Del Rio: Rashean Mathis won't get new deal

Reading between the lines, it sounds like there is a chance Andre Johnson could get a contract upgrade this offseason.

The same can’t be said for Jaguars cornerback Rashean Mathis.

Mathis is skipping OTAs in hopes of a new deal, but Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said twice on Monday to Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union that Mathis is wasting his time.  Big Cat Country first reported Mathis would skip out last week.

There have been no contract talks with Mathis and there won’t be any in the future.  (We agree with the Jaguars stance. Mathis doesn’t have much leverage.)

Del Rio tried to publicly pressure Mathis, who has already attended mandatory camp.  The coach said he was looking for “dedicated players” who attend every OTA practice and he wasn’t happy with Mathis’ absence.

Mathis won’t see any money, but Del Rio should lose some.  His public pressure is a clear violation of the collective bargaining agreement. The league either needs to make these OTAs mandatory (a bad idea) or fine coaches that publicly flaunt the spirit of the rules.

10 responses to “Del Rio: Rashean Mathis won't get new deal

  1. Rashean should try and last a whole season without being injured before asking for a new contract.

  2. Unlike you JDR’s job is on the line. I would want full participation too. Especially from a player whos games played has decreased 3 years in a row because of injuries. Its been fun Rashean, cant wait to see you on the injury report of another team…

  3. Overrated underperforming CB. Don’t deserve extension so early. He needs to prove atleast one year that he can cover man-to-man. Rashean should see the tackle he made against Houzh (whoisyourmama) Seahawks in film before asking for the contract extension. Thats right Rashean never studies the film.
    Rashean never understands film nor does he believe in it. You can’t be an elite CB if you don’t study the film. I feel Don Carey would be as good as current Rashean if not better as he has more upside. Jags have no reason to extend Rashean. If they can get a third round pick on him they should deal him.

  4. I’m about to say something I haven’t said in 3 years. I agree with Del Rio. Now I feel dirty.
    Sorry Rashean, you my boy, especially when you took that INT to the house in the playoff game against the Steelers in a few years a ago, but you’re on the decline. You haven’t made it through an entire season about two seasons. Now granted the Jaguars did offer you your current contract 5 year $25 million early so they wouldn’t have to pay you what your counter parts have made over the past 3-4 years. Actually that was pretty smart on the Jaguars. Sorry Shean, it’s been real.

  5. While players should be able to skip them, I see no problem with the coach pressuring guys to attend. It’s their asses on the line if the players don’t produce, so why not do everything possible to have them all there as much as possible.
    I think your wrong on this one Gregg.

  6. The league either needs to make these OTAs mandatory (a bad idea) or fine coaches that publicly flaunt the spirit of the rules.
    dumb,dumb,dumb,what fan/owner or anybody invested in thier favorite team wouldnt want a coacch to pressure these guys into coming into every practice possible,i dont remeber too well but the jags didnt do too good last year,why wouldnt any player on that rosteer want to be in there and trying everything they can to be a better player and help the team win

  7. It’s not the spirit of the rules they flaunt (or flout) it’s actually the rules.

  8. Seeing this headline and remembering how Mathis burned my Steelers just a couple of years ago, I rushed over to see whether he might be someone we should pursue. Obviously not. Apparently injuries and poor work ethic have been his undoing. Too bad because at his best he was impressive.
    But while I’m here … what’s wrong with making OTAs mandatory? These players make millions of dollars to do their jobs. Even if every OTA were mandatory, they’d still get more vacation time than the average worker and be able to retire at 35 or 40. One of the reasons Ed Reed is such a phenomenal DB is because of the time he spends studying film–still, even at this stage of his career.

  9. Mathis is garbage and has been for the last three years. Rashean wants a raise but he missed 11 games in the last three seasons. 12 actually, but one was a clinched payoff spot final regular season game in 2007. In those three years Mathis has 8 INTs and 11 DNPs. He had 58 tackles in 2007, the lowest of his career. Well, in 08 and 09 he had 40 and 33 tackles respectively. The guy has been a below average DB in the last three years and he wants a raise. Give me Don Carrey all day long over this little bitch who makes Reggie Nelson look like a physical tackler. And people mention him playing Free Saftey. that is frickin laughable. The guy shut it down after the 2006 season when he had 8 INTs and 63 tackles. He had his money and his reputation. He wants more money and he might get it but his reputation is gone forever. Now even the lazy fans will realize he is an overpaid scrub and has been going on four years.

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