Warren Sapp convinced Chris Johnson will hold out

C. Johnson3.jpgNFL Network analyst Warren Sapp says Jeff Fisher shouldn’t be so confident that Chris Johnson will show up in Tennessee soon.

Sapp, who lives in Orlando like Johnson, says he sat down with the Titans running back recently.  He got the idea that Johnson is very serious about wanting a new deal now.

“There’s going to have to be some talking before Chris goes back to Tennessee,” Sapp said. 

Humble host Rich Eisen mentioned that a lot of players talk tough in May, but show up when they are going to get fined.  Sapp was unmoved.

“He’s prepared to take this through training camp,” Sapp said.

34 responses to “Warren Sapp convinced Chris Johnson will hold out

  1. Great to have Sapp back on NFLN. He tells it like it is.
    Hard to argue with Chris Johnsons position, 2K should bring a big payday!

  2. AS HE SHOULD! He’s getting ripped off when you consider his contract and his production vs… other’s contracts and there production…

  3. Maybe they should restructure the deal so that Johnson gets more money when he gains a command of the English language. It’s worthless to follow him on Twitter because you never can understand what the hell he’s saying. TV interviews? Not much better and he is allowed more than 140 characters there.

  4. Warren Sapp is an ASS! That, I am convinced of.
    Running backs aren’t worth it. Trade him. If you can get a quarter of what the Cowboys got for Herschel Walker, do it.
    Let him take it into Training Camp. He is bitching about his money now, take some of it away, then see what he does!

  5. Chris johnson is a great talent, but judging by the spelling of his twitter posts it is obvious that he’s not bright enough to realize that he can’t get a big money long term extension under the current cba

  6. Am I missing something here? If this guy holds out this year, he is a year older in a position that has the shortest life span in the NFL.
    Sounds like something Johnson would do.

  7. Might as well pay the man. He has a couple years left with those wheels before he becomes the latest RB to fade into the sunset.
    CJ is the Titans.

  8. If I recall correctly, Jeff Fisher was confident that Chris Johnson was going to play football this season, meaning that he will show up eventually. He didn’t say soon. I doubt Chris Johnson is prepared to sit out the season. If he’s not ready to play when he does finally show up, then he’s hurting himself more than the team.

  9. Did he sign a contract? Yes, okay, honor it.
    Great comment. However, how can you be sure that it is English he is attempting to speak. I don’t understand a word.

  10. What a tool. How exactly is he getting ripped off or getting the raw deal here? He signed a contract and is legally obligated to follow it. Just because he has two great seasons, it doesn’t mean he deserves a new deal. This has happened a lot in the NFL where RB’s especially cry for more money and then become injury prone and their careers are over, ask Shaun Alexander. If I am the Titans, I tell him to shove it up is ass, or hire representation that knows how to get a better deal the first time.

  11. Sapp made that comment on NFL network right after he beat his old lady again for forgetting to buy cheese-puffs at Wal-Mart.

  12. AS HE SHOULD! He’s getting ripped off when you consider his contract and his production vs… other’s contracts and there production…

  13. This guy’s a thug, he’s not going to be smart about any of this. If he had any wisdom, he’d wait until the CBA won’t prevent him from getting a serious raise. He could get a giant signing bonus but at this point he’s only produced one incredible season, and I’m sure that Fisher would like to offer him a deal with a lot of incentives. If he can reach 2,000 yards again this year, the man deserves 8-10 mil. But if he doesn’t, he shouldn’t be paid like that. I think they’re gonna have to throw him a 5 million dollar bonus on a 1 year contract to appease this situation and try to strike up a bigger deal next year.

  14. great I hope he does I mean if he can’t get by on what he got as a signing bonus and 500,000 a year then he will realy be suffering if misses half of that should he hold out untill week 10 or whatever week these overpaid cry babies have to report by. does anybody know what he got as a signing bonus?

  15. When does managemenet ask a player to give back some money after they have a below average season?

  16. Come on people, you need to understand the logic of contracts in the NFL. If you aren’t a top 10 pick in the draft, you play for pocket change (in terms of athlete’s salaries). Once you have nearly hit the peak of your performance, you get a ridiculously large contract that you deserve. Then, as the team realizes that they shouldn’t have given you that long term deal as a running back, you can tell them to eat it and count your Benjamins.

  17. Sapp is a hasbeen idiot. He never knew what he was going to do from one week to the next. Who cares what he is convinced of? That post doesn’t fall into either category of of news or rumor. All I’m seeing tonight is lazy journalism.

