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Le'Ron McClain launches campaign for carries

L. McClain.jpgSome players use Twitter to campaign for more money.  Ravens fullback Le’Ron McClain is using his account to push for a position change.

As pointed out by Jamison Hensley at the Baltimore Sun, the veteran has started an informal “McClain for RB” campaign.  After seeing an article on the team’s official website that McClain’s Twitter campaign was an inside joke, McClain responded as such:

They say its a
joke in this story? No Im serious ‘MCCLAIN 4 RB,”‘
he wrote.

While McClain would love to get back to carrying the rock, we do think the gesture is tongue in cheek. He’s talked plenty about enjoying going to the Pro Bowl as a fullback and helping Ray Rice out.

Then again, he’s tweeted the same “McClain 4 RB” tag after every practice this offseason. 

We’ll see if the Ravens coaches are paying attention.

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17 Responses to “Le'Ron McClain launches campaign for carries”
  1. sricko says: May 23, 2010 7:39 PM

    this whole story is a fail… fail twitter too.

  2. BUTT NAKED RAIDERS FAN says: May 23, 2010 7:39 PM

    Bad jokes like this will get you cut. Fullbacks are a dime a dozen. He needs to shut up before Ray Lewis stabs him.

  3. BwB says: May 23, 2010 7:51 PM

    raiders fan-
    i just lol’d

  4. PittsburghSteelerz says: May 23, 2010 7:51 PM

    I’d usually side with the STFU crowd here, but I believe he made the Pro Bowl while filling in at RB in ’08
    oh, wait… doofus 3G didn’t even mention he’s played RB before, let alone played at a high level.
    Where’s Florio?

  5. Chad Pennington's Noodle Arm says: May 23, 2010 7:54 PM

    He’s not getting more carries than Ray Rice, that’s for sure

  6. HtotheB says: May 23, 2010 7:58 PM

    ^ he went to that pro-bowl as a fullback, though.

  7. Tim says: May 23, 2010 7:58 PM

    He might get it, somehow he convinced people that he outperformed Lou in ’09.

  8. irishsamurai says: May 23, 2010 8:01 PM

    BwB says:
    May 23, 2010 7:51 PM
    raiders fan-
    i just lol’d
    OMG,i just lol’d @ ur lol,, IDk IF IVE EVER read anything that funny,imho U R A genius,ROFLMAO,OMG,,,ps glad to see your posters are a bunch of 12 girls florio!

  9. Macadamia says: May 23, 2010 8:31 PM

    Wait, did a RAIDERS fan just crack on RayLew about stabbing someone? Now THAT my friends is IRONY at its finest.

  10. Iscull says: May 23, 2010 8:41 PM

    Raiders fans. That is a joke by itself Madamia.

  11. vanhelsing says: May 23, 2010 9:48 PM

    he suer did run like hell against america’s team.

  12. theravenlives2 says: May 23, 2010 9:49 PM

    raiders fan-
    i just lol’d
    Yeah, because after all that was such an original posting. What’s that, the 10,000,000 Ray Lewis joke on here? You’d love the guy if he was on your team, and you know it.

  13. mcgr8569 says: May 23, 2010 10:54 PM

    “he suer did run like hell against america’s team.”
    That’s all I could think of after reading this. The man can run the ball, and is a Marshawn Lynchesque “Beast.” (Except way better).
    Give him the rock! (When Ray Rice is tired)

  14. GirthyOne says: May 24, 2010 7:53 AM

    Unfortunately, this is a pretty crappy situation to be in for the big fella. He was successful running the ball a couple of years ago and really needs a change of scenery. Unfortunately, trade value for what is viewed as a backup RB is very poor, so the Ravens keep him.

  15. BaltimoreSports says: May 24, 2010 8:25 AM

    Nothing wrong with a player saying he wants to compete and play more.

  16. Danwhitmer says: May 24, 2010 8:59 AM

    Every one is forgetting McGahee. He is still the number 2. So technically McClain is the 3rd string back. If they even value him as a RB, he is listed as the starting full back. The Ravens have Parmalle as well who is supposed to be a promising back.

  17. QJ1984 says: May 24, 2010 10:08 AM

    Raiders fan-
    McClain is a dime a dozen? Do you know who led the Ravens 4th ranked rushing attack in rushing and rushing td’s in 2008? It wasnt Willis McGahee. It wasnt Ray Rice. It was Leron McClain. He’s hardly your average fullback.
    When I first saw this story the first thing I thought about was the fact that he is a RFA right now. He wants a long term deal now and if he doesnt get it he will be in a contract year. Having played one year as a RB, I doubt he wants to be paid as simply a FB. Even if he will be the highest paid fullback in the league. The Ravens are going to have to get creative with his deal, like the Bears did Devin Hester and how the Ravens had to do Suggs.

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