Jamaal Charles, Brandon Flowers recovering from shoulder surgery

The two most exciting young players on the Chiefs are recovering from offseason shoulder surgery, the Kansas City Star reported Monday.

Running back Jamaal Charles and cornerback Brandon Flowers, who we think is a future Pro Bowler, both missed the start of OTAs while they recovered.

It’s hard to know how serious the surgeries were.  In Charles’ case, the procedure may have informed Kansas City’s decision to sign Thomas Jones in the offseason.

Charles, at 200 pounds, was worked very hard towards the end of last season.

18 responses to “Jamaal Charles, Brandon Flowers recovering from shoulder surgery

  1. stop saying we when you and florio clearly have differing opinions
    “who we think is a future Pro Bowler”? Really?
    You’re analysis is terrible… I don’t know how you landed that job

  2. People can hate on florio and rosenthal all day but they are actually right about charles and flowers, flowers played the whole season with his injured shoulder and honestly should have made the pro bowl he got beat on certain plays but he would always recovery and knock the ball down. Charles didn’t really get a chance to shine until the end of the season and when he did he showed everyone what he could do (ask the bronco fans). But other than that the chiefs did have a bad season so go ahead bash away now.

  3. I guess you didn’t like my other comment since it never appeared, so I’ll re-phrase: You’re not a tool, you’re just an idiot.

  4. if you follow the chiefs at all, you know that Flowers and Charles are far and away more exciting as young football players than Bowe.

  5. Actually Dwayne Bowe(aka hands of stone), is chopped liver. That is why he was buried on the depth chart to start the season and lost the #1 WR to Chambers and very well could lose the #2 spot as well.
    So, yes they are the 2 most exciting young players from last year. Flowers showed he can be a shut down kind of DB and Charles’ second half was his to shine and the ONLY RB to have more yards than him during that span was Chris Johnson. This year he has help with Thomas Jones and a healthy(for now) Kolby Smith.

  6. “The two most exciting young players on the Chiefs….”
    That’s like saying: “The two coolest shirts for sale at WalMart….”
    I have an 18 year old son that’s never seen this team win even one playoff game.

  7. Jamaal Charles is about as brittle as Samuel L. Jackson’s character is the movie “Unbreakable”.
    Remember that during your fantasy drafts this year.

  8. “Running back Jamaal Charles and cornerback Brandon Flowers, who we think is a future Pro Bowler, both missed the start of OTAs while they recovered.”
    If you idiots could read you would know that that statement is saying only Flowers is a future pro bowler. I agree that Charles is going to be a pro bowler soon enough but there are way to many better CBs in the AFC (Champ Bailey, Nnamdi, Revis) for Flowers to get a pro bowl bid.
    Then again…what should I expect from Chiefs fans? Their team has become so used to losing that the fans have become losers. Figures.

  9. Charles won’t see the heavy workload with Thomas Jones in the backfield. So questions of durability won’t be an issue, # of carries would be a bigger one.
    Bears123 – Big words from a franchise that rests there hopes on Cutler, who will probably again have double the interception to TD ratio this year. The only saving grace you have had is Detroit in your conference to chalk up 2 wins a year, until now.

  10. Brandon Flowers made an immediate impact as a rookie. He’ll continue to grow. He just needs some supporting cast.

  11. And the Bears had a lot to hang their hat on in the 90’s and early part of this decade. They were so bad they were turned down by 3 different college coaches before they settled on Lovie.

  12. Brandon Flowers is just as good as the other corners in the afc…he just doesnt get any attention cuz of the crappy defense he’s on…he was the only good player in that secondary last year so the opposing teams just threw somewhere else. Berry should help change that tho

  13. No, Sullijo.
    It’s like saying that Flowers and Charles are like two Turnbull & Asser hand tailored sea island cotton shirts…
    … at Wal-Mart.
    Get you facts straight.

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