  18. Chris Johnson can hold out the entire year, and the fines will amount to what? His whole sallary? Then when he does sign for huge money because the Titans only might win 4 games without him, he can take his new huge signing bonus and play shitty for a year to get even with them.

  19. Good!! Wk1 vs The Raiders (new & improved) will be too easy for the Raiders Run Defense and I already see Darren McFadden getting MVP in 2010.
    No more 8 in the Box because Russell is gone
    Campbell will stretch the field helping the Running game.
    Oline has been upgraded big time. Injuries were the main factor in 2009 anyways..
    Raiders 27 – Titans 13. Final
    VY cant throw to the Left side and the Raiders of the past(only FG pts)are out and in with the new real QB. Hard to see VY keeping up with the scoreboard. Especially throwing it at Asomugha’s side.

  20. For all of you who have literally no clue, I will ask the obvious question: If the Titans were able to give CJ the contract he deserves, do you not think that it would have happened already?
    As I was explaining a few hours ago during the celebration of my last exam as a 2L, when the owners opted out of the CBA, a whole new set of rules and guidelines, a quasi-CBA if you will, kicked in. Because CJ is under contract, and thus is neither an RFA nor a UFA, his contract is under the strictures of the 30 percent rule, which has been well explained and expounded upon by Florio and the gang.
    The truth of the matter is this: The only way that the Titans can “pay the man” (as I believe they should) is to overload his contract with ridiculous signing bonus money in a one shot deal and then increase his yearly salary by the ceiling imposed by the 30 percent rule. Doing so would make no sense for the Titans as an organization, since both CJ could blow out his knee at any moment, and a new CBA could impose heavy cap ramifications on the organization by doing so in the first place.
    You idiots need to wake up to the realities of the business side of the NFL. The real travesty is that CJ would have actually been able to be paid his just reward if rich owners like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder did not opt out of the former CBA because they were sick of revenue sharing with both the team who create less income for the league and the players. Please, oh please, wake up and see the realities of the league we love.

  21. “Did he sign a contract? Yes, okay, honor it.”
    Normally I would agree with you uncle leo, but it’s not like the teams themselves have a great history of honoring contracts. If they did, sports writers and the talking heads on tv wouldn’t have to keep differentiating between the maximum value of a contract and the guaranteed money. Also, it’s because RBs have such a short shelf life that he should be worried about renegotiating as soon as possible. If he simply waits until this contract is over, not only will he be playing for a much lower salary than the market would pay for his production on the open market, but he runs the risk of major injury. Furthermore, after waiting patiently all that time, he’d end up signing a contract that he’d not likely see the end of with the Titans. In other words, if he just plays out this contract simply to honor the contract, he’ll end up signing a contract that the Titans probably won’t honor and keep him around for the duration of. It’s not an issue of honor to play out a contract that’s unfavorable to you when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the team would never honor a contract with you that was unfavorable to them.

  22. Having said my piece about the notion of CJ “honoring” his contract, obviously the current cba issues seriously complicate matters.The Titans certainly going to give him a big extension and pay him with ungodly signing bonuses. They could do what Philly did with Kolb, however, and restructure a short-term contract with a large signing bonus as a show of faith while they work on a new contract that could be signed as soon as they have a new cba.

  23. Chris Johnson, your mouth is going to be your undoing…
    And choosing Warren Sapp as your mouthpiece is the fast-trac way to doing that…
    Warren Sapp?!? What are you thinking?!?
    Dude keep your mouth shut, workout but don’t practice with the team, and the public pressure on the team will get you an improvement on your contract…

  24. CJ deserves all the money he can get. He’s the best in the league at his position and any of us would hold out too. They need to go aghead and address it becuz, he’s holding OUT !
    Here ya go-take Chris away from that offense and what do you have ?

  25. Take CJ out of that offense and what do you have?
    11 Professionals that WANT to play football!

  26. Sapp is a total doosh, but having said that CJ does need a new contract. I’m not even a Titans fan. I mean $550K for this year and $630K for next? C’mon people. I’d hold out too. I mean he didn’t just break out, he exploded last year. How old is he? 24? Pay him!
    As a side note, I have the 1st pick in my fantasy draft this year..I want CJ not AP

  27. Not sure what he’s contract is now….Why wasn’t that part of the story….No problem with him getting paid, but if he sucks next year does he take a pay cut the following year?
    RB’s are only as good as their O line…

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