More NFL veterans could land in UFL

The dust has settled on the 2010 UFL draft, a player-selection process not confined to folks who have just finished their college football careers.

As we pointed out last night, NFL veterans DeWayne White and Shawn Andrews have been drafted.  More guys with NFL ties were picked as well.

We mention this again primarily because, as a reader points out, the UFL website has applied the phonetic spelling approach to former NFL defensive end Chike Okeafor, listing the second-round choice of the Omaha Nighthawks as “Cheeky Okeefer.”

Maybe he’ll win a starting job across from “Kenny Petersono,” forcing sacks and fumbles that can then be turned into touchdown receptions by “Roland Curry,” who will be trying to outperform “Antonio Chapman.”

At least they spelled “Demarcus Faggins” accurately.

20 responses to “More NFL veterans could land in UFL

  1. If the UFL would start their season right about now, and play all year round, they could build a fan base…..and it would be a real minor league for the NFL. Then guys could get picked up in the fall.
    The NFL misses a lot of guys. These players just might re-value themselves via the UFL.

  2. Kenny “The Eyetalian Stallyun” Petersono will be the Jarid Alan of that league.

  3. Shawn Andrews? Hey, maybe he can steal millions from your team, too. It will just take longer.

  4. How about this Mike Floorio would leap at the chance to be the official spooksperson for the UNFL

  5. Love for the UFL to be a success, it was fun watching football on Thursday and Friday nights. An 8-16 team league could become a minor league to the NFL with each team getting a few players they can send down to their affiliated/shared UFL team.

  6. Florio, we all know that ‘PFT’ stands for ‘Pro Football Talk’ and clearly not ‘NFL Talk’. That said, you need to stop pretending that the UFL is professional football. Its simply going to take bottom teir players off the NFL’s hands that are amateur quality talent at best… amateur… not pro. Not worth talking about.

  7. SATAN567 – if they’re not worth talking about then the UFL wouldn’t bother with them. People need to stop pretending that just because they’re not necessarily NFL caliber that these players can’t play or aren’t worth watching.
    Football is football and thus worth watching.

  8. I didn’t see anywhere where Jamarcus Russell was drafted. He must suck so bad even the UFL does not want him.

  9. The UFL is pro football, the NFL has turned into a joke. You can barely tackle in the NFL, WR have to have both feet on the ground with the ball in hand before they can be hit. God forbid you hit the QB. Pretty soon there will be no need for helmets. The players are turning into million dollar fairies.

  10. The only way this league could work is if it were played right now. Then have the championship before training camp starts.

  11. I just looked at their website and the UFL Draft and was wondering how do you know which guy is Mr. Irrelevant?

  12. SATAN567 says:
    June 3, 2010 11:50 AM
    @Mike Daly…. pro football, douche bag. That crap doesn’t deserve to be called pro. The league wasn’t even worth forming, and we shouldn’t even be talking about it.
    …..and here you are doing what?
    relax. how does talking about it even affect you?

  13. # Abqpacker says: June 3, 2010 11:13 AM
    I’m pretty sure the man’s name actually is Antonio Chapman. What am I missing?
    I’m right next to you. I don’t get it. =\

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