The new PFT gear is catching on

We introduced the new line of PFT gear recently.  And while yours truly has yet to obtain one of the new shirts, MDS points out that famed Photoshop guru Scott Kelby is sporting one of the new PFT T-shirts in the latest episode of his popular online show.

You can get your own right here

And welcome to PFT Planet, Mr. Kelby.  Then again, there’s a chance that he lost a bet.

UPDATE:  Apparently, Kelby didn’t lose a bet.  Or, if he did, wearing the T-shirt was only part of the requisite public humiliation.

13 responses to “The new PFT gear is catching on

  1. Who says Florio don’t got no class? At least he isn’t wearing one of those damn shirts around.

  2. At least when they contract out for bobbleheads of Florio and Rosenthal the manufacturers can make them life sized and make the heads the same scale.

  3. Yeah, he also said TO would not be traded or released and we know the rest of the story. If his lips are moving he’s lying, thats how he became so rich.

  4. It’s nice they come in black and white. Matchs the Buddy Holly glasses held together with medical tape.

  5. Hey, Florio – just so I understand, you find one cheap bastard wearing one of your tees (which he probably got for free) and magically PFT gear is “catching on ” ????
    Your site’s been around, what, for like 8 years. The next person I seeing one of your tees will in fact be the first.
    Oh yes, they are “catching on” in deed !

  6. Considering the demographic audience PFT would probably sell more personalized pajamas.

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