types of “question marks” will help his new or current team most.

  39. To keep up with recent events, you could put a picture of ‘Safety Sam’ from the movie “The Groove Tube” wearing a Steelers helmet on your cover!!!

  40. Michael Vick raping Ben Roethlisberger’s puppy in a bathroom stall while Tim Tebow prays in the background.

  41. Pic of Nashville underwater. VY helping people out. 1/2 the country hasn’t seen this.

  42. They are just doing this so they have protection under the law as journalists so the FED cant take their computers like the did to Gizmodo!!
    Am I right?

  43. You could go a number of ways with this one, Florio…
    Tebow would be representative of your new season preview book as both a newcomer and underdog in the NFL season preview magazine market…and we know there are people who will pick the damn thing up just because Tebow is on the cover.
    If you wanna pay tribute to the most recent NFL success story you could put a pic of Brees leading the Saints circle in his pregame ritual…that would be a pretty cool look on a mag cover – Which may or may not have already been done ad nausem? (Not a mag reader here so I don’t know)
    Another one that has probably been done to death is Peyton Manning…although Florio, you could put a nice twist on this one by having a pic of fivehead and his bare ass (put a smiley face on it) pictured next to a Indy trainer’s face…that would be bound to sell a few copies.

  44. Or how about Bud Adams giving us all the double finger. I’d buy that! Stay classy Bills

  45. Your “hidden” source in the Steve Smith drama, but with his face blurred out.

  46. First issue has to be a familiar face but Brees will be on every cover.
    Brees, Favre, Tebow, or even Romo.
    Get the top QBs from the teams you predict to win the SB.
    Maybe even have 4 QBs from NFC North, good star power.

  47. XeroEdge has got it right, my first thought too is to have Pat Tillman. Maybe a Hero AND a Zero type of issue….Zero’s would be OJ, Ray Lewis, Rae Carruth, Big Ben, LT etc etc.

  48. The biggest story of the offseason, not involving any criminal activity or the size of one’s… ahem, contract, has to be the McNabb trade. I’d guess that the McNabb story brought the most clicks to this website. I mean, there were enough Donovan/Kolb/Eagles/Redskins threads this offseason….
    So either put Donovan, or Kevin Kolb on the cover, or both of em. Sure, I know it’s not the typical Favre vs. Rodgers/Retirement, or McRapistberger, or Steve only-real-men-pummel-their-teammates Smith, but you guys at PFT must know that the Donovan trade was the biggest headline!!! And I know plenty of people are excited to see who got the better of the trade!! LIKE ME!!!!
    I know you’ll do the right thing….. can’t wait to pick up my copy.

  49. Turning back the clock:
    McNabb – after years of being an Eagle, now a Redskin. Trying to turn back their clock.
    Shanahan – after years of being a Bronco, and then out of football, now trying to turn back the Redskins clock.
    Bruce Allen – after long years ago where his father made the Redskins who they are remembered today, now at the helm of the Redskins, trying to turn back their clock.
    The Redskins – after years of being a joke, maybe they turn back the clock to being a professional football team and becoming a winner.

  50. Or you could always go with Teddy Ginn and his family. ….oh, right. This isn’t 2007, sorry.

  51. Terry Bradshaw for comedy.
    Brett Favre for likelihood.
    Ray Lewis for deserving it.

  52. Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs are going to be the surprise team of 2010. Another year in Haley’s system has the team working very hard and as a united unit, and a backfield of Matt Cassel, Charles, Thomas Jones, Dexter McCluster, Dwayne Bowe, and Chris Chambers under Charlie Weis is going to light teams up this year. The younger players are improving and in better shape, they’re added great depth with role players, the defense has another year in the 3-4, and added the best defensive player in the draft in Eric Berry. Front office, coaching staff, and now the team are all full of great talent and Don Pioli is not done adding to the defense yet. AFC West title, guaranteed.

  53. Steve Smith beating the crap out if that hack Florio! I went out and bought a Steve Smith jersey the say he called a spade a spade and called Florio a liar.

