Pennington fine with watching practice for now

At Dolphins minicamp on Saturday, Chad Pennington couldn’t stifle a big yawn while
watching the action.  He doesn’t have a lot to do.

Chad Henne needs to get the starting quarterback snaps at practice.  Dolphins coach Tony Sparano wants to evaluate Tyler Thigpen and Pat White.

That doesn’t leave a lot of throws for Pennington, who finds himself watching most of minicamp from the sideline

“I’m actually really OK with that,” Pennington said.  “I appreciate that perspective to where I don’t have to throw myself in
the fire in May. Things really get heated up in August and that’s when I
want to be at my best.”

Pennington is recovering from his third shoulder surgery and is limited in how many throws he can make per day.  He seems to know that anything is possible this year. He could wind up starting again if Henne struggles during the year. Or he could get cut in training camp if his shoulder doesn’t respond.

“You never know what’s going to happen,” Pennington said. “That’s out of
your control. That’s why you work as hard as you can to be the best
teammate you can be and let the rest take care of itself.”

9 responses to “Pennington fine with watching practice for now

  1. Such a classy guy. Hope he comes back as a QB coach when he does retire. I’m sure he’ll want to retire as a Fin when he does.

  2. Sadly doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Great guy, very serviceable QB.
    I bet he doesn’t mind collecting those sideline checks either.

  3. i truely think that he will make a great coach one day,whether the pros or the college ranks.
    he really is a class act.

  4. I think he wants to save his arm strength for August, because he has to release a ball August 15th for it to be caught in week 6.

  5. Pennington may end up playing, I wouldn’t write him off yet. Henne is a little inconsistent.

  6. henne is far better. henne will have a breakout yr. im going to say in a few yrs he will be atleast a top ten qb atleast

  7. pennington is a great guy and a poster child for how a professional should act on and off the field.the nfl needs more players with his type of demenor

  8. If you love football, you can’t help but like Chad. He’s gotten a bad rap on his arm strength. On the right team, he could easily be a championship guy. the injury bug has not allowed him to have the career he deserved.

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