Crayton changes course, will attend OTAs

Dallas receiver Patrick Crayton, who has skipped organized team activities this offseason and expressed disappointment that he’ll be no better than the Cowboys’ No. 4 wideout, has decided to show up this week to voluntary workouts.

And Crayton’s agent told Tim MacMahon of that Crayton will accept whatever role he has on the Cowboys.

“Crayton is excited about the 2010 NFL season and accepts any decision[s] made by the Cowboys organization regarding his status with the team,” agent Fred Lyles wrote in a text message. “He’s looking to compete and we don’t want to be a distraction.”

That’s a more conciliatory note than Crayton sounded ten days ago, when he said he felt “betrayed” by the Cowboys and wanted to be released.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, however, said last week that he’s not thinking about cutting Crayton. Now Crayton and his agent sound like they’re trying to make the best of a situation that is not to their liking.

16 responses to “Crayton changes course, will attend OTAs

  1. good, time to stop whining, now go compete for the job and make more money the the average person by playing football

  2. I’m glad he decided to come back. Cowboys fans enjoy having him as a 3rd reciever or less cause that’s what he is.
    He had his shot to be a number 2 receiver with TO, and they (organization) obviously thought they needed more. He’s reliable, but he’ll hardly ever break a tackle, or run past the secondary. He is what he thinks he’ll be on this team. A number 3 or 4 reciever who is good insuran….er….uh… i mean, a good fill in.
    Now if he can just keep his mouth shut (pretty hard for him), he’ll be an asset to this team.

  3. F the Cowboys… At least he is there. Showing some class on a classless franchise will earn him a paycheck elsewhere.
    1) At least he is there? You know he’s been missing voluntary workouts, right? He’s the only healthy player missing them.
    2) Showing class? You mean showing class, like going on the radio and asking for his release from the team publicly?
    3) Classless franchise? The same franchise that has one of the most respected owners in all of the NFL? Hate Jerry Jones all you want, but he has the respect of owners in the NFL. Maybe not your respect, but you don’t matter.
    4) Earn a paycheck? You mean the paycheck that he’s making right now? The 2 mil he’s getting for being a 3rd of 4th receiver? That’s a laugh.
    I’ll leave the rest of your paragraph alone.
    Worry about your own franchise. Ronnie Brown getting a DUI and Brandon Marshall kicking punts in your practices should be your concern. Your team is partially owned by J-Lo. Get real.

  4. Oh well, somewhere Jimmy Jhonson is buying groceries..or cooking them…and laughing.
    ….@ the Dolphins

  5. @Dolphiatic
    Jimmy’s actually doing ExtenZe commercials. I’m ashamed of the man right now.

  6. jjared1101 —Ha… Skelator is not respected..he is one step away from the being the Crypt Keeper (Al Davis). As if having Phillips as a coach isn’t the same thing as calling plays down to the field. At least in Miami we let the football guys run the football side of things. If I was you I would leave the rest alone too. Skelator chased out the football guy who built his team (yes switzer drove JJ’s car to the show) into a winner and it hasn’t been the same since… Classless..and stupid. Deal with it.. and yes I know nobody cares what I think..including rich team owners who do a poor job of running a team.

  7. glad to see him change his tune , although i dont believe it will help his cause.. he did not impress me when he dropped those passes in the playoff loss vs. the giants … i never forget a dropped pass on 3rd down , a game we lost at that………

  8. what else was he going to do? For now, this is the team willing to pay the bills. Best thing he can do, is show up for camp and show them that they are wrong about him and that he can be a competent WR in the NFL. his options are to do that or get released. what would you do? Me personally, if there were millions on the line I would go out and give it my all.

  9. @Dolphinatic
    “Skelator chased out the football guy who built his team” Oh really? Go back and take a look at Johnson’s career. Tell me where the Jimster ever stayed any where for very long? The guy who orchestrated the split was the guy with the Psychology degree who left with a check in his pocket.

  10. @ Dolphinatic…
    Bill Parcells
    Tony Sparano
    Anthony Fasano
    Louska Polite
    Cory Proctor
    Jason Furgueson
    Jeff Ireland
    Todd Bowles
    David Lee
    Kacy Rodgers
    I think it is funny that your team, went to a “classless” team to find their coaching staff and players.
    The only joke is that the Dallphins could even be considered as contenders this year. They have a roster highlighted by a subpar QB (Chad Henne), a WR reciever core that, other then Marshall, wouldn’t even make the top four on any other teams roster let alone the Cowboys, and an underachieving defensive line.
    So until you have a team that can field a roster that will win better than 7 games a year, I would not be running my mouth about a team that has won their division twice in the last three years and an owner that has more Super Bowl rings than your owners combined…although they do have the over on Grammy’s won.

  11. If he thinks he should be more than a #4 receiver, he should go out there and show it. He showed last year that he’s at least as good as Williams. If he has another strong start to the season, he’ll be #3 in no time.
    Look at Austin. They have no problem starting stars…so if he wants to start, he should prove that he’s a star.

  12. glad to see he wised up.
    now go finish your f’n route and the cowboys make it to the NFCC and likely the SB in 2007!

  13. Again, he could give his best and he will still be released. He played better than Williams BEFORE they traded for him and he outplayed him AFTER they got him and he still didn’t supplant him in the line because Jones didn’t give up all those draft choices and all that money for him before he hit the field in Dallas and Jerry won’t admit that he made a big mistake.

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