  54. Since your site in the trenches digging out the news for us I think it should be a lineman. It can’t be an offensive lineman because he tries to protect the franchise/pockets. You don’t protect ~ you journal the good and bad about the NFL then let the chips fall where they may. So I think it should be someone in the trenches who doesn’t miss a tackle (issue). I like the thought of Reggie White, Warren Sapp, the Williams boys from Minnesota Vikings, and Too Tall Ed Jones. But they are all old and you are still reaching your prime ~ not there yet ~ but close. Mario Williams is my first choice. First round pick ~ like your site. Not given much cresit yet ~ like your site. Not flashy just gets the job done ~ like your site. Still reaching his prime yet doing a great job ~ just like your site.

  55. Cmon guys. You need to put the best of the best on your cover. Forget the bad boys.
    Tom Brady.

  56. whatever you decide to do not put tebow on the cover.your position is he is not fit to be a nfl qb and will never be more than a backup at best.so instead of being a hypocrite and making money off him like florida and the ncaa did for years while he got nothing,and since he should not make any money off his name according to you then go with someone else.

  57. A picture of Aaron Rodgers getting jackhammered into the turf in the end zone by Jared Allen for a safety would be nice… but then again, so would a picture of Pat Williams sitting on Roger Goodell while Kevin Williams sharts on his face…. but hey, just take the safe route and go with Favre.

  58. hey what’s going on here. is mo flo tryng 2 compare smitty with a rapist? just because he called bs on his reporting. I can’t understand y punks like mo flo try 2 lump smitty in with the likes of little ben, TO & chad. has smitty been in trouble with law….NO!…has smitty ever thrown his QB under the bus…NO!..& believe me if any 1 had a reason 2 crack on thier QB it was smitty the way jake played last year. mo flo reported that multiple receivers call jimmy a punk..but only called out smitty. I want 2 know who r the other receivers. they must be unnamed, protected source receivers. I got ur cover boys SMITTY SUCKER PUNCH’IN THE BS OUT OF MO FLO’S MOUTH!!!

  59. Your hairpiece or Brocato’s hair plugs. Either way, it let’s the uninitiated know exactly what waits inside. If you really want to be daring, post the pictures that Rosenthal has of you that he has been using as blackmail to prevent you from firing him for gross incompetence.

  60. How ’bout…
    Geoff Santini handing a stack of cash to Dez Bryant’s mom?
    Roethlisberger’s accuser, L.T.’s accuser, and Tila Tequila havin’ a girl’s night out?
    Steve Smith, Channing Crowder and Donte Whitner knocking on Florio’s door?

  61. Has to be Chris Johnson — he was the difference maker in just about every fantasy league last year, so everyone is going to want to take him first overall.
    BUT, with this hold-out over money, it might cause some serious downturn in production.
    The way I see it, the cover needs to be Chris Johnson because he is the highest rated fantasy player at serious risk for a downturn in production…the best fantasy player in which PFT the Magazine offers him not as the first pick blah blah blah
    Actually, just put Ben Roethlisberger. With Najeh Davenport.

  62. # tbtsm15 says: May 8, 2010 10:02 AM
    “how about Big Ben’s unnamed Las Vegas accuser?”
    You mean Andrea McNulty?
    That unnamed accuser?
    / proof that stupidity never takes a day off

  63. I say Tom Brady…everyone (outside of NE) will piss and moan.
    The right choice, Brees.

  64. Deb, wearing nothing but a ball gag, bending over under a Fathead poster of Ben Roethlisberger. Drool and ecstatic expression optional.

  65. God’s Own Silver and Blue says:
    Deb, wearing nothing but a ball gag, bending over under a Fathead poster of Ben Roethlisberger. Drool and ecstatic expression optional.
    I second this motion!

  66. Photoshop baby.
    Drew Brees holding the Lombardi trophy and a handful of Vicodin.
    Brett Favre with his hat turned sideways and his pants on the ground.
    Tim Tebow with an aborted fetus.
    Big Ben holding his dick.
    Steve Smith holding an armful of zeroes.
    Are you planning to sell this in Bengals Country? Reading skills are still lacking down there. So you may not sell many copies.

