Kroenke sounds confident he'll be able to buy the Rams

Stan Kroenke’s efforts to purchase the 60 percent of the St. Louis Rams that he doesn’t already own have dragged on throughout the offseason. But Kroenke sounds like he’s confident the deal will get done, and that he’ll soon own 100 percent of the team.

“Although no final decisions have been made, we are pleased with the progress we have made to this point,” Kroenke said in a statement to the Denver Post. “We will continue to respect the Rosenbloom family and the league and its processes as we work to finalize a transaction in the coming months.”

The Rosenbloom family wants to sell its 60 percent share of the team to Kroenke, and oe NFL owner says “everybody” wants to see Kroenke own the team. The biggest hurdle is that Kroenke owns the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, and the NFL doesn’t allow owners to own other teams in other markets.

Although there’s been talk that Kroenke would get around that rule by having his wife own the two Denver teams, Kroenke suggested that he’s actually looking at transferring the teams to his son.

“Our son Josh has been involved with many of our organizations for several years and that family continuity remains a priority,” Kroenke said. “My family looks forward to owning the Rams, Nuggets and Avalanche for years to come while being compliant with all stipulations set by the NFL. Our family remains committed to fans in St. Louis and Denver.”

Kroenke also said that he recently submitted a proposal to the league regarding the purchase of the remaining 60 percent of the team. If three-fourths of the owners vote in favor of that proposal, Kroenke will own 100 percent of the team.