Ravens close to deal with Shayne Graham

The Baltimore Ravens have been considering adding a kicker all offseason, and they may finally have their man.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Baltimore is closing in on a one-year deal with former Bengals kicker Shayne Graham.

Graham would compete with incumbent Billy Cundiff in training camp. Cundiff was signed in November, the day after the Ravens waived kicker Steve Hauschka.

Graham missed field goals of 28 and 35 yards in the Bengals’ playoff loss to the Jets, and after that the Bengals decided not to re-sign him.

27 responses to “Ravens close to deal with Shayne Graham

  1. 2 missed kicks = franchise player to still unemployed in June.
    Jeff Reed may be a drunk, but he makes kicks when they count.

  2. Hahahaha good luck with “The Ginger Kid”, Balti! Guy missed nearly every clutch kick that he attemped. He’s money from 35 yards in, but get him a 40+-yarder and you’re biting your fingernails!

  3. Well, I guess Shayne Graham will have to get used to wearing the frilly pink panties that the rest of the Ravens like to wear.

  4. I grew up with Shayne in Dublin, VA and now he’s signing with my favorite team. Dunlap Road represent!

  5. As another Bengals fan, i must say this is great news. You can have SHANK Graham and enjoy his high % as well. Just hope that you don’t need to make any clutch kicks, rumor has it he actually pooped himself b4 that second playoff miss…..

  6. Another smart move by Ozzie. Creates excellent competition for Cundiff in training camp. Only a “non-guaranteed” one year deal. He did have some injury issues and if those are cleared up and he and he does well in training camp and the pre-season…its a no lose situation.
    Non-the-less we’ll totally trounce the Stoolers and the Bungals this year so field goals will never be and issue. I saw that Ocho Stinko is injured again and Jermaine Gresham is looking like a total bust.

  7. I saw that Ocho Stinko is injured again and Jermaine Gresham is looking like a total bust.
    Look at the Ravens fans sounding all desperate. Come on yall are better than that, pull it together. They got you all as favorites to win the D, so act like it….. By the way, click on the name of that total bust (you so wish would be true) and see what has been said about him this offseason.

  8. You guys forget why Shawn Graham was really not signed,he could not,I repeat,could not kickoff,he continuosly gave teams starts at the 35 yrd line,think now,even if you hold them to the 40,the team would punt and put us in bad field position every time,add to it major leg problems to the point where he couldnt practice and the unabililty to hit clutch kicks and extra points,they was no way we could sign him back,he knew that,thats why hes not been signed by any team,they seen what we all suffered to see.

  9. “totally trounce the stoolers(1-1) and the bungals (0-2)…”
    In case you were wondering about the parenthesis, those would be the ravens’ win-losses versus those teams in 2009.
    The undrafted free agent corners you picked up should be an instant upgrade in your sorry secondary, but I still can’t see them holding down the Ocho.
    Not sure where you’re looking to see Gresham looking like a total bust, probably the ravens message board. I guess if that’s the case, than I apologize that this wasn’t written in crayon.

  10. Well, I guess Shayne Graham will have to get used to wearing the frilly pink panties that the rest of the Ravens like to wear.
    … Please Think and Try Again.
    We are smarter than you. i.e. the ravens. Top 5 Organization , stadium, football towns, front office, the jersey and symbol are nasty, good scouting, good players; you sound like an uneducated irrational squeeler. We have arrived at the hate station, all out.

  11. But for a Shayne Graham missed extra point in 2006 the Bengals are one of the wildcard teams. Instead they missed the playoffs. His misses of easy kicks in the Jets playoff loss last season completely changed that game.
    Also, he is a huge douche.

  12. P.S…. He was brought in for OTAs and training camp, you don’t think, well I know you don’t think, most of the people who comment, evident. But Bringing in an extra leg to spill his knowledge, coach billy cundiff up a little, help him to understand what the coaches spew out but in easier terms as well as pushing him with a little competition… He has been around the game for a good bit, he probably knows a thing or two.. They are just trying to light a fire under Cundiff to step his game up .. Get bright.

  13. hi, mr graham. what can you tell us about cincinnati’s playbook? ahh yes. thank you. and you’re fired.

  14. Yeah, Shayne’s great when there’s no pressure. If it’s a clutch kick you may as well go for it. He won’t make it. The Ravens can have him.

  15. Ah, the Ginger Kid. Can’t make a clutch kick and can’t get a touchback to save his ass. Guy’s an effin’ joke

  16. stevincinci says:
    June 1, 2010 12:59 PM
    How do you figure Gresham is a total bust, Ravenmucus?
    Putting you lame name changing cutdown aside I agree with you. You certainly can’t label a player a bust a few weeks after the draft. That guy doesn’t speak for all Ravens fans. Every team has it’s shallow end of the gene pool fans, that guy was one of ours.
    Moving forward I think the Graham pickup makes sense for the offseason. Obviously I don’t want him on the team but Cundiff would probably get tired kicking all camp and preseason. If they were really planning on keeping 2 kickers the would have simply brought in Stover again. Graham gets cut after the 3rd preseason game unless Cundiff really takes a turn for the worse.

  17. hi, mr graham. what can you tell us about cincinnati’s playbook? ahh yes. thank you. and you’re fired.
    You might have something there whodey_man,remember what happened when big willy signed after getting cut just before the season,you dont think willie didnt give them hints on the play book in the first game of the season?

  18. How much of the playbook can a kicker possibly know?
    And Willie’s hints didn’t seem to help too much.

  19. yeah he is just a kicker, you’re right. a kicker that spent 8-9 years with the team. i’m sure he knows SOME of the playbook.

  20. A kicker wouldn’t know anything more than the Ravens D Coordinator. He’s a KICKER. And he’s good for 85%, but he cost us a playoff spot in 06′, and last year he could have made it a 24-20 game midway through the 4th in the wildcard. But he missed 2 chip shots, and we were forced to use the passing game (which was horrible).

  21. Good kicker when the kicks aren’t at the end of the game or in a big playoff game. He’ll win do what he’s supposed to do until it matters, then he will choke.
    Also, get ready to see him weekly in downtown Baltimore “clubs” and bars. He’s pretty cocky and flashy, seems to attract plenty of questionable women with his creepiness.

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