  67. I’ll buy a copy if it’s written out longhand with a fountain pen. With accompanying artist sketches of the players.

  68. The two most-frequently posted about on here: Tebow & Favre.
    New school & old school, bridging the gap

  69. Tim Toone would be a great idea. Could be added to the list of incredibly mediocre perks that Mr. Irrelevant receives…

  70. Put a Mike Florio headshot as large as possible. It’ll do two things: 1) Help appease Mike’s massive ego & 2) Make a great paper target to throw darts at on the wall. Some Tiffany Simons photos would be nice too.

  71. From a football perspective I can’t believe no mention of Darelle Revis. From a comedy perspective no Pacman Jones?

  72. I would go with Brian Waters in Kansas City.
    As the most recent winner of the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, hold him up as a dying ideal of the NFL athlete.

  73. You want a serious answer?
    Desean Jackson
    1. He’s star is on the rise, only just recently entering the national consciousness.
    2. He plays a glamour position for a big-market team.
    3. Perhaps most interestingly, he (along with Chris Johnson) is the player most thoroughly screwed by the current labor climate. If not for the current state of the CBA he’d be making $9M a year. As it stands he’s going into the 2010 season with his body and future on the line.
    4. … and unlike Chris Johnson, Jackson is being a good soldier. He always says the right things. He’s a team player. He’s not going to hold out of training camp and he’s going to play until he gets paid.

  74. You should photoshop Roethlisberger with a bottle of Jack in one hand copping a feel on Tebow with the other hand . old guard vs. new guard

  75. If retired players are to be considered, I suggest Kurt Warner, whom should be inspirational to any young sportsman/athlete. He’s living proof that if you are dedicated, believe in yourself and have a never give up attitude, you can suceed and get to the top, even when initally told you wont make it.

  76. it has to be Randy Moss- mooning Lambeau Field- with Joe Buck looking appalled by that “distgusting act”

  77. Brett Favre. If you want to make money put him on, he’s the biggest draw in the NFL, maybe ever. To balance out the lovers from the haters, you can put a cool shot of Brett on the cover with a headline of “Favre sucks” or something along those lines. That way everybody wins.

  78. To really celebrate turning back the clock, you should have Dante on the cover pimping his draft links, along with Len Pasquarelli pimping Todd Pinkston

  79. How about a picture of Dez and Brandon Marshall with a caption “The answer to the question is…”.

  80. I think you should make it an annual thing. Either the DL from the SB team or someone from the DL from the superbowl team. They never get recognized…..

  81. Why would people want Bradshaw. He’s an admitted steroid user. Let’s try to avoid the lowlifes.

  82. Since this and every non-porn magazine will need saving:
    Joe Delaney
    If you’d like to kill it sooner:
    Orenthal J. Simpson

  83. ccool (I think), I agree with you that Ed Reed is far better than Troy P. But one of your statements is just plain silly:
    “Reed is on pace (if he plays long enough) to finish NUMBER ONE ALL TIME in:”
    Ummmmmmm……every player in the league is on pace to finish number one all time in almost every stat relevant to his position IF HE PLAYS LONG ENOUGH.

  84. So much happens between June and the start of the season in mid September.
    Why not differentiate from the competitors season preview magazines?
    Many have everything written and just wait for the draft results before going to print.
    Many players will be cut and signed between June and the start of the season. Suspensions and arrests will happen between June and the start of the season.
    But if you really do proceed with this project then put Aaron Rodgers on the cover. @nd choice is Matt Ryan.
    Or if you are into copying ESPN + silly marketing gimmicks, have a circle of all 32 helmets on the cover with a picture of Terrell Owens in the center. Then punch a hole through TO’s face and place a spinner there. Add a headline “Where Will TO Land”. That would cut sales by 75%.

  85. Since you are turning back the clock, how about a picture of Paul Tagliabue with the caption “He gets paid $3 million a year for what?”

