Bengals make it official with Pacman Jones

The Cincinnati Bengals made it official Monday morning, releasing an announcement that the team has signed free agent cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones.

The Bengals have tried to downplay their interest in Jones throughout the offseason, and the team’s announcement was fairly understated and straightforward, offering the basic information about Jones’ on-field career (playing for the Titans in 2005 and 2006 and the Cowboys in 2008), but only a cursory mention of his 2007 suspension, and no quotes from Jones or anyone with the Bengals.

We reported last week that the Bengals would be signing Jones. Over the weekend it was reported that the decision to bring Jones in wasn’t unanimous within the Bengals’ front office.

Jones is with the Bengals today and will participate tomorrow in the team’s on-field session at Paul Brown Stadium.

42 responses to “Bengals make it official with Pacman Jones

  1. We’ll see if he’s still a Mrs. Gump (stupid is as stupid does) award winner.
    I think he will be a non factor.

  2. The Bengals tilt with the Jets on thanksgiving should be an entertaining “prison fight”.

  3. LOL Cinci. You were close to getting back on track but the addition of this type of clown, while tempting, comes with far too much risk. You should have asked Jerry Jones what the reality is with “Pacman.”

  4. for all you fans that remember Pacman’s interview 2 seasons ago during the playoffs, when he said “I likeded the scrip clubs” . . . now you can own “I likeded the scrip clubs” T-shirts, mugs, thongs, etc at my cafepress site:

  5. what can you say? The Bengals need a corner BAD!! maybe Pacman has got his stuff together. I know when he was with Dallas at training camp T.O. use to rape him.

  6. Makin’ it rain in the ‘Nati!
    “I don’t think there nothin’ wrong wit goin’ to da scrip club.”

  7. The seedier element has been sorely lacking within this organization as of late. Good to see them getting back to basics. I think the only transgression of note last year was a DUI pleaed to a lesser charge. If you can’t at least respect tradition in a non-winning franchise, what do the fans have to cling to? My hats off to Brown and Co!!!

  8. I am a Steeler’s fan so I have no love for Cincy but the dude is allowed to make a living…I mean I’m just saying is all.

  9. I know there will be a lot of negative comments about this and a lot of them are justified. People will also rip Mike Brown for bringing another player with a troubled past into his organization. People will call him cheap, clueless, and an enabler. Personally I have changed my tune on Mike. I think he is a good man. By all accounts Chris Henry was turning his life around before his unfortunate death. Mike Brown had a lot to do with that turnaround. I think he sees talented young men who have made mistakes and thinks he can help them walk a better path. I imagine he thinks they can also help him win football games. As a Steelers fan I cannot cast stones at the man anymore. I think the NFL needs more men like him. Good luck Mr. Brown.

  10. Pacman couldn’t “SEE THE LIGHT” but he did “FEEL THE HEAT” now he is born again.
    Give it your best shot!!!

  11. There are 2 aspects to the Pacman debate: talent and character. The talent discussion is relatively easy. We don’t need a crystal ball to figure out whether he’s got the stuff to still play. He has got to prove himself in camp.
    Now for the character debate. there are a lot of people who play the “same old Bungles” cliche, which is a facile argument in my mind. There is quite a distinction between ignoring character issues, and evaluating the likelihood of a recurrence of past transgressions. The Bengals have clearly moved from the former to the latter, doing extensive due diligence on these reclamation projects before bringing them on.
    Now for all those (including the Bengals fans) that don’t want him here because of his past character concerns, I ask “Why?” It seems as if the general sentiment is that he is an embarrassment to the team (read Doc’s blog). Are you fearful that he’ll revert to his old ways? Or is it because you don’t think he deserves another chance? If it is the former, then I must acknowledge that is a risk. If it is the latter, how long should he punished? if he is reformed in his ways he should be given another opportunity.
    So then lastly, the question is, “Is Pacman really reformed”. I am becoming more and more convinced that he is. Other than a minor skirmish with his own bodyguard, he has steered clear of trouble for close to 3 years, and has taken demonstrable steps to turn his life around.

  12. Wow nice selection, wetdentist… I’d say the “classic thong” is pretty aptly named.

  13. What is it with the Bengals? Who in that org figures they are the second, third, fourth chance house?
    I wonder if Paul Brown would even consider going this?
    Since Paul Brown was class, what do you think?

  14. As a Bengals fan I’m sickened by this signing- the guy is a scumbag- probably the last person in the league I’d want on my team.
    From a football perspective, though let’s not overdo it. This isn’t like when he went to Dallas. He’s not a star, he’s not even a starter. A min contract for a backup cornerback that probably won’t even make the team.
    Just like Larry Johnson, its not risk and high reward. If he screws up, he’s cut, easy as that. Also for people who actually know the Bengals, coach Zim doesn’t won’t put up with anything.

