Tom Brady opts not to talk about contract status

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hosted a charity flag football game tonight.  Afterward, he spoke to the media.

Predictably, he was asked about Michael Silver’s recent report regarding a “growing sense of disconnect” between Brady and the team.

“I don’t really want to talk about it a whole lot because there’s
nothing anyone can solve, other than the team and myself,” Brady said, per Albert Breer of the Boston Globe.  “There’s a lot of guys in my situation.  So really I
just want to focus on what’s coming up this week and I’m just excited
to be back on the field with the guys.

“Things happen, some are out of your control.  You just gotta go with
the flow.”

He then was asked whether he’s disappointed about the pace of negotiations regarding a deal that expires after the coming season.  “Really, I haven’t been thinking about it a whole lot,” Brady said.  “It’s just part of
the process.  I love being out on the field with the guys, playing and
that’s really where my focus is.”

Last time around, Brady gave the Pats a hometown discount.  Since then, he apparently has realized that Boston ain’t his hometown.

31 responses to “Tom Brady opts not to talk about contract status

  1. Pats need to do right by TB, that or trade him and start rebuilding but don’t dick around and act like a bunch of cheapskates by nickel-and -diming the greatest player in franchise history, he already took “less” once before.

  2. Mike, I think you meant to say “Mature, media-savvy QB opts not to blather like an idiot about a private contract negotiation. Instead, he tactfully changes the subject. No story here.”

  3. I seriously doubt that the Patriots let him walk. They could franchise him for a few years and be getting him at a discount price (He’s clearly in the top 5 QBs in the league and would only have to be paid like one with the franchise tag). After that, I wonder what will happen.

  4. Going to be hilarious to watch Brady and Richard Seymour take the Raiders to a Super Bowl together.
    All of Boston will be on suicide watch

  5. Brady is a douche, but at least he has the respect for the game to keep things behind the scenes right now. Good for him not acting like these other “stars”.

  6. Of course Tom Brady taking the high road won’t stop Florio from taking the low road.

  7. I admire Tom Brady for being a 6th round draft pick who became one of the greatest QB’s in the NFL. You Patriot fans have a lot to be proud of.

  8. Brady handled the question like a true professional, unlike so many others that take their private matters public.

  9. This storyline is so tired. Bob Kraft is one of the most business-savvy owners in the league. He won’t let Brady go without a good angle to it, and there just aren’t many. Why would he commit huge money to anyone if he expects a lockout will eat into his wallet? With the 30% rule, the only way to give Brady the kind of payout everyone seems to think he’ll get is with some really crazy bonus loopholes that may not be allowed under a new CBA. Until the CBA is done, no good businessman would commit this kind of money if he could wait it out a little longer.
    Kraft has made it clear that he wants Brady back forever. Brady has been less glowing of the Pats, but it’s clear he still has the Bill Belichick cool-aid hangover. Until there is a new CBA or Kraft has no choices left, nothing is going to happen here, and no media speculation is worth anyone’s effort.

  10. Why do half of you idiots read this blog?
    Its news because its the offseason, and anything is news.
    This is also called the Rumor Mill. Not the fact mill, or the we’re only going to report the most important sh1t ever Mill.
    If you don’t like what Florio’s reporting, just read ESPN or Rotoworld. And even then, 1/2 the time they’ll be citing what Florio breaks.
    Stop the hateration and get a life. Or get laid. Or something.

  11. Child Please and Italian Army Guy…hating little bitches who know NOTHING about football.

  12. ItalianArmyGuy says:
    June 4, 2010 11:32 PM
    Going to be hilarious to watch Brady and Richard Seymour take the Raiders to a Super Bowl together.
    All of Boston will be on suicide watch
    Dude, that is a serious reach. Hey, we survived the Bruins blowing a 3-0 lead. And even the great Joe Montana didn’t finish in San Francisco.

  13. IAG,
    I think I speak for all Patriot fans when I say we hope you are on suicide watch soon in some Pittsburgh facility.
    If not soon, maybe after the Steelers do not make the playoffs again this season !

  14. “There’s a lot of guys in my situation…” I always knew this guy was a homo.

  15. blackglass says: Child Please and Italian Army Guy…hating little bitches who know NOTHING about football.
    Let’s at least give Italian Army Guy some credit for his passable use of the English language.
    Still, I feel bad for the good people of Italy depending on this deranged and obsessive soldier for their safety.

  16. Keep an eye on Irsay and the Colts. Once Manning gets his deal expect Brady to get his. He really only has one peer that is in the same situation.
    Brees has 2 years on his deal and I don’t put McNabb in Brady’s stratisphere!

  17. Overlooked among all the comments are a few things:
    1. This topic all started based on a column written by Mike Silver for Yahoo in which Silver admitted was pure speculation – and that Brady would most likely re-sign with new England.
    2. Due to the 30% rule it is virtually impossible to get a new deal done until next year.
    3. Until the new CBA is worked out, it probably makes more sense from both Brady and Kraft’s perspective to wait until then, see what the new cap is, whether or not there is a lockout, and work out a deal then.
    By the way, where do the ‘Kraft is cheap’ comments come from? He’s one of the very few owners to build a stadium with his own money, doesn’t make fans buy PSL’s, and the team spends up to the cap limit every year.

  18. HC – the “Kraft is cheap” comments come because fans think a team owner has to overpay certain players and because the Patriots have lost a lot of name players, never mind that those name players couldn’t play up to snuff anymore. Deion Branch is the one that is always cited, even though Reche Caldwell was an upgrade over Branch, who wasn’t as good as he advertised himself to be (and proved it by never elevating Seattle’s passing game or his own status on their depth chart) and got hurt a lot (averaged four games missed per year); people thought he was a super-receiver because like Larry Brown of the Cowboys and Timmy Smith of the Redskins he exploded in two Superbowls.
    Richard Seymour and Mike Vrabel are also cited even though neither made any impact in 2009.

  19. smithopher – “A lot of guys in my position….” sounds more like Brady (and other players) starting to realize that the money they might want isn’t there.

  20. Belichick is the highest paid coach in the league and second highest paid in all sports.
    And that was done without a word being spilled to the press until it was a done deal.
    Kraft wants Brady and knows $5 mil a year more or less is peanuts in the big picture for a living legend like Brady. The only reason the deal isn’t done already is because of the CBA situation.
    Brady will sign the richest contract in the game with the Pats. Kraft is far from an idiot.

  21. BP – Brady will sign, but it won’t be close to the richest contract in the game – that kind of money is no longer there for the league to have; I see no scenario where Brady or Manning get that much over $10 million per year, if that.

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