After brother's crash, Kiwanuka done with motorcycles

New York Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka says he won’t ride a motorcycle again after his brother suffered serious injuries while the two were riding together in their hometown of Indianapolis.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that Kiwanuka said today he’s “done” with motorcycles.

“You do something like that, you realize how much of a gift life is,” he said. “It’s enough to wake you up to realize there are better ways to have fun.”

Kiwanuka said he was not wearing a helmet. In Indiana adults are not required to wear helmets on motorcycles.

Kiwanuka’s brother, Benedict, is doing better and is out of intensive care.

19 responses to “After brother's crash, Kiwanuka done with motorcycles

  1. smart move Mathias. You make too much money to throw it all away from a stupid accident.

  2. or Mathias could understand what a gift technology and engineering are for designing and producing helmets. I don’t think there should be helmet (or seat belt) laws because if you’re too stupid to wear either you might as well off yourself.

  3. While a tragedy, the one positive to come out of it is that after sustaining serious injury in the motorcycle accident, you get 3 free rapes.

  4. Hey Mathias–everyone hates the guy that revs up his engine and peels out, with the matching jacket and helmet. You’re a pro-football player, not the ex-A/V nerd that couldn’t get laid in high school. Buy a nice car and drive slow. More people notice you that way, if that’s what you’re going for. The only NFL player that needs a motorcycle is Ben Roethlisberger…for obvious reasons. I wish Ben had only been going a little faster.

  5. you get paid MILLIONS and have to wear a helmet to PLAY, WHY would you NOT wear one in something that isnt beneficial to you in this timeframe of your life….

  6. Wow-
    How about a simple…”Glad to hear his brother survived and is healing
    ‘…Instant Karma people, Instant Karma!

  7. “While a tragedy, the one positive to come out of it is that after sustaining serious injury in the motorcycle accident, you get 3 free rapes.”
    OK… that was funny.

  8. I must’ve described you, Ricken. I’m sure you thought that your bicycle-with-an-engine, complete with matching jacket, helmet [and handlebar basket/tassels] was cool, but it doesn’t add much needed inches to your wee-wee, nor do the manufactured-personality tribal/Asian character tattoos make you look any tougher. Are these hitting close to home?
    I hear the hardest part about driving a Kawasaki Ninja is telling your parents that you’re gay.
    Save the tough guy BS for when you fight your buddies about who gets to ‘pitch’ and who gets to ‘catch.’

  9. Sir Logic says: If you are dumb enough to start riding a motorcycle, you will simply continue to ride a motorcycle, until you inevitably crash said motorcycle.

  10. The dude makes a personal decision on deciding not to ride a bike anymore and he gets ripped for it?? Some of the posters here are unreal… Dont sit here and say that Driving a car and flying in a plane are just as dangerous. I know people who have died wearing a helmet and not wearing a helmet. Sometimes it doesnt matter how much you protect yourself and how careful you are, most accidents caused aren’t even the motorcyle operator’s fault. It’s usually a car/truck that didnt see them. Mathias see’s it as a risk to himself. He wasn’t ripping on motorcycles or people who ride them. If the man doesnt want to ride a bike anymore, dont criticize the man for it, he has the right.

  11. Since it’s the off season and you have time on your hands, where’s the obvious follow up to this story?!? Did Mathias violate the terms of his contract or were the Giants too stupid to put a “no motorcycle” clause in his contract? If Mathias f’ed up, what are the penalties, if any? If the Giants f’ed up, what do they plan to do about it in the future? Journalism – if only some one associated with this site knew anything about it. How much effort does it take to send out an email to the Giants, MDS? Severe pinkie injury holding you back from doing your job at it’s most basic level?

  12. Hey Kiwi, why don’t you try playing DE without a helmet? Nothing will probably happen unless someone else screws up. Just because it was legal to ride without a helmet, doesn’t mean it was a wise idea. Glad you and your bro survived, but definitely in the category of better lucky than smart.

  13. Why for the love of God would you not wear a helmet? Your job requires head protection yet you elect not to wear it on a bike where the collision is worse. Just plain stupid.

  14. Not that logic or perspective has a place in an internet comments section but… choosing to ride doesn’t mean you have a death wish.
    Just tired of the dumbasses who do dumb shit and wipe out, without any kind of protective gear, and then pop up to say “man that’s too dangerous!” Well no shit.
    It’s never as safe as a roll cage + seatbelts + airbags, but take a little responsibility for your own actions and it’s a whole ‘nother game entirely.

  15. A friend of mine on North Carolina (who works as an EMT) calls them “Donorcycles” because of the high amount of accidents.
    Smart choice Matthias. Hope your brother is ok

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