Super Bowl XLVIII announcement coming live on NFLN next week

Last week, the Jets and the Giants made a big to-do out of the submission of the formal Bid Book for Super Bowl XLVIII, which seemed to be part of the buildup to the eventual announcement of whether New York/New Jersey will host the first-ever cold-weather open-air Super Bowl.

And the league is buying in to the creation of another offseason oasis.  The destination of the 2014 Super Bowl will be announced live on NFL Network next Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. E.T.

Rich Eisen, along with former Cowboys Michael Irvin and Darryl “Moose” Johnston, will host the show from the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Dallas, site of the ownership meetings that will be conducted next week.

The finalists are New York/New Jersey, South Florida, and Tampa Bay.  New York/New Jersey is widely believed to be the favorite to win the competition.

19 responses to “Super Bowl XLVIII announcement coming live on NFLN next week

  1. If they put it in New York it will be the biggest joke the league has told since they announced Brett’s vicodin addiction.

  2. With all those numerals the announcement is expected to last until the early part of June.

  3. It’s so obvious New York will get it. It makes no sense for a cold weather Super Bowl.

  4. It doesn’t bother me that a cold weather open air stadium will get it; only that it was New Jersey to get it first. I’m a Colts fan, and I feel that winning the Super Bowl in the rain when we were told the Colts couldn’t win in bad weather made the win that much sweeter.

  5. If they want a Superbowl out in the northeast, then why dont they go to the Philly stadium cuz its only been around for like 6 years and they wouldve have to worry about weather like places in NY and NJ.

  6. Why doesn’t it make sense? Does it make sense for Super Bowls to be played inside fake stadiums (domes)?
    Football was meant to be played outside in natural conditions, not inside where the atmosphere is controlled.

  7. Here’s what I want to see for this potential NYC Super Bowl…we need a team like the San Diego Chargers to have an historic season and finish 15-1. They’ll match up against some team like the Chicago Bears after the Bears finish 8-8 and barely make the playoffs as a #6 seed.
    Then, for Super Bowl Sunday, it’ll be 15 degrees and sleeting and hundreds of media people won’t make it in time for the game because the local airports will be facing 5 1/2 hour delays. San Diego’s offense will be completely shut down by the weather (NOT by the Bears) and the Bears will win a “snoozer” by the score of 6-0. The game will feature 212 total yds. of offense, 7 turnovers, and 19 punts.
    And, since the game is so boring and the weather is so brutal, there will be 18,000 people in the stands after halftime and the TV guys will have to talk about all of the empty seats for the entire second half. Oh, and since the weather is so disgusting and none of the NFL “big wigs” want to go outside in it, the trophy presentation will have to be temporarily postponed and then moved into a tiny, dark conference room in the bowels of the stadium….
    Maybe then, the NFL will FINALLY realize just how epically stupid this idea of having a Super Bowl in NYC actually is (and I’ll be around to say “I told you so”).

  8. Oaktown!!
    NFL Network will announce it late. will be a faster find out place. Just like the Schedule.

  9. wizardofskoz says: May 19, 2010 10:43 PM
    Football was meant to be played outside in natural conditions, not inside where the atmosphere is controlled.
    Hmm, I missed that in the rule book it seems, you mind telling me what page that is on.

  10. wizardofskoz – agreed, but people will take any chance to rip on nj/ny…we’re still the best
    Chris – you might be the dumbest person on this site..unless i misread your comment when saying the weather in philly is much better than nj/ny…do you know where nj is?

  11. It doesn’t make sense because if some hot weather team reach the superbowl and has to go against one cold weather team, it would be a huge advantage for the second one, that’s why they need to play it a dome or one of those places from the south, you know, a neutral weather -is not like is really hot in winter you know, even in Florida.

  12. Since football is meant to be played outside in natural conditions the keep it in SOUTH FLA!! Weather is perfect in January.

  13. It’d be real cool if just the defined “Home team” could host the big game. I know all the preparations that go into the SB would be a lot harder to squeeze into 2 weeks. But hey we know the teams that have a chance once the playoffs start. Turn the super bowl into a showdown of the best teams not some celebrity sight seeing event. Anyway it snowed more in late Feb/March in the NYC metro area than it did the first week of Feb. Weather is not predictable so the hell with it all. Give the game back to the real fans. No more PSL luxury box garbage.

  14. I don’t think it’s such a bad idea to try it and throw NY and the northeast a bone. And it could be a huge money maker for New Jersey, because the smart people will fly in extra early to avoid any possible bad weather. Living in Maryland, I might drive up just to hang out and catch a little of the action.
    Hell, if it turns out to be a nightmare, at least they can say, “We really wanted to do it, and we did. But the many other variables that we don’t encounter in warmer climates went against us and make it a difficult proposition to repeat.”
    Besides, according to the Mayans, we’ll all be dead a full year before that game ever kicks off.

  15. I am so sick of people whining about this game being played in the cold weather.
    For those who claim it could be an advantage for a cold weather team if they play against a warm weather team. IF this advantage exists, wouldn’t that same advantage occur for the warm weather team when it is played in warm weather, or the dome team when played in a dome? Why is that perceived advantage only ok when it favors the warm weather team?
    I should also point out that the league’s reluctance to play in an open air cold weather stadium has nothing to do with a percieved competitive advantage. It is all about money and the CEOs who attend the game sitting in the cold. If ensuring the game was played in perfect elements the game would be played in a dome every year, not in southern open air stadiums.

  16. A Super Bowl in the biggest market in the US?… I know it makes no sense at all. For every person that thinks it is too cold there are a few 100 others who would gladly take your place.

  17. Yes! A Super Bowl decided by the freezing rain, snow, sloppy field, etc….just what we want!

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