  86. Don’t put any current NFL player. Put the silver outline of a player that you used to have in the PFT title-bar before you jumped to NBC.

  87. edgeofepic says:
    May 8, 2010 8:50 AM
    Hey if you’re going to do this every year why not give Mr. Irrelevant from the draft a little love? Put the last guy picked in the preceding draft on your cover. This year that would be: “Tim Toone”, WR, Detroit Lions, from Weber State. The concept goes very well with your own success story Florio.
    I like the concept of “little known/longshot” player made good to echo the PFT story.
    How about regional covers with a different player who was a longshot/UDFA made good on the cover? IE the Texas region could have Miles Austin on the cover, etc.
    I’ll leave the catchy headline tying the success of the two together (player and PFT) to you guys. 🙂

  88. Channing Crowder.
    Hopefully you hired an editor for the portions written by Rosenthal.

  89. Brett Favre and Tim Tebow
    Love ’em, hate ’em either way, people are talking about them…

  90. First I would like to say PLEASE no QBs WRs or RBs. They are only 3 positions out of the 24 that make a team great. They get all the attention of every other magazine, website, tv channel, and video game and its time to give so other positions their do. PFT always does its own thing and thats why I come here. So I think you guys should continue your trend of breaking the trend.
    I would personally like to see Nnamdi Asomugha. He is 1 of the greatest players in the NFL who goes out there and does his job everyday. He is 1 of only 2 true shut down corners in the NFL. He plays for the most dysfunctional team in the NFL but you dont ever here him complain or see him take a play off. Revis has been good for a year. Nnamdi has been doing this for years. While on a horrible team where he has no real help. Revis plays on an extremely talented team in the biggest market in the NFL. I think if the roles were reversed Revis wouldnt have been able to do what Nnamdi has done in Oakland.
    Nnamdi has made a name for himself where no one else makes it out of. The fact that he has thrived in that city makes him the most deserving.
    I am an Eagles fan which makes it almost impossible not to say an Eagles should be on the cover. But the truth is Nnamdi Asomugha is the most deserving player in the NFL. Hopefully PFT Planet will put aside their bias and suggest the name of a guy like Nnamdi and not just a player on their favorite Team.

  91. “”Reed is on pace (if he plays long enough) to finish NUMBER ONE ALL TIME in:”
    Ummmmmmm……every player in the league is on pace to finish number one all time in almost every stat relevant to his position IF HE PLAYS LONG ENOUGH.”
    Actually, it’s pretty simple, I took the average career lengths of the top few guys, project that over Reed’s career and he’s on pace to finish above all of them. I did the same for Polamalu, and he isn’t on pace to finish in the top NINETY in any of the three categories. Notice I said this statement earlier…Obviously, if Polamalu played indefinitely he’d be on pace to do it, but considering he’s usually too scared to even play more than 5 games a year, we all know that’s not happening.

  92. Most magazines of that type put a different picture on the cover for each region in which it is sold. I’m sure you must know that. In NY, there will be a cover featuring Sanchez and Manning, while in the SF Bay area you might have Patrick Willis or Alex Smith. Hopefully you will do the same thing, or you’re not as smart as you seem to be.
    If I were going to suggest just one player, assuming you go with the “one player everywhere” model, I’m nominating JaMarcus Russell.

  93. Newsflash for you Florio: Newsweek is dying becuase it is a totally liberal biased POS magazine!

  94. Just to distinguish yourselves from all the other rags on the rack, how about doing it in Latin. On parchment.

  95. Flubio and Rosenpalms will want it to be Brady so they can jerk to it.
    Commonsense says it should be Manning, the best in the game, but if I were calling the shots, I would make it whoever the powers to be felt was going to win the next Super Bowl MVP in forecasting the season type of way with bold letters saying check out our predictions on page 71.
    I guess last year would have had Jason Campbell or Clinton Portis on the cover if that metric was used. That still has to go down as one of the funniest things Flubio ever said. We know it wasn’t an attempt at comedy, which he has a JaFatAss Russlesque failure rate, but the Redskins under Zorn winning it all has a punch line or three in it.

