T.O. to appear on NFL Network Friday

Since he currently has no team, receiver Terrell Owens has time to do things like hang around the set of Dancing With the Stars, periodically taking off his shirt because those damn lights can get pretty hot.

On Friday night, we’ll see how hot the lights are on the set of NFL Network’s Total Access.  T.O. is scheduled to make an appearance with Rich Eisen, Warren Sapp, and Rod Woodson.

Owens also will sit down with Eisen for an “in-depth interview” to discuss T.O.’s future.

It’s widely believed that he doesn’t have a job yet because he wants too much money.  It remains to be seen whether he’ll reduce his financial demands and, if he does, whether a contending team will give him a shot at getting a Super Bowl ring.

20 responses to “T.O. to appear on NFL Network Friday

    This just in……WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you, that is all.

  2. I am sure the UFL would love to have him.. and have him they can!! Good Riddance you Dumb A$$

  3. the Pats should get him, then they can proudly claim that their WRs(Moss+Holt+Owens+Welker) have more than 47,000 receiving yds …. which is almost equivalent to running a marathon!

  4. You don’t rent this guy to win, you rent this guy to sell tickets to the circus. That’s why he juggles the ball so much!

  5. answer to last paragraph: no. at this point hes a slot receiver at best. anybody (al davis, bruce allen) who is willing to pay him starter money shouldnt be in the position to give that money out. not to mention hes a bigger douchebag than florio

  6. TO to indy…
    Randy Moss, “peytons always had his recievers, why cant tom have his?” – 2007
    Terrell Owns , “bradys always had his recievers, why cant peyton have his?” -2010
    reggie wayne and To would be quite the duo, ha that rhymed…

  7. We will pick him up later in July. Meachem is hurt and we could use T.O. at a reduced rate.

  8. So do you guys click the link JUST so you can write “who cares” in the comments?

  9. My understanding is he will be announcing his marriage to former teammate Jeff Garcia.

  10. This guy is a lock for 800yds and 8TDs– and if on the right team (Bears, maybe) 1000 and 10 or 12.
    But can’t give him more that a couple mil

  11. T.O, will play this year, not sure where though. But i bet this will be his last. I think he will hang up his cleats after the season is done. I hope he lands somewhere that will have a shot at the playoffs. As big of an “ASS” as he is, he is a fun player to watch. Owens makes the game more than just “FOOTBALL”.

  12. Gautam is on to something. TO to BB in NE ! Imagine TO and Randy Moss on The Cheats. What reason will they come up with then as to why they havent won anything since they got caught cheating ?

  13. @ Hap: this is the NFL, not fantasy football. NE could have Moss, Wayne and Marshall as their receivers, but they still wouldn’t win the Super Bowl unless they figure out a way to improve their pass rush.
    As for the ‘what have they won since then’ comment, they’re one of only two teams in that time period with ten or more wins every season, and the second most wins in the NFL since then. In other words, their play on the field has pretty much proven your implication to be incorrect.

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