Report: Chargers will sign Tra Thomas

With the prospect of a holdout by starting left tackle Marcus McNeill looking more likely with every passing day, the Chargers are reportedly ready to cover their (and Philip Rivers’s) rear ends.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the team will sign veteran offensive tackle Tra Thomas on Wednesday. Thomas, who will turn 36 in November, spent last season with the Jaguars, where he started three games while mostly serving as a backup for rookies Eben Britton and Eugene Monroe. The Jaguars released him in February.

It was Thomas’s only season in Jacksonville, who he joined after spending 11 seasons with the Eagles. Thomas started 165 of the 166 games he played while with Philadelphia, making three Pro Bowls in the process.

20 responses to “Report: Chargers will sign Tra Thomas

  1. Hah! Can’t wait to see that running game.. Every time they run Tra Thomas will need five to catch his breath..

  2. hes was a great left tackle and although he has declined in production, he can still be a serviceable right tackle. loved him as an eagle

  3. good for them,now not so much pressure to give the last 2 players holding out,the money they want,smart move,thomas could still start for probably half the nfl teams

  4. it doesnt matter…as long as marcus mcneil and vincent jackson doesnt play the chargers offense is going to suck!!

  5. Who needs a pro bowler when we got a washed up, fat, old guy to protect Rivers’ (the franchise)blindside.

  6. Brandyn Dombrowski will likely be the new starter with Tra as a backup I am guessing.
    Not saying it’s the best fix in the world but last season they survived a battered o-line with 3 starters out with injury. Time shall tell.

  7. Who needs a pro bowl left tackle or a top ten wide receiver? San Diego clearly is better off without them. Especially with this signing of Tra Thomas. Let’s put it this way, if Thomas still had something in the tank, he’d of been signed a few months ago.
    San Diego has had a solid team for years, and yet they keep of squandering their window of opportunity. AJ Smith might be out on his ass after this year.
    Enjoy another failed season, Charger fans.

  8. I feel this is a good signing. He barely played for Jacksonville last year so he should be well rested.When he did play he played very well. I see no problem with this signing, Low risk with a chance of a good reward

  9. Being in Jacksonville, I had a few chances to meet Tra last year in person. He doesn’t have anything left. He walks with a noticable limp. In practice, he struggles. At this point, he is better off serving as a mentor/coach off the field which is what he has been doing for Monroe and Britton in Jacksonville.

  10. A Tra Thomas on the field is leaps and bounds better than a McNeill sitting at home. I hope McNeill is smart enough to sign his tender and show up. I’m also confident that if and when a new CBA is firmly in place, AJ Smith will work on signing McNeill to a lucrative extension…if the talented left tackle doesn’t make the mistake of trying to play chicken with the team in the interim.

  11. @ Jagerbolt
    Dombrowski isn’t a natural LT, and he’ll be competing with Jeromy Clary for the RT spot.

  12. irishsamurai says:
    June 9, 2010 2:05 PM
    “…thomas could still start for probably half the nfl teams”
    Maybe….if this was 2007

  13. @ Cambodian Breast Milk
    and we all know how well j.clary plays at RT… i bet he needs help licking windows.

  14. @ TheRedBengal:
    What should AJ do sign Jackson and McNeill to longterm big-money deals when he has no idea what the structure of the next CBA will be? That would get him thrown out on his ass. This is not an AJ thing… Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, etc., etc. are all waiting for deals and their teams are also waiting for the new CBA. The clubs have the leverage right now. They’d be stupid to throw around money when they don’t need to. When you go buy your next car and the sticker price says $30,000, I bet you go ahead and give them $60,000 because you’re a smart business man, right?

  15. Yea Jackson is good, he is the Chargers #1 Receiver, But both Malcolm Floyd and Nanee, have the ability to be number ones. Floyd has been the clutch receiver for the chargers, Nanee is a third down ball hog. With AG and Ryan Matthews there with them, McNeil and Thomas on either side of the line, Chargers offense will not decline, it will become balanced, Mathews will have a ROTY season, because of the pass attack that still will not be diminished. LT’s MVP season was the year that the chargers went 14-2, the lead was put up and LT ran for the fourth quarter. Mathews will get the same opportunity this year.

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