Reasons for optimism on Wes Welker

The New England Patriots are never particularly forthcoming on injury information, and the case of Wes Welker’s timetable for returning from a torn ACL is no exception. But there are promising signs that Welker, who was injured in the regular-season finale on January 3, could be ready for the regular-season opener on September 12.

The Boston Globe quotes Dr. James Gladstone, co-chief of sports medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, as saying — based on descriptions of how Welker looked at Wednesday’s practice — that Welker sounds like his recovery is going smoothly four months after surgery. And with three more months before the start of the regular season, it’s realistic to think he can be on the field.

“Seven months out? Yeah, it’s definitely a possibility,” Gladstone said. “That would be good for anyone to get back that quickly, sure. But if he’s doing the things you’re describing at four months, then it’s quite possible, if not likely.”

The key words there might be “not likely.” A torn ACL is, of course, a very serious injury for anyone.

But a week after Vikings cornerback Cedric Griffin (who tore his ACL three weeks after Welker tore his) expressed optimism about playing in the regular-season opener, there are reasons to be optimistic that Welker will be on the field in Week One as well.

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  1. hey guy – when Dr. Gladstone says “its quite possible, if not likely,” he means, if it’s not likely, then its possible. he does not mean it’s “not likely,” as you seem to imply.

  2. If you take “not likely” out of context, like you did, then yes, it looks like he might not make it back. “Not likely” in this context means that if his recovery is where it’s already then a return for the regular season is anywhere from quite possible to likely.
    You’re a journalist right MDS?

  3. You read it wrong. It’s not “not likely” it’s “if not, likely”. As in the doctor saying it is likely he’ll be playing.

  4. The editor must have been making a much-needed coffee run. There will be more posts about MDS completely misunderstanding the term “if not likely” then there will be about Welker’s recovery.

  5. It’s possible, if not likely, that MSD was just throwing his own opinion with a little twist on words. like saying, “I think the key word there is not likely”. That would mean you people didn’t read it right.

  6. Well if a doctor who never worked on him and had Welker’s injury recovery described to him by a reporter thinks Welker will be a go for camp then who am I to argue?

  7. It’s not likely that MDS has yet graduated from the PFT School of Rumor Management. If he had, then he most likely would have only used the words “not likely”, and would have in all likelihood omitted the preceding words “then it’s quite possible” from this column.

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