Saints pick up Clint Ingram

The Saints have finally addressed the biggest hole on their depth chart.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reports the team agreed to terms with strongside linebacker Clint Ingram on Wednesday.  The former Jaguar used to play under Gregg Williams and becomes the immediate favorite to start at a thin position for the Saints.

The linebacker spots on both sides of Jonathan Vilma still remain a question mark for the Saints, but Ingram gives the team some badly needed experience.

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  1. Sometimes these little off season moves are the ones that make the biggest difference during the season, not the huge splashes made at 12:01am on the day free agency starts.
    He knows the system and he’s only 27. Not a lot of wear and tear on the body (only 4 seasons played).
    Good pick-up. At the least he’ll be another special teams player.

  2. Welcome to the team Clint. Hope you’re ready because Jonathan Casillas is gonna give you a run for your money (or lack thereof) for the starting spot at OLB.
    Thrive in the system brother!!!

  3. Gregg what do you really know about the Saints OLB’s? Anyone who studies the NFL and knows Linebacker talent will tell you that Scott Shanle is one of the most underrated LB’s in the NFL. He consistently shuts down the opponents’ best TE/RB. Look at the Saints stats for catches against by a TE in 2009. He may not be flashy but he is definitely not a question mark. The Saints are fine at Will LB, they needed a Sam LB with the loss of Fujita, that is why they signed Ingram.

  4. midwest says:
    May 19, 2010 8:49 PM
    There is a reason the Jaguars let him walk for nothing.
    Yeah, because they’re a joke of an organization that will be playing in Los Angeles in a few years.

  5. Sometimes a system can mean ProBowl or Bust. Ask D. Sharper who was supposedly washed up…

  6. @ Midwest “There is a reason the Jaguars let him walk for nothing.”
    oh, you mean just like Gregg Williams. Good point!

  7. darkthrone i’m pretty sure kay bee (KB? really? coincidence?) was saying the JAGS are the joke and will soon be the lakers’ neighbors. either way, albeit a daunting task, the saints are in a great position to repeat. got alex brown to help the D line (our run D was borderline horrendous last year), picked up ingram (it’s taken long enough, i was startin to think we’d just say screw it and get jarmarcus to play LB), and drafted robinson (look what happened last year, we had what? 8 defensive starters out for over 5 games?? robinson is a great pickup…AND the vikes wanted him so snagging him right beforehand is just icing on the cake).
    and for the saints fans’ delight 🙂
    ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, coming to a city near you: the new orleans saints BEATDOWN special! WHOdat? WEdat! TWOdat? REdat!

  8. @Darkthrone –
    kay bee was referring to the Jaguars being a joke of an organization….not the Saints.
    With reading comprehension skills like that and based on the rest of your post, I can only imagine you are a product of the New Orleans public school system…

  9. DCviking, it’s that kind of generalization that has people not liking vikes fans. I AM a product of the new orleans public school system, and i knew exactly what she meant. go support your team the minnesota turnovers, while they’re still in minnesota that is.

  10. Yes, I’m a Saints fan and I was talking about the Jaguars…so much for comprehension skills.
    I swear, some Saints “fans” are an embarrassment.

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