Cardinals growing concerned about Gerald Hayes

With Karlos Dansby in Miami, Cardinals linebacker Gerald Hayes is set to have an even bigger role than usual this season.  First, he has to get healthy.

The bad back that bothered the starter late last year hasn’t recovered, despite cortisone injections.  ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli writes the Cardinals officials “are concerned.”  The team drafted Daryl Washington to start on the inside, and the depth is poor after that.

There is a lot of concern about the Cardinals offense following Kurt Warner’s departure, but they also have major question marks on defense after losing Dansby and safety Antrel Rolle.

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  1. I hope Cardinals fans enjoyed the last 2 seasons, cause it’s all downhill from now.

  2. No Warner, no Boldin, no Rolle, cheap ass owner and now this. To bad Cardinal fan, a lot of empty seats this year. 8-8 is being nice!!

  3. There is a lot of concern about the Cardinals offense following Kurt Warner’s departure,
    Is there Gregg???
    How bout Best Offensive line in the NFC???
    Beanie Wells with a full off season and a half regular season behind him – backed up by Tim Hightower and the best O line in the NFC??
    Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston are one of the best tandems in the NFC, infinitely better than anything the NFC west (Ted Ginn, Josh Morgan, Crabttree, TJ, ROFOLCOPTER) and did anybody see Early Doucet in the playoffs last season??? No well take a look this season pal.
    A commitment by the Whiz that more emphasis will be on the run game. Less pressure on Matt and our D with a dominant run game.
    The only week links on this team are middle backer DEPTH (if Hayes doesnt make it). and second corner (DEPTH) – even though I predict Greg Toler will be a star this year.
    Not making the playoffs?? Yeah ok even with a drop off in play from last year with this years schedule?? Your kidding right? Is this a joke website? where can I submit jokes instead of well thought intelligent comments??

  4. It would be unwise to write off the Cardinals.
    In Bill Davis’ first season as the Cardinals DC, he took a defense that gave up 27 points per game in 2008 and brought that total down to 20 points per game. The Cards finished 6th in the league in sacks without an elite pass rusher.
    Now they’ve drafted a true nose tackle — an essential component in the success of a 3-4 defense — and added a linebacker who had more sacks in the last 2 years than Karlos Dansby has had in his entire career.
    And they’ve added a free safety who excels in coverage to replace Rolle, who was an exceptional playmaker and solid run-stopper, but who far too often looked lost in coverage. The Cards’ D will only get better.

  5. indycard51, joey porter wasnt brought in to replace karlos dansby, they play 2 competely different posistions, porter was brought in to replace bert berry and chike okeafor as a pass rusher and daryl washington/paris lenon are the replacements for dansby, and finishing 6th in league sacks with no elite pass rusher doesnt mean anything, i am 49ers fan we finished 3rd in sacks without an elite pass rusher and it didnt get us anything. antrell rolle and kerry rhodes are a wash, to act like either one is a lot better than the other is retarded

  6. crabman82, I never said he was replacing Dansby.
    I am well aware Porter is an OLB, I was merely comparing him to Dansby because that is a name most people are familiar with. If you want to compare him to Okeafor and Berry, his numbers still stack up favorably to those guys. Regardless of how you look at it, the Cards pass rush can only get better. Throw in 1st round pick Dan Williams at NT, and the run defense should be even stronger as well.
    Also, I don’t recall saying that Rhodes is a better safety at Rolle. However, some players are a better fit for certain teams….and seeing as though they already have a player in Adrian Wilson who excels playing close to the line of scrimmage, they desperately needed someone who could hold his own in coverage–something Rolle had a hard time doing, even after he was forced to change positions after failing at cornerback.

  7. I think Rhodes is a better safety than Rolle. While Rolle was a playmaker when he got the ball in his hands, he wasn’t that good in coverage. One thing Rolle was good at was blocking (see the Superbowl replay of his “block” on Larry Fitzgerald from the sidelines during the infamous Harrison INT for TD).
    With Hayes possibly out for an extended period of time, the Cards will have to make a move to get an ILB quickly.

  8. u dont compare an inside backer with an outside one, who cares about the fans who arent familiar, its like saying your team lost a 3rd down back and replaced it with a slot reciever the analogy doesnt add up, i mean your basically telling me that porter has more sacks in 2 years than dansby, a guy who plays a position where u might get 3 or 4 a year. next your gonna tell me your fg kicker has more fgs than your punter

  9. The Niners beat you twice last year and they are going to have a better team this year so the Cards will not have a chance!

  10. keep chirpin braindeads….get used to this… 3 time NFC West Champions…and if any of you punks teams think they are going to come here in January and win a playoff game…keep dreaming…UNDEFEATED AT CARDS STADIUM IN JANUARY…as for frisco…CHECK THE STANDINGS FROM THE LAST 2 YEARS AND DIG IT…

  11. crabman82, I clarified in my last post that he has far more sacks than either Berry or Okeafor have had in recent years. Perhaps you missed it as you still seem to only be aware of my first post. Dansby was praised for his versatility, and while he is a difficult player to replace, the Cards have added a key pass rusher and run stopper that should allow their defense to improve.
    If you want, feel free to continue with your talk of punter-kicker comparisons rather than facing the reality that the Cardinals defense will continue to get better.

  12. indycard51, how could their d get any worse? they gave 90 points in 2 playoff games

  13. @metaldeth: The Cards got better at NT, FS, and OLB. Many anticipate that Greg Toler will be an upgrade over Bryant McFadden, so you could argue they got better at CB as well. Sure, there are question marks at ILB, but they also drafted a talented young player at that position–one many called the most athletic LB in the draft–who could prove to be a very capable replacement. Most reasonable people will acknowledge anything can happen in this game. The only ones who deserve to be laughed at are those who claim to know exactly how the season will unfold. We’re aren’t talking about the Lions here, we’re talking about the back-t0-back division champs. Could they lose their crown? Sure. But there’s also nothing to suggest they won’t go down without a fight–and while the Seahawks and Niners have improved, they aren’t exactly heavyweights.

  14. crabman82. A Google search revealed that apparently the Cards played 16 games prior to that. I’m not claiming they were the Steel Curtain, but they were a solid –if inconsistent– defense last year that showed great improvement over 2008.

  15. indy, these two geniuses seem to forget the cards WERE IN THE PLAYOFFS…you are wasting time in discussing anything with these two bay area queens

  16. Good point, larazaboycottazgoahead. I simply enjoy discussing football from time to time, I have no idea what a lot of 49ers fans are so hostile about. I guess memories of the 1980s aren’t enough to console them in the midst of a 7-year playoff drought.

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