Drew Rosenhaus has come up with an alternative to "Next question"

Nearly five years ago, agent Drew Rosenhaus became incredibly well known for his press conference on the lawn of Terrell Owens’ home, which featured Rosenhaus repeatedly saying, “Next question” in response to media inquiries.  (It later became the title of a book from Rosenhaus and his brother, Jason, who have combined to negotiate 102 active NFL player contracts.) 

Rosenhaus could be working on a new response to the annoying efforts of those in the press:  “Hassan chop!

Video has emerged of Rosenhaus recently obliterating a stack of flaming concrete slabs with one swing of his forearm.

Given the increasingly competitive industry in which he operates, that skill could definitely come in handy.

And, yes, for the second straight day we’ve put ourselves in a position to be contacted by other agents who aren’t pleased by the fact that we mentioned in this space the name of an agent other than them.

16 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus has come up with an alternative to "Next question"

  1. I realize that agents are a part of the business, but Florio is obsessed with the legal end of football, even when it has no significance to anything. OK, he used to be a lawyer. Get a diary for this stuff, but don’t post it on a blog site for football. Frankly, most of us don’t glorify agents, we see them as manipulators, parasites who would gladly kill the host upon which they feed.

  2. How is Jerrry’s NEW face coming?? Does he look younger?? Or just an old “fart”?

  3. The point of this ‘article’ was? I, along with every other reader must have missed it.

  4. I don’t know if you all are smart enough to realize this… but this is his blog that he started, and you CHOSE to come here several times a day to read the updates. If you don’t like how it’s operated, please leave.
    It’s like going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and saying, “Dammit! I don’t like Everlasting Gobstoppers! Stop Making Them!” But then you keep going back every day because you like their other candy.

  5. Face killer speaks truth… Thats why I come here and read the facts, but don’t read anything that appears to be Florio’s opinions. Cuz his opinions suck. He’s good at digging up real info tho, so I’ll keep checking the site.

  6. Rosenhaus would be the first one to get his ass kicked in an actual fight. In the immortal words of Chong Li, “Very Good, But Brick Not Hit Back….”

  7. Wow, reading this site in the off-season sure is a beating.. Mike Florio has become the Perez Hilton of the sports world.

  8. WHO CARES?!!? This has nothing to do of any importance with pro-football. All kinds of different football news right now and this gets written yet alone printed?!!?
    You’d have done better writing about the look of restrooms in the new Giants/Jets Stadium.
    Wish I could get paid for coming up with less-than-even-fluff bits-and-pieces of nothing like this.

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