  96. McNabb in his Washington uniform would be wise. He has name recognition, went from one large media market to another, and would make the magazine look fresh and new.
    Magazines are more driven by impulse purchases than ever and the biggest move of the off-season being on your cover would certainly give customers that, “Oh, yeah. I am way behind on NFL news” impulse that would drive sales.

  97. Cover has to be Goodell dressed as Uncle Sam, pointing the finger and looking stern.
    “The Army Of Good Needs You!”.

  98. a black and white of a glistening mark sanchez with mussed hair wearing nothing but his scivvies (preferably the boxer brief variety) standing in the locker room looking physically spent.

  99. @ccoolahan14
    Your “manlove” for or as in your case may be obsession with Ed Reed is kinda creepy. Sure he’s an outstanding player and anyone would love to have him on their team but guy give it a rest.

  100. Put the TURD LIST there. List all the NFL personnel, including owners and anyone associated with the team with what they were accused of doing and the punishment commish Godell has/should do. Include Eric Foster ( sexual assult) Jeery Jones 9public intoxication), and Jared Allen (threathening to beak a man neck).

  101. My vote is Max Jean-Gilles of the Philadelphia Eagles. Dude got lap-band surgery.

  102. Better get Rosenthal some help in his grammar, spelling and syntax, or at least invest in some high priced editors to clean up the mistakes all of you guys make. I can understand that putting stuff out on the internet on a quick turnaround can lead to a certain degree of sloppiness. But there are major differences between a bunch of young fans writing a blog, and the professional standards demanded from writers of print publications. Major.

  103. Kevin Kolb
    “Time to turn the page”
    DeSean Jackson
    “Hitting the big time”

  104. Just a big picture of you, Florio, giving everyone the middle finger.
    That would basically sum up my feelings of PAYING to read this site.

  105. I put Tebow and Alex Smith on the cover with Urban Meyer and do a story on the connections and struggles they will/have faced in the pros, etc.

  106. Pat Tillman, Joe Delaney, Vince Papale or anyone who shows real courage and positive values anyone can look up to.
    Seriously though, a football preview in June? It will be out dated by the time it hits news stands.

  107. How about a picture of a Jaguar’s ass and Florio kissing it.
    Cover Title: Kiss Our Ass
    I love it

  108. Vince Lambardi
    1. The Super Bowl trophy is named after it
    2. Putting an active player will indoubtly make the player unproductive and hurt
    3. Florio will be blamed by massive commenters saying he created some cover curse.
    On Second thought….Brett Favre

  109. How about Peyton Manning’s naked butt and rectum?
    If you’re hoping to start a new curse, go for T.O.
    If you’re hoping to turn back the clock, a team photo of the Redskins – who are generally the Pro Bowl roster from 5 years ago.
    If you want to honor someone, Joe Delaney is the best choice. For active players, how about the three finalists for Walter Payton Man of the Year – Brian Waters, Mike Furrey, and someone I forgot.

  110. Champ Bailey – High character, high performance for extended periods of time. But he doesn’t give PFT many headlines, so I’d probably expect Brandon Marshall or McNabb.

  111. @God’s Own Silver and Blue and 41 Bottles of Coors Light …
    Would you like it if some guy spoke to your wife, sister, or girlfriend that way? Does it make you feel like big men to sexually degrade a woman because she posts opinions you don’t like? And you think you’re superior to Ben?

  112. Florio, it’s May 8, so if your season preview will be on the stands in June, you’ve probably already got your cover set. But okay, I’ll play.
    ONE: Favre & Brees.
    Opening game, much-anticipated rematch, NFC favorites. But no good w/out Favre. A lot of similar pubs will be featuring Brees.
    TWO: Tebow.
    Most talked-about rookie in years. I don’t like it because I don’t expect he’ll be the starting QB. But based on sales of the rookie jersey, the magazine should sell well, and that’s the objective. It will sell out in Florida.
    THREE: McNabb & Tomlinson.
    Big names changing teams. Seeing them in their new jerseys will be attention-grabbing.

