Brandon Marshall recovering from surgery

Brandon Marshall’s long history of offseason injuries has traveled with him to Miami.

The Dolphins revealed Wednesday that that the former Broncos receiver underwent a “routine” surgery and could miss the rest of OTA season.  He should be back for training camp.

The surgery, which is still unclear in nature, was not expected when the Dolphins traded for him.  It would be a bigger concern, but Marshall has shown year after year that he doesn’t particularly need offseason practice or training camp to put up huge numbers.

On that note, the whole overblown “What number will Marshall wear?” conversation isn’t quite done yet either.

He wore No. 19 Wednesday on the sidelines, but only said, “This’ll be my number for now. We’ll have one in stone before camp.”

We’ll let you know more on this vital topic when news warrants.

17 responses to “Brandon Marshall recovering from surgery

  1. get your jersey number stories right if youre gonna dig that far into the barrel, man

  2. We’ll let you know more on this vital topic when news warrants.
    Is there a way you can just text Brandon Marshall’s number directly to my phone? I’ll sleep with it next to my head just incase.

  3. #85 is looking mighty great! But the real deal, He needs to make sure he’s 100% recovered from the surgery, that way what ever # he wears, we will be constantly seeing it in the end zone all the way through the playoffs. GO Dolphin’s…..gonna be a great year!

  4. 8 and 7 is 15 get that number instead… maybe 19 is a bad number!!! I’d say it was for Ginn but that is a bad player!!!

  5. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!! Derrell REVIS will make sure which ever # he wears is irrelevant to the Endzone in NYC and Miami….

  6. Because Darrelle Revis did such a great job in keeping ted ginn jr outta the end zone(marshal>ginnjr) and helping the jets beat the dolphins twice…..

  7. Marshall just had some work done at the corners of his eyes and a slight tightening of the scalp to remove any worry lines. When the doctor asked what exactly he wanted done, Brandon said “about 3 1/2months worth of down time, Doc”.

  8. I was reading on mile high report that a member there saw him at DIA (in Denver) with a cast on his hand

  9. Injuries haven’t been the biggest issue with Marshal.
    Staying out of jail has been.
    If he can stay clean, and I honestly hope he does, he will tear up the AFC East. Revis is very good, but honestly, no one can cover this guy by themselves.
    And we won’t even talk about Cromartie….
    The balance of power is going to shift in the east.

  10. Hey dingle dangle
    Revis looked great the last time we saw him. Can’t wait for Monday Night!
    -The Ravens Recievers

  11. Who is gonna chuck it too him? Not exactly a prolific passer on that team. I’m not impressed with Chad 1 or Chad 2.

  12. Only people that don’t understand coverage think Ginn beat Revis. In the replay, it’s obvious when Revis let him go, and also saw Rhodes out of position.

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