Abe Elam won't attend mandatory minicamp

Browns safety Abe Elam, a restricted free agent, hasn’t signed his tender offer and thus has no obligation to attend the team’s mandatory minicamp this weekend.

And so, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, he won’t.

Elam received a second-round offer, worth $1.759 million for one year.  If he doesn’t sign by Tuesday, the team can drop the offer to 110 percent of his 2009 base salary.  In Elam’s case, the reduction would cover only $109,000.

Thus, he could decide to continue to hold out, and he could show up on the eve of Week 1 and get his full $1.759 million.

In so doing, he’s risking that the team will decide to withdraw the tender, making Elam a restricted free agent without restrictions.  But if he thinks that means he’d cash in, he should have a chat with O.J. Atogwe.

13 responses to “Abe Elam won't attend mandatory minicamp

  1. ABE should honestly get to work. There’s no I in team…but there’s ABE in mAyBE.
    Looks like the walrus will be benching another malcontent! Coo-coo-kachoo!

  2. there’s a lot of these stories….If I had my hands around a job making the kinda money they make, I’d be at work early and often, without bitchin’.Most of us would.
    Beats the heck outta what most of them would be making without football, right ickie woods/kurt warner/manymany more!!!!!!!!

  3. Someone needs to remind this UNDRAFTED free agent that he is lucky to be playing in the NFL and earning a ton of money. He has zero leverage and is setting himself up for a big career change.
    Abe better learn the following phrase:
    “You want fries with that?”

  4. Good, you suck anyways dude…I’m pretty sure thats the reason we drafted 2 safeties anyway…

  5. Players like Abe Elam will put together maybe two great games out of 16, and all of a sudden, they think they’re worth their weight in gold. What a freakin’ joke. Elam got burned on a regular basis. What a nimrod.

  6. Ok, Abe, you keep holding out and holding your breath waiting for Holmgren to give a multi year deal to a slow, unathletic safety who comes off the field on passing downs. Of the Browns 5 RFAs this guy is by far the worst. i cant think of one single impact play this guy had in 16 games last year.

  7. Larry David says:
    June 10, 2010 3:09 PM
    Good thing Mangenius gave the Jets Mark Sanchez for this stiff. What a friggin joke!
    dude, learny before speaky…….
    “Mangenius” gave the Jets Mark Sanchez for….
    Kenyon Coleman
    Brett Ratliff
    Abe Elam
    Alex Mack
    David Veikune
    Coye Francies
    James Davis
    It’s easy for rookie QB’s took not look too shabby when they go to already established vet teams with strong defenses, running games, and offensive lines………….me thinky Roethlisberger, Flacco, Sanchez…………
    If you think Sanchez woulda done the same in Cleveland that he did in NY, you should follow football for awhile before posting ridiculous comments such as the one above.
    The Jets acquisitions weren’t great, but Alex Mack is a Pro-Bowl Center in the making, David Veikune is a strong LB, hopefully Coye Francies will develop into a decent CB. And I think James Davis will surprise more than a few people in the next 1-2 years at RB (he spent all of last year on IR).

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