Dolphins will trade or release Smiley soon

Last week Dolphins guard Justin Smiley hired agent Drew Rosenhaus amid reports that he wanted to be traded or released. This week there’s word that the Dolphins will make a move on Smiley soon.

Ethan J. Skolnick of the Sun-Sentinel reports that the Dolphins are still trying to trade Smiley, but he won’t be a Dolphin for more than another two weeks.

According to the report, the Dolphins would release Smiley before the May 28 minicamp if they haven’t found a trading partner by then.

It seems unlikely that the Dolphins would find a trading partner when it’s widely known that Smiley will be available for nothing soon, so Smiley is probably going to get cut.

Skonick also reports that while Smiley has a chronic shoulder problem, it’s not serious enough to threaten his career.

17 responses to “Dolphins will trade or release Smiley soon

  1. Unless that team knows he wouldn’t sign there if he were a free agent. That team would definitely trade for him then.

  2. Eagles should pick him up. At best he’s a good RG at worst he’s very capable depth and God knows the eagles OG depth is suspect

  3. Maybe some of PFT’s commenters could shed some light onto how well this Smiley is. Is he worth, say, a second round pick? A 6th?
    Offensive linemen don’t have stats like almost all other positions have. I consider myself a big football fan but I’ve never heard of this guy at all.

  4. where’s florio to make a sad joke/pun making fun of his name? something like ” there’s nothing to be smiley about now…”

  5. If i were Miami i would go to ST. Louis and say you can have him all i want to do is switch draft positions in 2012.

  6. I wish they would keep him for depth since he is a solid starter even though he’s a potato chip! He had some monster blocks that sprung Ricky and Ronnie!! Sad to see him go but they must see something in Incognito and BIG COUNTRY John Jerry. Man! The PHINS O-LINE is deep!!!Let’s get it on and play some smash mouth football!!! YEAH baby!!! I can still see Lousaka POLITE decapitating Bart Scott on that Monday Night showdown!!!! That’s Miami Dolphin FOOTBALL!!!

  7. I wish the Browns would pick him up. Justin Smiley would be a nice complement to 3rd round draft choice Shawn Lauvao and veterens Floyd Womack and Tony Pashos. The right side of the Browns OL needs depth. Then the Browns could get rid of chronic underachiever John St Clair

  8. As a Dolphin fan, I can tell you that he was not only a great lineman when in the lineup, but a great locker room guy and any team would be fortunate to have him. Most fans are disapointed that the Phins want to let go of him but understand that they like bigger lineman and have a great deal of young talent in place. I was schocked that a team with a need at guard did not jump on draft day and acquired him, but he is certainly a starter to whatever team he goes to, so if a team has a need, they should make the trade and not risk him signing with someone else.

  9. @IceWalker, Smiley is a solid o-lineman. Nobody elite but he’s no scrub either. Awesome run blocker, average pass blocker. Complete class act too, I’d rather have him stay on the Dolphins for less money because he’s a great teammate.

  10. don’t know a whole lot about smiley himself, but the phins oline has definitely been one of their strong points. are the vikes going to sign a guard at any point? our oline depth is not terrific at all.

  11. Even though he can be had for nothing if he’s cut, you’re then competing with others.
    My guess is they’ll parlay Smiley into an extra 7th rounder next year. They need more ammo to make up for the 2nd they gave up in 2011 for Marshall.

  12. Well if the dolphins are dismissing him because they think his shoulder is toast…..
    then he’ll probably go to some other team and play out of this world good, right?
    Damn you , Saban !

  13. According to player ratings maintained by the game-charters at, among all Gs who played at least 25% of team snaps in 2009 (84 total), Smiley ranked 10th at LG, 21st overall, 17th in pass-blocking, 36th in screen-blocking, 48th in run blocking.
    Drafted by the pre-Nolan/McCloughan Niners, Smiley was a pretty solid starter over 3 x seasons when healthy. As mentioned above, he’s on the small side for an NFL OL, which could play a part in his injury history, though Smiley hardly plays small. He’ll be 29 this November & has all the intangibles you’d want from a vet who knows how to compete.

  14. how has his shoulder been in miami? i am a niners fan and i remember he had a shoulder problem back then

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