  15. “We reported last week…” These are the hard hitting PFT stories we have come to expect from this site, well worth PFT tooting its own horn over.
    At least you are not using an unnamed sort to say one player insulted another, then failing to meet with the player who supposedly did the insulting.

  16. I still wish someone could tell me how some of these player and guys like Pacman pass college coarses and graduate. They can’t even speak right.

  17. “I still wish someone could tell me how some of these player and guys like Pacman pass college coarses and graduate. They can’t even speak right.”

  18. @Ollie
    “pass college coarses”
    Courses, and they don’t take real classes and I don’t think Adam graduated..
    If he did, I wouldn’t send your kids there.

  19. They can’t even speak right.
    Says the guy who writes ” They can’t even speak right.”
    How about “correctly?” Or changing the structure up completely i.e. “Their command of the english language is apparently pretty poor.”
    Blah blah blah, hope he’s good enough to make the team, hope he’s smart enough to give himself a chance, we could use the depth.

  20. Hooker McTitties says:
    May 10, 2010 10:51 AM
    I wonder if they have good script clubs in Cincy???
    No, no we don’t. I live here and have looked, and we don’t. There are a few decent one’s on the way to Indy, but don’t go to NKY unless you like saggy deflated titties, stretch marks, or adams apples.

  21. Pacman did learn one thing sleeping in those jail cell bunkbeds [and it’s not the errors of his ways]:
    How to masturbate without moving.
    Enjoy your dumb-assed decision, Bengals.

  22. # shaunypoo says: May 10, 2010 12:16 PM
    “No, no we don’t. I live here and have looked, and we don’t. There are a few decent one’s on the way to Indy, but don’t go to NKY unless you like saggy deflated titties, stretch marks, or adams apples.”
    Andre Smith strips there?!?

  23. @ Nevisyakker………
    Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Bengals fan and I’m not terribly excited over this signing but please tell me in all of you infinite football wisdom exactly what is so risky about this signing here bright light???? I mean really. It’s a league minimum contract as a backup and if he screws up even in the least he’s gone. The guy was a hell of a talent in Tennessee. Not so much in Dallas but they couldn’t develope a good case of the clap if they were surrounded by 2 dollar whores! It seems to be very LOW risk IMO and the rewards could be great if he gets back even close to form as before. Yeah he screwed up before no doubt, but if the Steelers are willing to give a 2 time rapist another shot why shouldn’t Jones get one. Personally I think Big Ben will be next to LT long before Jones screws the pooch again, if he even does.

  24. Say what you want about this signing and others. The Besngals arguably have one of the deepest rosters in the NFL right now. Look at their WR’s, CB’s and Safeties, LB’s, D-Line specifically. They grabbed the best TE in the draft this year and they get Coffman back too. They’ve built a really strong roster and could make a deep postseason push.

  25. Who cares if he is beyond his “troubled past” or if he deserves another chance, or if he should be allowed to “make a living”, etc, he proved in Dallas that he cant play!!! He sucks, end of story

  26. crohrbaugh says:
    May 10, 2010 11:02 AM
    As a Bengals fan I’m sickened by this signing- the guy is a scumbag- probably the last person in the league I’d want on my team.
    Really? You want him less than Leonard Little? Ray Lewis? Ben Roethlisberger? I mean, it’s one thing to say he’s an absolute loser who doesn’t get it, will never get it, and is a waste of a roster spot, but he’s not the most despicable person in the league or anything.

  27. league min. no signing bonus. how could it hurt.
    he will man up and play or he will be cut. simple as that. it is a hell of alot easier taking a chance on a guy at that pay scale. just ask Cedric.

  28. This guy is a loser and just the fact that a man is paralyzed because of him makes me sick that he is even able to make the veterans minimum. It doesnt matter that he may not be the same lunatic he was, this guy never faced any kind of meaningful legal punishment for all the lousy things he did. I wouldnt pay any money to watch this game knowing that a part of it would go to his paycheck. The best part is, he was completely shot on Dallas. So 2 years later he is all of a sudden going to go back to being a shut down corner or return man? Come on

  29. ultimately, this move will be the reason mike brown is forced to give marvin lewis more control over the roster decisions or lose marvin lewis after 2010.

  30. Nope, it’s not official until he assaults someone in da scrip club. Or spits on a random woman..
    Stay classy, Cinci.

  31. dlmcc0909 – Don’t think for yourself or anything, just let Paul Daughtery do it for you right? Jeez, may as well have plagiarized his whole piece from last week, Come on!

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