Revis-Jets dispute has many layers, nuances

Most of the contract disputes we’ve seen this offseason present fairly straightforward situations.  When it comes to Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, the situation becomes more complicated.

And so we’ve broken down the various complexities and nuances in our latest item for

We’ll also be posting something later this morning (teaser alert) regarding the question of whether a holdout of training camp is coming.  The answer (spoiler alert) could be no.

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  1. LOOK..
    What is the best way to make sure your best defensive player is healthy for the start of the season?
    What is the one game that is most important to Rex Ryan? The Patriots games? No. The Dolphins? Not even close.
    Rex Ryan wants to absolutely demolish the RAVENS in Week 1. Sure, he had many good seasons there. But they routinely sabotaged him with horrible playcalling on offense. Turnovers in the red-zone when the defense had the game won. Oh… and then they go and completely disregard him when looking for Brian Billick’s replacement as head coach. Instead, they hire some guy who had never even been a coordinator in the NFL!
    Rex Ryan is just trying to make sure that all his guys are healthy going into that Monday Night game. Revis isn’t holding out on his own accord. Rex is just making sure his best player is healthy so he can intercept all those Joe Flacco overthrows and misreads.

  2. I thought the New York Jets were going to win the Super Bowl (sarcasm) It’s New York or is
    it really New Jersey where the Meadowlands
    Stadium is… have to pay guys in this area.
    This site correctly reported a problem when the
    Jet’s management paid so much to get players
    but did not take care of their exisiting stars.

  3. The most notable “layer” is that there’s not much going on right now, so making it seem more interesting than just another contract dispute is the most notable “nuance.” It’s not like trying to cap a busted oil pipe!

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