Jerry Jones favors downtown L.A. stadium

As the years without an NFL team in Los Angeles streak is nearly old enough to drive, the vision of a megastadium in the City of Angels finds fresh support from a guy who knows a thing or two about building state-of-the-art football arenas.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones likes the idea being developed by Tim Leiweke and Casey Wasserman.

They are so credible and so substantive,” Jones said.  “Leiweke has the utmost
respect in the National Football League, and I have the most respect for
everybody involved.  With all of that in mind, and with a
real passion to have a team in Los Angeles, I like the way this thing is
starting to sound.”

The idea of a downtown stadium emerged fairly recently, after many months of efforts by Ed Roski to get something built in the City of Industry.  As we recently reported, Los Angeles made an appearance on the list of stadium situations discussed at today’s ownership meeting, along with Atlanta, Minnesota, Oakland, and San Francisco.

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  1. There’s no point. For a city of its size, LA doesn’t really have a defined city center. Industry is pretty far out, but I’d bet you can get a stadium built there faster. Try to do it in the middle of LA and we’ll still be talking about this in 5 years.
    Alternately, you could raze a square mile of South Central and nobody would miss it, but if you build the stadium there you’ll need to wear Kevlar on the way to the game.

  2. L.A. doesn’t deserve a team.
    How about the The L.A. Aliens.. this way we
    can celebrate our friends from the south and our friends from above.
    We can all sing cum by ya at half time.

  3. Because he loves Al Davis, since both are best friends and think the same.
    Raiders/Cowboys only 2teams without GMs

  4. Does anyone in LA give a rat’s ass what Jerry Jones thinks? What business is it of his anyway?

  5. When Jerrah mentions something it usually happens. Stadium will come and some city will lose a franchise. It’s inevitable, especially with the American Needle deal.

  6. unless he is moving the 1-7boys there, who cares what this blow-hard thinks about a stadium in a different state.

  7. Jerry Jones thinks he “IS” the NFL. Someone n eeds to put him in his place. He can’t even keep his practice facility upright. I’m sick and tired of these “Eastern Division”, “ESPN favorites” getting all this ink for statements that otherwise should draw no attention from them. How about Jerry focus on building his offensive line and getting a coaching staff that can get him to the conference championship game. How do you spell “LOSER”!

  8. Yeah just what LA needs, yet another way to totally fu*k up its already horrendous traffic. Exactly what they need downtown.

  9. Hey, DC Bengals Fan, why don’t you shut the hell up and quit talking like you know anything about Los Angeles. First off, South Central is not nearly as bad as you claim it to be. Second, it’s real easy to find a city center for LA. It’s called LOS ANGELES. That’s the name of the town, right in the middle of the whole area. Odd how that works.
    If they really wanted to make a raping (sorry Ben, too soon), they’d build it in Northridge, Simi Valley or Pasadena. Although, building one in Pasadena almost guarantees the games will be filled with the wine and cheese types.

  10. Reasons Jerry wants a stadium in LA:
    1. His geriatric partner in crime (Al Davis) wants a new stadium, and knows Oaktown isnt going to do it.
    2. Needs to have an accuse to go to LA oter than some facial work.
    3. Tired of the Minnesota Vikings and their fans destroying his team time after time.
    4. With the Aints out of New Orleans, he is owns the south (really, who is a Texans fan?).

  11. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for 20 years now. It amuses me how people who don’t live here talk with such authority about my city. The Coliseum is a hell hole. That’s why people stopped going there. Even USC doesn’t sell out most games because the seats suck to high heavens and the locale is terrible for parking and tailgating and just general access.
    Downtown LA is revitalized, and a stadium there now makes a lot of sense. We even have something now that we didn’t have just 10 years ago. An actual working public transportation system. If they build a stadium near the Staples Center, people will come in droves. If they build it in the City of Industry, you are counting on failure.
    And traffic on Sunday is easy. Whoever said that it is difficult, doesn’t live here. Now, on the other hand, Monday Night games starting at 5:30 local time will be hell. No doubt about that.

  12. Now that Gov. Tim Pawlenty has been to New Hampshire 3 times and really doesn’t care about the Vikings it’s time to move west. Move St. Louis norris and live is good!

  13. We want a team in L.A. but we don’t want to pay for it. Other cities owners hold their people over a barrel to pay for a stadium so they can reach billionaire status. Any time an owner has tried to hold L.A. over a barrel we tell him or her to leave. Tax the little people and then charge prices that only the corporations can pay. Let’s not even get into PSLs.

  14. Leiweke’s only stipulation is that any team using the stadium must hire David Beckham as it’s place kicker.

  15. “cum by ya”
    Good lord man, use Google. It’s spelled Kumbaya or Kum ba yah.
    “Cum by ya”? Sounds like a good name for a porno though.

  16. If Cowboy fans really want to know the main source of dislike for their team they need look no further than the pathologically self-absorbed attention whore that owns their team.

  17. “Hey, DC Bengals Fan, why don’t you shut the hell up and quit talking like you know anything about Los Angeles. First off, South Central is not nearly as bad as you claim it to be. Second, it’s real easy to find a city center for LA. It’s called LOS ANGELES. That’s the name of the town, right in the middle of the whole area. Odd how that works.”
    Annnnnd here come the hood rats. Hey genius, I lived in LA for 5 years. LA doesn’t have a core in the sense that older cities do. It’s a sprawled-out car town. Yes, there is a place called “downtown”. No, it does not have the same character as “downtown” in other cities.
    So again, why put the thing down by the convention center when the team’s going to draw from Ventura down to OC, Santa Monica to Riverside, anyway? I’d be willing to bet, unless they know who to bribe it’ll take for*ever* to build a stadium downtown.
    By the way, sorry I was disparaging to your homeland in South Central. But it is a craphole.

  18. Make sure the stadium in LA has bigger scoreboard then Jerry has. That will piss him off.

  19. Ahem @mikeintexas, the Bengals also don’t have a GM in addition to the smallest scouting department in the league. There’s a difference between having a good football and business sense, and just being cheap (ala mike brown).

  20. can we just stop with the L.A idea. Its just never going to work. The traffic situation is bad enough as it is. you cannot put it in downtown L.A. Same reason why there is not a stadium in Manhattan, and we actually have a good public transportation system here. If you want to put a team somewhere, put them out in Oklahoma City. that worked out good for the NBA recently.

  21. allday28@8:36PM
    Because Jones is smart enough to know that Wayne Weaver and Zygi Wilf will jello wrestle each other for the chance to hire U-Haul to move their team to LA!

  22. dlmcc0909 says:
    May 26, 2010 1:53 AM
    If you want to put a team somewhere, put them out in Oklahoma City
    Thanks for your idea! Oklahomans would love an NFL team, but there is no way in hell we can afford one.

  23. So Yoda likes the L.A. stadium plan, well maybe we shouldn’t listen to a guy who puts his players in a glorified tent during a tornado.

  24. Hollwood Favre (Something about Mary, Lee’s Jeans, Prilosec, Preparation H) would love to live 6 months out of the year in L.A.
    Vikes to L.A. Mark it down. Welcome to the NFC North, Rams.

  25. there is no way in hell California can afford another sports team. absolutely no way.

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