  113. In honor of one of the long-time posters here, I suggest a picture of a monkey flinging poo!!!

  114. If you want it to sell put any Raider on it, Win lose or Tie Raiders til I die. You dont find fickle bandwaggoners with this team, unlike most of the rest.

  115. Matt Ryan.
    A year from now, after the Falcons have a breakout season and maybe even win the Super Bowl, you’ll appreciate the wisdom of my suggestion.
    But since your goal is to sell magazines, you’ll probably end up using either Favre or Sanchez.
    You’ll probably go with Sanchez, so you can talk about an up-and-coming team and also slyly appeal to the largest media market — just like ESPN.

  116. @deb
    hmmm, honestly my football soulmate(s) is a college team that got whooped hard by your tide this year- but we’re gonna be good next year so watch out. 🙂 for the record, i’m most certainly not a sanchez fan because of usc, not a fan of them especially now.
    there is no pro team in my state. although i’d watched the nfl, i didn’t really get into it too much until the last few years admittedly because of fantasy football. so, umm yeah i guess the jets are probably my fave- i like rex, i like sanchez (not just his hotness) and some others on the team, i like the fact that it’s been a long time since they’ve had much going for them and i even like their colors. i also have hopped on many a teams message boards and i have to say i like jet fans. they seem to be trashed on here on a regular basis but they seem pretty funny and i don’t know they don’t seem to have a class or fan superiority complex as bad as some i’ve ventured to– from what i’ve seen anyway.

  117. He’s not a player, but I suggest Mike “The Meathead” Tice, since he made you what you are.

  118. Brett Favre. The guy can flat-out ball. And you will never see him doing anything like Big Ben or LT.

  119. How about Vince Young of the Titans for the cover of the magazine? He turned out to be quite a comeback story-from the famous sideline meltdown, to coming in as the starter and turning the Titans around in the latter part of last season. He also showed some maturity and character by being a rock of support for the family of Steve McNair after the former Titan QB was murdered. Vince even attended a father/son lunch at elementary school with one of McNair’s sons, after the boy had wondered aloud who would go to the lunch with him, since his father had been killed.
    Amid all the stories about arrests, positive drug tests and ‘getting rowdy’ in bathroom stalls, a story about Vince Young and his positive progress would be a breath of fresh air. Vince would probably be thrilled to do an interview with PFT.

  120. @tryagain …
    I’m a one-team woman, as you know–a Southern girl through and through but fell in love with the black and gold as a kid 30 years ago. But I have a soft spot for the Jets. Being raised on Bama, it’s probably a Namath thing. That was before my time, but the legend lives on 🙂
    As a Steelers fan, I should hate Rex the former Raven, but I just can’t work up the level of hatred toward other teams that so many PFT people display. I love the game so I admire great talent–even if it’s Ed Reed and he happens to be a Raven. Rex is hysterical … and what woman could resist Sanchez 😉
    Okay, I’m honestly not trying to be obnoxious, but what’s your college team? We clobbered a few this season. Those in Mississippi, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Virginia don’t have pro teams. And there’s always Auburn …

  121. @deb
    this may surprise you but there are plenty things i like about the steelers too, just not youknowwho but i did root for them in their last superbowl.
    yes, rex is hysterical and of course a rousing amen on sanchez- even though i’m old enough to be his young aunt. 😉
    and lastly, woo pig.

  122. Deb, nowhere in my scenario did I suggest that you didn’t insert your own ball gag as you bent over under the Ben Roethlisberger Fathead poster. So unless you somehow feel compelled to take sexual orders from life-sized vinyl graphics mounted on a wall, the only degradation going on here is in your own mind.
    (And approximately 93 percent of the prison population in the US didn’t rape anybody to get where they are, so they are indeed superior to Ben).

  123. @God’s Own Silver and Blue …
    The entire comment was sexually degrading–and you know it. From what I understand of Roethlisberger’s behavior, he’s a pretty sorry excuse for a man. Based on your “ball gag” scenario, I’m sure you’d have a great time partying together. But those who cared to review the investigative evidence know he didn’t rape the women who accused him. He’s just a run-of-the-mill sleaze like you–except he’s being forced to try and work on it. Now, excuse me. I literally have to leave to teach a Bible class.

