USC report not released on Friday, after all

Last week, reported that the NCAA’s report regarding possible rules violations by the USC football program would be released on Friday.

In fairness to ESPN, they didn’t say which Friday.

On the most recent Friday, no report came.  Our friends at CFT pointed out Thursday night that this would be the case.

Some of you will complain that this blurb has nothing to do with the NFL.  (Then again, some of you would complain about anything, including but not limited to the lack of anything about which to complain.)  But the ultimate outcome could take a chunk out of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s image and reputation — and a more tangible piece out of Saints running back Reggie Bush’s trophy case.

So, yes, it’s relevant to the NFL.  So those of you who like to complain will have to find something else to complain about.

We have a feeling you’ll find it.

21 responses to “USC report not released on Friday, after all

  1. Gee whiz Mike, are you a little cranky today? You usually don’t scold your readers preemptively. I hope the rest of the day goes a little easier on you sir. I for one appreciate you for putting together the best source of NFL information bar none. Thanks, Brian

  2. this will not be released. there is some serious BTS negotiations going on….
    here is the deal:
    this does not affect the individual one bit…
    this affects a major institution
    This affects the NCAA
    This affects the BSC.
    no affect on the person, rather this is on the institution and that will NOT happen at this level.
    this will go away quietly

  3. Probably the same people who complained about the “Fighting Illini” name… They are just people who always need to feel wise beyond their years and their lives are just boring and uneventful. I guess everyone needs to stay entertained somehow.

  4. @ Florio,
    It’s not that we complain about everything, it’s that you seem incredibly naive and petty for a grown man, and you used to be better than this.
    “the ultimate outcome could take a chunk out of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s image and reputation”?
    Everyone knows that Pete Carroll is a football coach and that his job is to win at all costs. He did that. So where’s the “relevant” part of it? If anything, this proves he doesn’t bow down to the NCAA. Good for him. The NCAA makes Bud Selig look competent.

  5. Hmmm, so can we also start reporting on any events that affect families of players? Because, you know, it affects the NFL player. Everyone knows Carroll cheated and Reggie Bush took cash. How will this information change anything? It won’t affect games, just how many more ‘NFL related’ posts you’ll continue to put up for NBC.
    I’ve learned to accept that you post ridiculous stories for sake of page views/links/comments/etc… But what I can’t accept is you justifying it with pathetic reasoning. It’s obvious why you didn’t succeed as a lawyer.

  6. I for one just wants to know if the NCAA has the stones to hammer USC and that asshat Reggie Bush. All their shenanigans have been common knowledge for years now and they still can’t seem to bring themselves to do the right thing. Ridiculous……..

  7. it’s funny when Florio takes a small shot at the peanut gallery and they respond with the utmost sincerity…maybe he’s just f*ing with you.
    The average man is depressingly average…

  8. I am sure the NCAA will go lightly on them even though they would throw down the death sentence on ANYONE else who isn’t a nationally-big program
    NCAA is a total joke

  9. The NCAA had no trouble dropping the hammer on the University of Miami, so I would hope that they don’t let USC off with a slap on the wrist.

  10. But the ultimate outcome could take a chunk out of Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s image and reputation — and a more tangible piece out of Saints running back Reggie Bush’s trophy case.
    Florio, are you serious about this? If you write an article and more than half of the article consists of what others will say and how much they will complain about the article, maybe you should pass on to a different topic or consider a different profession. I’m not one that’s complained previously. I actually like your articles regarding NFL topics. I don’t like reading about college football on this site. Rule violations at USC is not relevant to the NFL b/c Pete Carroll has moved on from college and Reggie Bush won’t face any consequences from the NFL regardless of the outcome.
    In my opinion, stick to writing about the NFL and don’t write about your insecurities.

  11. The NCAA has zero credibility, and we all know they will not come down HARD on their beloved Trojans. They are probably in discussions with the USC brain trust to see when the best time is to “reveal” their findings.
    Pete “I’m outta here” Carroll knew what was going on and looked the other way- he knows USC broke the rules and he got out of town fast. Way to go Pete, always knew that it was about you first and foremost, then the team. CYA right?
    Leaving for the Pacific Northwest will not let you off the hook on this one, sorry. Granted you had a lot of success at USC, but it wasn’t all on the up and up. Regardless of whether you are held accountable in the forthcoming “punishment”, you are guilty… you know it, we know it, and the NCAA knows it.

  12. hahaha @ Slow JoeThis wine isnt properly chilled!!
    I love checking into this site, its my alternative to … Good stuff keep it up!

  13. If Reggie Bush loses a High School or Pee Wee football trophy, will THAT be NFL news too?

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