Bucs wideout busted

Just as the “Days Without an Arrest” meter began to churn back toward double digits, it will be re-set to zero.  (And it will be re-set as soon as Rosenthal or someone else with the login info to the arrest meter tool can change it, given that I had to swipe Florio Jr.’s laptop for my trip to New York because the official PFT laptop is on the fritz.)

When the meter goes back to zero (actually, it will show “02”), the reason will have been (yes, I can conjugating good) the Sunday arrest of Bucs receiver Mario Urrutia.
According to the St. Petersburg Times, Urrutia was arrested for a drivers license violation.  It’s described as a “violation of a non-resident drivers license,” which sounds as if it could be as innocuous as living in Florida without getting a Florida license, or allowing the out-of-state license to lapse.  Either way, it’s a misdemeanor — and it counts as an arrest.
Urrutia, a once-promising prospect at Louisville, has bounced around the league.  He was on Tampa’s practice squad in 2009, elevated to the active roster for the final three games of the season.  He attended Monday’s OTA session, but he did not participate due to an injury.

29 responses to “Bucs wideout busted

  1. This is a perfect example of why I hate the off-season.
    Guy doesn’t have a drivers license and it carries the same weight as a good Bert Farve story. More Betty Farve, all the time.

  2. We’ll chock this up to the computer. It probably has a child filter, so the most dramatic crime it can report is of the misdemeanor variety. No swear words were uttered during the commission of this crime.

  3. I know that you get lambasted by ridiculous posters too often, but that title and this story is drastically overstated. Busted…really?

  4. News Flash! Hall of Fame Quarterback busted! (for jaywalking) Details forthcoming! (right after the story about the local puppet show)

  5. Hey, to add some spice, one of those former teams IS Cincinnati! Eh, blow off Bengal haters! He doesn’t count against us!

  6. Feed those squirrels more peanuts so that the official PFT laptop works, Florio. Better yet, let your son, Comcast Sprint Florio III, edit the blog.

  7. Ban him from the league, the scumbag POS! Remove his HOF Bust!
    Or, just fine him $65.

  8. Glad to see the Florida Law Enforcement officials are keepng the good citizens safe from criminals that violate the laws of the State of Florida by not changing their license numbers.
    When I saw the headline, I thought it was the rookie WR from Syracuse.

  9. Cue the Bengals haters since, you know, he was on the Practice Squad……
    Bunch of DumbA****

  10. Why the hell do you have such a complex system of logins for such a simple counter?
    This guys sounds like he belongs in the AFC North.

  11. “Urrutia was arrested for a drivers license violation.”
    Roethlisberger was never arrested for anything.

  12. It was reported today that Brett Favre ruptured his Urrutia getting off his tractor.

  13. Florio you NUMBSKULL!!!!! Is this really news. What are you going to put up next? That JaMarcus Russell scratched his ass in public and gets cited for public indecency??

  14. Florio you NUMBSKULL!!!!! Is this really news???? What are you going to put up next? That JaMarcus Russell scratched his ass in public and gets cited for public indecency?? Get real man!!!!

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