  124. Now, excuse me. I literally have to leave to teach a Bible class.
    Ah, with that luggage-totin’ feller at Rentboy.com? Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “holy roller”, doesn’t it?

  125. @God’s Own Silver and Blue …
    No, darlin’, I don’t think that was the rentboy’s function. The, um, “teacher” was the guy footing the bill.
    Not all Bible teacher’s are holier-than-thou types who bash everybody else in public while rolling in the dirt in private. See the 8:26 time-stamp on my post? I said that because I really did have to be in a classroom of one- to two-year-olds for a class that started at 9. And it’s not like that age group could be counted on to tend to themselves if I was late.

  126. @tryagain …
    Woo pig! Whew! I’m relieved you didn’t come back with War Eagle. ROFL I can’t work up the hatred for other teams that other PFTers can. But if I could … it would run in that direction 🙂
    I have a good friend who’s a Razorback fan. You can feel for him; he married into a whole nest of RABID Gators. Bless his heart. Those Gator fans can get a lil nuts.
    Ah yes, “you know who.” Have learned more about him in the last two months than I ever wanted to know. Honestly don’t believe he’s a criminal … but he sure seems to be a creep.

  127. Florio, put a huge photo of you on the cover. Announce the news here in a short, egotistical & snide manner, and watch the number of comments reach AT LEAST 400, an all time record.

  128. The entire comment was sexually degrading–and you know it.
    The only thing I “know” is that you really do need to get the hell over it. This is the Internet, sweetpants – the faux outrage and wounded victim act you’re desperately attempting to affect went out with spats and gaslight.

  129. God’s Own Silver and Blue says:
    The only thing I “know” is that you really do need to get the hell over it. This is the Internet, sweetpants – the faux outrage and wounded victim act you’re desperately attempting to affect went out with spats and gaslight.
    I’m nobody’s wounded victim, honey. I’ve done just fine sparring with much more challenging opponents than a junior-high kid who gets his material from graffiti in the boy’s bathroom. It’s just kinda creepy reading sexual comments from someone so obviously desperate to compensate for his personal shortcomings. Like you said, this is the Interent. But just because you’ve maxxed out your dad’s credit card on the porn sites doesn’t mean you can use PFT as a free substitute.

  130. 1. Pacman Jones in his Bengals uniform
    2. Albert Haynesworth stomping on Andre Gurode
    3 . The whizzinator
    4 . Riley Skinner, full monte photo, with a strategically placed football with PFT where the laces should be.
    5. JaMarcus Russell in his CFL, Arena League or UFL uniform.
    6. Taco Bill on a Milk Carton with the caption “missing since the NBC takeover”

  131. Summary of Little Boy Silver & Blue’s Whole Day:
    Waa, Deb picked on my post!!!
    Aw, baby, learn to take your lumps.

  132. If you’re really turning back the clock, make sure the back page ad is for Adam Archuleta’s “Freak of Training” workout DVD.

  133. Summary of Deb’s 9:57PM post:
    Scream “Yay! I Won!” then run like a scalded dog.
    Yes sports fans, Deb’s obviously a magna cum laude graduate of the 4Chan School of Internet Debate. I think she’s earned TWO Ben Roethlisberger Fathead posters in her single-wide for that inspiring display of text-based legerdemain.

  134. You definitely should go with a Sgt. Peppers type cover with all the stars from the site over the years and a Bradshaw gravestone.

