Browns have discussed lowering restricted tender amounts

The Browns aren’t negotiating with any of the their five restricted free agents that plan to skip OTAs starting Monday.

That indicates the players aren’t especially likely to get a long-term contract soon.  But it is possible they could get their 2010 salary reduced if they stay away from the team too long.

Browns G.M. Tom Heckert admits the team has discussed reducing tender offers if the players don’t show up by June 15.  They would rather not, though.

“Nobody wants to go down that road because it brings bad blood,” Heckert said.  “At the same time, we want the guys in here. . . . We want guys in and then we’ll see what happens. We hope it doesn’t get to June 15.”

We doubt the Browns will reduce the offers to safety Abe Elam, running back Jerome Harrison, linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, linebacker Matt Roth and fullback Lawrence Vickers.

Still, Heckert appears to be sending a message.  Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer details how much each player could lose in the process; most could lose over $1 million.

For that reason, we expect a rash of RFA signings around June 15th in Cleveland and around the rest of the league.

12 responses to “Browns have discussed lowering restricted tender amounts

  1. I think this would be great. Get 1 gm to start doing it and if it works others will follow. Players skipping offseason workouts isn’t huge, but I don’t think there is any way it could possibly have anything other than a negative impact on the team.

  2. I get that athletes are horrendously overpaid, but I also understand why these guys are sitting out. The new 6 year to Unrestricted Free Agency rule has to suck considering how short the average NFL career is. If guys are producing at high levels then they should be compensated for doing so and their compensation should be in line with other players around the league.

  3. ” If guys are producing at high levels then they should be compensated for doing so and their compensation should be in line with other players around the league.”
    Rookie contracts are set up like they are because for every player who succeeds there is at least one that fails and often 2 or 3 for every one that makes it. The teams invest a lot of time and money in rookies to teach them what they need to know and develop them. That’s why the franchise tag exists as well.
    And sorry, don’t really have much sympathy for someone who is “only” getting paid 1 or 2 million for a year’s work. 50k a year is a decent salary and these guys are making at a minimum 20 times what a well paid person makes in a year.
    So what that a lot of them have short careers. Explain to me why if you are entertainer for a few years that you shouldn’t have to work another day the rest of your life ? If they are smart with the NFL money they make even players with short careers can live extremely well for the rest of their lives, even if they do have to *horrors* get a job and continue working after they are out of the league.

  4. again what part of guaranteed signing bonus don’t they and the people who support them get? so what if you make 500,000 and someone makes more than you,how much did you get up front just for signing your name?that should make up for any feeling of being underpaid and if not to bad deal with it!

  5. Gee I can’t imagine a player not wanting to come here and work for that suckhead Mangini.

  6. CYGNUS X-1 says:
    again what part of guaranteed signing bonus don’t they and the people who support them get?
    What part of this don’t YOU understand? 1 guy was taken in the 5th round (no big guaranteed money there), 1 in the 6th (ditto) and 1 was undrafted (strike 3 on the guaranteed money). The other two were taken in the second round and the guaranteed money they got doesn’t compare to what the guys in the first round got. I know that a lot of you believe that every player that gets drafted gets all this guaranteed money but that’s not true.

  7. I love when people come on and spam the message board with your sales crap. No one is going to check out your site. No one is going to buy crap from your site. No matter how many times you post it, it’s not going to change. Capiche?

  8. Producing at high levels? Did you even watch a Browns game last year? Harrison had his best year ever, and he still sucked. Vickers is obsolete . Jackson leads the league in tackles after 5 yards. Elam was burned more than my ex wife’s meatloaf. Roth is the only one worth even half of his tender. High levels!!! Ha!!!!!!

  9. @texline…
    I think that calling Vickers “obsolete” was a little harsh. If you’d ask any of the LB’s and safeties that he put on their back if Vickers was “obsolete,” they might just tell you differently…
    Just sayin’…

  10. I can’t sit up here and just rip these guys for sitting out and Sam Bradford is about to cash in $20 million guaranteed and has not even thrown a touchdown yet.
    The thing that hurt these guys were the draft values the Browns palced on them were really high. 2nd round picks for all of them? Their salaries are very friendly and teams would have picked them up, if it weren’t for the draft values that were placed on them.
    Both sides have really strong arguments.
    If Vickers, Harrison, and Jackson want something or someone to blame, blame DeMaurice Smith and the players association for not getting the Labor agreement done.
    If that Labor agreement would have been in place, all of them would have been free agents and this argument would not exist!

  11. @ Burning River: Oh. I am sorry. He must have been the reason they had that punishing ground attack they had. Oh wait a minute………… Just sayin.

  12. Duan, you forgot one minor detail. They signed legally binding contracts to play x amount of time for x amount of money. They also had the same opportunities that Bradford had to impress people enough to get that much money. In this case, I think that their self worth is considerably higher than their actual worth.

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