Rumors persist that Randy Moss will shop for a new agent

Although Tim DiPiero, who represented Patriots receiver Randy Moss from 1998 through a point in the fairly recent past, believes that Moss plans to finish his career without an agent, we continue to hear rumors and rumblings that Moss is in the market for new representation.

At this point, it’s unclear whether those rumors and rumblings are rooted in reality.  The talk could be emanating from the wishful thinking of the folks who’d like to reel in Randy as a client.  Or perhaps people acquainted with Moss have misinterpreted his words and/or actions to suggest he’ll be hiring a replacement.

Regardless, Moss tends to do things his own way.  And it’s entirely possible that he initially decided to go it alone, but that he’s not closing the door on changing his mind — especially if someone is willing to take far less than the maximum fee of three percent of all football earnings.

14 responses to “Rumors persist that Randy Moss will shop for a new agent

  1. I, for one, am on the edge of my seat, biting my nails and anxiously waiting to find out if Randy Moss will or will not hire a new agent. Really quite riveting stuff.
    Ewww, I just spilled sarcasm all over me.

  2. Randy Moss
    Agenda, May 31, 2010
    1. Wake and bake
    2. Read love letters and fan mail from adoring Boston elitist snobs
    3. Run over a cop with my car while smoking a doobie
    4. Assault some chick (allegedly)
    5. Tell the Boston media they don’t know what the f*ck they are talking about when questioned about assaulting above chick (allegedly)
    6. Watch as obsessed Boston fans come to my defense regarding above assault (alleged), and as they demand the reporter be fired
    7. Roll a doobie. Smoke it.
    8. Tell a reporter that I often smoke reefers during the season
    9. Tell a different reporter that the first reporter “misquoted” me, and that I was talking about Junior High
    10. Do a J
    11. Half-a$$ run some sh!tty routes in OTA’s
    12. Fire my agent, because I am underpaid
    13. Roll up a nice fat doobie
    14. Take advice of ItalianArmyGuy – get some Pippi Longstocking straight out pony tails added to each side of my head
    15. Do some bong-hits while watching a bunch of jerk-offs from ESPN proclaim me the best WR ever
    16. Wish that I had a ring or two like Hines Ward. Wonder what is the difference between him and me? Is it all that stupid “blocking” crap that he does? Do a J
    17. Go to a Boston nightclub and be adored by Boston elitist snobs

  3. I know this is the slowest part of the offseason, but 2 of the last 8 stories are about the non-story of a player firing his agent? This makes three columns on the subject, what’s the over/under, six columns speculating Moss’ intent for firing his agent?

  4. Italian Army Guy Daily Agenda
    Wake up in Mommy’s basement
    Notice his stuffed toy is all wet again
    Scratch ass
    Sniff finger
    Devise new ways of being a burden on society
    Go on PFT and try to sound intelligent to someone
    Go on Steeler Fury website and act like he knows something about football
    Notice that all the twinkies are gone
    Ask Mommy for more twinkies
    Go to bed
    Well done you POS

  5. @Matt Walsh (clone) – Best Twinkie movie ever – Zombieland. No other movie with a Twinkie plot is even close

  6. argos says: May 31, 2010 11:23 AM
    Word is he wants to go back to MN and his agent is a roadblock.
    This could be the dumbest statement I’ve read. He wants a Super Bowl ring before he retires, right? He would be giving up that dream by going to MN. Plus, why would he go back to the team that couldn’t get rid of him fast enough?
    I live in MN and know a girl who keeps in touch with him. He used to show her “”little Randy” back in the day and she said she told him he should come back and play for the Vikings. He told her that he would never do that because it was a low class, Mickey Mouse run organization that was worse than the Raiders. Doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement to me.

  7. Moss will never re-sign with the Vikings but not because they are a Mickey Mouse organization.
    Randy hated it there because he could never score the good quality weed, a man has to have priorities, you know.

  8. Has a player that didn’t hire an agent AND signed a deal worth a good amount of money EVER not regretted it down the line?

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