  135. C. Johnson (Calvin Johnson that is)
    And if no Lions, how about a “old faces, new places” type thing with McNabb, Campbell, ect
    Or young QBs like Freeman, Bradford, ect- that could lead into a story about how they are all expected to do

  136. Adding to my already excellent list, you can add these:
    1. Goodell with Vince Lombardi, asking him “Who do you think will win it this year Vince?” and showing the Lombardi Trophy. You can even use “GOoDell” or “Godell” in the tag line.
    2. Goodell with suspended players. Ben, Holmes, Cushing, etc..
    3. Just Lombardi himself. Nobody was ever a greater coach/leader of men in the NFL. Put one of his great quotes on there. Doesn’t matter which one, they were all great.
    4. Favre is a good idea, nobody generates more love/hate.
    5. Ray Lewis with a crushing hit on Tim Tebow. Caption “Still not a quick enough release.” or something like that.
    6. Old School, go Merlin Olsen.

  137. Damn Florio – I thought you were going to return the PFT/CFT “Comment Ratings” with that headline.
    “Yes, after mastering (sort of) the digital model ” – LMAO – if that were the case, then even you Florio, would be smart to click the “enable” toggle to turn the “Comments Ratings” back on.
    314 days and the PFT faithful are still waiting for you to make good on your 10 month old promise Florio.
    My vote is for Mr Irrelevant in the draft.

  138. The VW van with a bunch of players heads sticking out the window.
    MF driving. GR missing the bus and running behind to catch up.
    Pretty Boy Quarterbacks on the bus from last years final four… Sanchez, Manning, Favre, Brees.

  139. How about just using the cover to the book ‘Quarterback of the Future’? Nobody’s seen it so you wouldn’t be accused of re-gifting.

  140. Oh, Little Boy …
    Projection isn’t just a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bell and Howell any more. Sorry about so publicly doling out the butthurt to you, but somebody had to do it, Deb. Now did you want your ball gag in Steelers colors?

  141. Use a picture of Florio and Rosenthal. Florio could be holding a Sprint cell phone in one hand and a Flowbee in the other, while Rosenthal is holding a shine box sporting the PFT logo.

  142. Desean Jackson, stingin dey ass….
    Or the Redskins logo, with the headline 2011, S.B. Champs

  143. Oh, Little Boy Silver and Blue! You were so upset you sat up all night! And you’ve started to babble incoherently. You poor lil thing! Bet you’re having trouble concentrating in class today, too? Well, you can always hide out in the bathroom and look for more posting material.
    Who knew the Cowardly Lion would get sooo bent out of shape just because Dorothy popped him on the nose for playing the bully?

  144. Oh, Little Boy Silver and Blue! You were so upset you sat up all night! And you’ve started to babble incoherently. You poor lil thing! Bet you’re having trouble concentrating in class today, too? Well, you can always hide out in the bathroom and look for more posting material.
    Who knew the Cowardly Lion would get sooo bent out of shape just because Dorothy popped him on the nose for playing the bully?

  145. @Little Boy Silver and Blue ….
    You haven’t hurt anyone. You’ve simply behaved like a vulgar child toward a woman you don’t know because you don’t like her football team. Oh, you’re sorry to do it, but some man had to put me in my place? Uh-huh. Like I said, all you’re doing is compensating for your personal shortcomings by trying to bully a girl with pornographic abuse and telling her she had it coming. And you think that if you try to write eloquently while talking trashy it will make you appear intellectual. Doesn’t work that way.
    Now, sweetie, I’m going to leave you to it because if I don’t, this thread will continue to infinity and those of us who aren’t still in school have work to do. Carry on, Beavis. Enjoy your giggles.

  146. OK Deb, out of the goodness of my heart, I am going to give you the last word.
    (And it starts with a “C” …)

  147. You should create a montage of all of the players who got arrested the past year. And PLEASE make sure someone edits Rosenthal’s pieces. It’s ridiculous. RE READ YOUR POSTS BEFORE YOU SUBMIT THEM!

  148. I’m definitely going t buy it Florio. But first I’ll just say that you look like the love child of George Stephanopolous and Nucci Gualtieri.

  149. Perhaps Rush Limbaugh and Brett Favre? those guys seem to drive the most comments on PFT, plus you’ll probably beat out TIME and Newsweek combined in the first couple days.

  150. Put someone on the cover who you think will be good this season – not just another overhyped star.
    Take a gamble.

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