Jared Odrick lets go of agent

Dolphins first round pick Jared Odrick has fired his agent, just before said agent was about to make some serious money.

Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal reports Odrick parted ways with Peter Shaffer’s All Pro Sports & Entertainment within the last few days.

It’s unclear if Odrick has chosen new representation.  If he hasn’t, Jared should expect his phone to start ringing quite a bit.

12 responses to “Jared Odrick lets go of agent

  1. Sign for your slotted money and bonuses and then pick up an agent, keep all that money in your pocket. That’s what I would do.

  2. As the 28th pick, he’s probably smart enough to just wait for the others to sign and take the slot. Why pay an agent a commission to do essentially the same thing?

  3. Bill Parcells convinced him that he doesn’t need an agent this day in age. All Parcells needs is a pen and a sticky note.

  4. I agree with those of you who think he’ll take the slotted money without an agent.
    Could this be a trend in the future?

  5. That happens alot with Dolphin draft picks when they arrive in South Florida and Karate Man Drew Rosenhous gets in front of them and offers local representation….

  6. I think he should hired a local lawyer with a large law firm, pay a set amount and see what others at his draft position get. With the kind of money he will get he will be 0k, the NFL will give his attorney info on the rules and procedures, good luck. Bill

  7. Zach Thomas just retired. Odrick will be his first client as an agent. If the deal isnt going well, Zach will just pancake team officials until he gets the deal he wants! “Go with Zach, we’ll break their back.”

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