Bengals coaches to jump out of a plane on Wednesday

On various occasions over the past two decades, fans of the Cincinnati Bengals probably wanted to throw one or more members of the coaching staff out of a plane.

Tomorrow, they’ll get their wish.  Sort of.

The folks at Weber Shandwick, a P.R. agency whose clients include the U.S. Army, tell us that multiple members of the organization will be skydiving on Wednesday with the Golden Knights, an Army parachute team.

Participants include head coach Marvin Lewis, defensive backs coach Kevin Coyle, linebackers coach Jeff FitzGerald, and special teams coach Darrin Simmons, along with director of
relations Eric Ball.

The jump is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. E.T. Wednesday.   

31 responses to “Bengals coaches to jump out of a plane on Wednesday

  1. I’m not certain but mostly Bengals fans want Mike Brown to do that – but without the chute.

  2. Too bad they didn’t bring Jim Lippincott along and conveniently forget to pack his chute! Maybe they could have done the same for Brown too…

  3. Very cool and lucky to be jumping with the Knights. I made 140 jumps when I was younger and it is an incredibly exhilarating thing to do.

  4. Suicide Prevention Center sent a priest to “talk them down”.
    When he saw it was the Bengal’s coaching staff, he just said, “On your mark..”

  5. this is a good thing to do when your job security is in question.
    you’re fired. go skydiving. chute fails, oh well. or chute opens, you have a nice experience to take mind off of firing.
    i think i should schedule an appointment

  6. “# Verbal Kint says: May 11, 2010 1:28 PM
    As long as Zimmer stays on the ground.”
    My thoughts exactly.

  7. Bit risky letting the information out this far ahead of the jump. Leaves a big window for sabotage.

  8. At least Mike Zimmer has the good sense not to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

  9. They invited Steelers coach Tomlin along but he was busy still trying to figure out how to get that pesky leash off of Hell…….

  10. @ chargerdillon
    HAHAHAHA… someones untimely death is always good for a hoot. Stay classy.

  11. @nowathand …
    Um … huh? The Bengals have already taken the division–from my Steelers. Baltimore hasn’t held the division title since 2006.
    Have you been practicing jumps without a chute?

  12. Can 85 jump without a chute with them!?
    Maybe if you present a challenge to him… who can dive faster?

  13. Great! I have done it before and I loved it! My wife went, too. A buddy of mine asked us about going for his 30th birthday and he didn’t know anybody crazy enough to go with him but me. We all went. When we got there we decided to ask…”How many Black people, including us, have done this in the past few years. The guy said, “Including you three? …Four people.”
    We all laughed.
    I love busting up stereotypes that are BS, outdated and incorrect. I love my country music (I can relate to that much easier than I can hardcore rap. Driving down the street bumping Brad Paisley and seeing the looks I get make me laugh) among other things, so jumping out of a plane wasn’t a stretch for me. I want to do it again as a matter of fact. But, since I just bought my first house the money isn’t as free anymore. I might go next year.

  14. 10:00 am jump takes place. 10:05 NFL announces 2010 season will be a season of memory for lost Bengals coaching staff.

  15. I knew the bungles coaching staff were packing each other’s chutes, but now their going public.

  16. Now that Pac-Man’s on the roster, it sounds like the coaching staff is doing their own version of “make it rain”…

  17. DO IT!!! DO IT!!! And take the rest of the organ-i-zation with you. Without chutes of course. HA!

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