Brian Westbrook will visit the Broncos next

NFL_Westbrook.jpgBy all appearances, the Redskins gave running back Brian Westbrook a courtesy visit, aimed at getting his name out in circulation so that someone else will become interested.

If that was the goal, it worked.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Westbrook will now visit the Broncos.

“He had a really positive visit with the Redskins,” agent Todd France told Schefter.  “We’re confident we’re going to find the perfect fit.”

In this regard, the “perfect fit” will be a team inclined to sign an aging player with a potentially wrecked knee and a concussion problem that could make him unavailable for long stretches of the 2010 season.

28 responses to “Brian Westbrook will visit the Broncos next

  1. Unless he agrees to worship at the Tebow Alter like McD and the other staff who are so fully smitten there is no chance for him.

  2. Don’t let him leave without a deal Xanders.
    Limit this guy to 10 carries at the MOST and you have a very effective player, who can be used mostly for depth, coaching and leadership. Knowshon would greatly benefit from an experienced vet like Westbrook on the roster and besides, we already have Dawkins and Buckhalter.

  3. For a player that seemed very concerned last year over his long-term health as a result of multiple concussions, he sure is trying hard to get back on the field. I can understand wanting to win a championship, and would really like to see him do that (only in an EAGLES uniform, mind you) but what I can’t understand is risking your health to play on teams that are not really in a position to go all the way. That’s not a knock on Washington, Denver, or St. Louis either, I’m a Philly fan, we never talk smack.

  4. Read my lips:
    Brian Westbrook is done.
    80% of the NFL knows this
    100% of the his fans know this
    There is no reason to play this game. He is a wasted roster spot on any team. He is one concussion away from being a career ender and he is frequiently injured in other areas also. Let it be, he should just retire and be done with it.

  5. Denver must be in to collecting Eagle running backs. First Buckhalter, now Westbrook. I guess Duce Staley wasn’t available.

  6. If Denver is remaking themselves in the New England mold, could Westbrook bill the Kevin Faulk role?

  7. Like most anything on PFT lately, the entire basis of this article makes absolutely zero sense…So, your telling me, that the skins, with Portis,Johnson and Parker already on the roster, gave WestBrook a look see to help the competition? More or less….What are they suddenly in the charity business now? Why on earth would they care if someone else is interested? I doubt the Broncos sat there and said, oh hell westy is visiting the skins, they have been the benchmark…..I’m sure he;s visiting whomever will pay him the most…….

  8. He’s still top notch talent, Florio, he’s worth the gamble for the right price, especially in an uncapped season. Would be nice to see him land with the Broncos and show Knowshon Moreno just how to get his head out of his ass.

  9. Sounds like a good fit for Shanny: “sign an aging player with a potentially wrecked knee and a concussion problem that could make him unavailable for long stretches of the 2010 season.”
    I hope to hell my Donks aren’t doing this. But with McD, ya never really know.

  10. I really wish this guy would give it up before he beats his brain into something about as functional as head of lettuce.
    Though I’m not an Eagles fan I’ve always thought Westbrook was a great player. Its very tough to give the spotlight up but if he gets one more bad concussion he might not even remember who he is much less what he’s already accomplished.
    He should take his millions and call it a retirement.

  11. Brian Westbrook Should Go To MIN!
    He Would Go Really Good With RB Peterson And QB Favre!

  12. I’m a huge Westbrook fan, but after watching him last year, I hate to say that he’s done. There was no burst, and no power behind anything he did. After the concussion, he just hasn’t been the same. Prior to that he never had an issue with contact, and after that he did everything he could to avoid it.
    Before he seriously ruins the rest of his life, he needs to retire.

  13. raiderfans are ra-tards!!!!! get off the Tebow crap….not so long ago you guys drafted fat a$$ JRUS
    That bigMac eating MoFo screwed you guys for years.

  14. God…retire already! Is it REALLY worth your health in the long run? Assuming you did not damage the financial brain cells I assume you invested for your family’s future. Damn shame otherwise…
    Eagles Fan

  15. Yeah, I wish he was still here to at least wear the Kelly green unis next year, but he hasn’t been the Westbrook we all remember for at least three years now. Come back home and find a spot on WIP, Brian.

  16. What was that song by frank sintra?? I Left My Brain (heart) in Philadelphia (san francisco)……..enough said about this guy

  17. Milehiclown makes a good point. This is exactly the tactic Shanahan used to employ.
    He used to do it at many positions because none of his sh***y draft picks would pan out. Find me the next aging, injured, street piece of chaff you can!
    Looks like McDips**t’s pulling the same thing here, and for the same reason. Last year’s top pick runs more like Gerald Willhite than Terrell Davis.

  18. Babie Hoodie says: Knowshon would greatly benefit from an experienced vet like Westbrook on the roster
    I totally agree, please sign him McD!

  19. Brian Westbrook knows how to handle his knee problems. He has done it his entire career. That knee was already destroyed in year 2. But still he dominated with it.
    The concussion just happened last year and he probably wouldnt have missed near as many games if it wasnt for the congress crack down. His head will be fine this year.
    Westbrook is just as explosive now as he was 4 years ago. What ever team he signs with will look like geniuses for giving him a shot. He will still probably miss 4 or 5 games but hes not coming in to be the full time starter.
    This guy will put up over a 1000 all purpose yard without breaking a sweat. He is an asset that will make every team look silly for not signing him or in the Eagles case not keeping him.

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