Robert Mathis, Antoine Bethea skip minicamp too

R. Mathis.jpgReggie Wayne isn’t the only Pro Bowl member of the Colts to sit out this weekend’s minicamp.

Defensive end Robert Mathis is also staying away because he’s unhappy with his contract.  Safety Antoine Bethea, who is an unsigned restricted free agent, continued his offseason absence by not attending.  (Bethea is not required to be there, and cannot be fined.)

Mathis is in the area and participated in a charity event Thursday night, so the absence is clearly contract related.  Wayne and Mathis both have two years left on their respective deals and have to understand they won’t get paid until Peyton Manning does.

5 responses to “Robert Mathis, Antoine Bethea skip minicamp too

  1. Get to work guys! These two, especially Bethea, have more of a right than Reggie to be holding out, but still.

  2. I love football, but its getting to be ridiculous. These guys are so damn greedy. “Too bad for Reggie Wayne, hes only making $11.5 million dollars the next two years.” The average salary of a US citizen is roughly $60,000. With this salary it would take 191 years to make $11.5 million. Shut your mouth and do your job.

  3. Oh, man, somebody has to take all these lame-brained players, the ones that still have years left on their contracts, get them together in one room and tell them that, until there is a new CBA, there will be no restructured contracts! Their agents are giving them very bad advice. …There’s a shock, huh?

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