Broncos sign seventh-round pick Thompson

The Broncos signed the first of their nine draft picks on Friday, inking seventh-rounder Syd’Quan Thompson, a cornerback from Cal.

The folks at called Thompson one of the most physical cornerbacks in the draft.

We are going to defer to their knowledge on this one, because we don’t really know much more about him.  The first-team all Pac-10 player started every game possible during his four year college career, a school record of 52 starts.

12 responses to “Broncos sign seventh-round pick Thompson

  1. Syd’Quan was very solid all four years at Cal (except for his first game his freshman year against Tennessee). He’ll be a usable player for Denver.

  2. Syd is an excellent tackler and run stopper. He was also a very very good punt returner. Congrats to Syd.

  3. Of course you don’t know anything about him. He’s from a West Coast school…..bigot.

  4. He’ll be a stud if he’s got the right work ethic. From what I’ve heard he’s more like D-Jax than the Beast….

  5. Wow!
    The Broncos signed their 7th round pick.
    Come on Bronco fans.
    Tell us how meaningless this is…. unless it is your team doing the signing of course.

  6. Thank goodness! I was worried about a hold-out. You know how those 7th rounders want the big bucks.

  7. Syd was the 225th player taken in the draft. It’s a complicated formula, but when you add 5-9, 186, to 4.75 40, that is the number you come up with.
    As one scout said, “Don’t sleep on Syd, he may be small, but he’s exceptionally slow for his size.”.

  8. And in related news, Anquan Bouldin’s mom proclaimed, “HOHONEY, YOU BE GENIUS”.
    GOD, how I hate the off-season.

  9. wow! What breaking news! Gonna be a big news story when the Lions sign That Tim Toone guy that they drafted 255th overall.. Can’t wait till that news breaks, CBS will be all over it

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