Cable sounds open to running back committee

D. McFadden.jpgWhen the offseason started, Raiders coach Tom Cable wanted an every down running back to emerge.

Now he appears to be reconsidering the plan to ditch the two-back approach with Michael Bush and Darren McFadden.

“Each one of them has their own strength but they both show up every
time we come out here. I actually think their both (No. 1s) and I think
it’s a great deal we got going here,” Cable said.

Cable expressed hope that McFadden would become that true No. 1 in March, but that has yet to happen.

“I think it’s a mentality thing. I think that we do talk about it,”
Cable said, in reference to McFadden’s struggles running between the numbers. “I think we’re doing some things [during practice drills]
that actually help him a little bit in terms of ball security and having
to get down near the ground and keep your balance, those kind of
things. But I think he hears it and he’ll do something about it. I
believe that.”

Coachspeak translation: We’d love for McFadden to be the guy, but we’re trying to cut down on high draft pick scholarships around here.

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  1. longtime washington fan here.
    i really think oakland has some nice pieces in place to 8-8 or 9-7 this year. the defense is solid, and the offense is right on the cusp. campbell isnt elway, but he’s competent, and can make the rbs ad wrs more effective.
    just not sure about that o-line. cant be worse than washington’s last year.

  2. I actually think their both (No. 1s) and I think it’s a great deal we got going here,” Cable said.
    Aside from the “their” when it s/b “they’re” eff up ….
    It’s just like at QB … if you think that you have two #1s you really don’t have any #1.

  3. McFadden isn’t a very good running back. He’s barely over 200 pounds and doesn’t have breakaway speed. He ran a 4.35 at the combine, but he still gets caught from behind on most of his open field runs. Michael Bush is the better runningback, but when you are paying a lot of money to a “franchise running back” you have no choice in the matter.

  4. with the backs they have they should do rbbc till someone emerges or a bunch of them get hurt.

  5. Good, hopefully they mean it. They are both great running back’s, but they have to be used correctly, used in a system that fits their strengths. I think Hue Jackson will do that. Bush is more of a between the tackles runner, and McFadden is best used in space, or reciever out of the backfield. Why they couldn’t see that sooner is beyond me, but I’m guessing it had to do with them wanting a return on McFaddens big money contract, and were forcing the issue.

  6. I love this coach. The way he has handled all the adversity from Hanson, to Jamarcus, to his personal life being spilled in the media. Players have to respect this guy and would love to play for him. He’s got rhino thick skin. Give this guy a legit QB (Campbell) to finally run a legit offense (which they will), and lets see what he’s got. You can’t judge his Win-Loss record the past 2 seasons, 1 year was interim with a Kiffin fiasco, and the 2nd year was dreaded with poor QB play. But when he did get a decent QB in Gradkowski, he showed what his team could do. Wins against Cincy, at Pitt, and at Denver (all playoff aspiring teams) and with his team out of the playoff race, he won some impressive games. His team didn’t have to show up for any of those games, but they did, which speaks volumes for the respect that players have for this guy.
    Him knocking out his assistant, whatever it was wrong, but actions speak louder then words, and if HANSON was meddling with things, Cable was willing to do anything necessary for his team to win, including eliminating a distraction by any means necessary. I am not agreeing with what he did, but shoot, as an NFL player, if my coach knocks someone out, I wanna play for that guy, he cares and he wants to win, and will stop at nothing to win.
    Don’t sleep on Cable and the Raiders in 2010.

  7. If McFadden was on an somewhat decent team I think he would put a the numbers that he was supposed to coming out of the draft.

  8. hey BLeedGreeN4Life a “decent team” hahahahahahaha raiders are the best team in the nfl! mcfadden is great he will have a 800 yd season bush will have a 1000 yd season. and they both will have rings unlike the packers, u bleed green, god u even steal the raiders phrase, just like the red sox

  9. McFadden has been injured a significant portion of his first two seasons and for some reason Cable kept giving the ball to Fargas over both DMac and Bush. Fargas, who was good and a hard runner, didn’t have the ceiling of DMac or Bush. Cable was really mis-using McFadden and I’m hoping Hue Jackson gets it right. Aside from only getting about 8-10 touches to work with per game, McFadden was being asked to run between the tackles 95% of the time on those touches. Not that he’s incapable of running up the middle, but he needs more touches on the outside to utilize his strengths.
    Jax, you’re off on McFadden not having breakaway speed. Just not true. This is based on a couple of long gains where he was tracked down along the sidelines by DBs who had the angle on him. A player with 4.3 speed is going to get tracked down by guys with 4.5 speed when those guys have an angle on them.
    Bush could definitely prove to be the best back though. The guy was a surefire 1st-round pick himself before breaking his leg his last year at Louisville. He’s since recovered and has had some superb performances when allowed to really tote the rock.
    Both guys are also very good receivers out of the backfield. They’re also just entering what should be the prime years of their careers. Definitely an exciting combo in the backfield.
    In other news, DHB, from several reports, looks phoenomenal in OTAs. Like a totally different guy from last year they say. He’s a hard worker and he’s got the speed and now he’s reportedly catching everything in sight. Could shock the NFL world this year.
    Raiders: 10-6, AFC West title.

  10. They really don’t use McFadden well. Their offense last year was better suited to Bush. I don’t know how much they’ll change things but they have got to get creative if they want to get the most out of Mcfadden – straight ahead rushes with no hole isn’t going to get him anywhere. it’s like using a Cadillac to tow another car! He needs things spread out to help him find the hole/see the cutback lanes. he does not have excpetional vision, he does have exceptional speed. I hope they use him better so he can at least complement Bush. Mcfadden isn’t a bust, he’s just not that type of runner. he’s a slender 212 lbs at 6’2. Think about that – he’s about the same size as Darius Heyward Bey! Bush is what 240 now???

  11. # philyeagles5 says: June 11, 2010 12:39 AM
    did you really spell they’re ‘their’?
    Yes he did. He am a journalist.

  12. I’m actually somewhat exited for my Raiders this year. I’m with the majority, start Bush, but use McFadden just as much, kinda the way Carolina uses Williams and Stewart.

  13. lets just hope the o-line has improved so Campbell, DHB, and MCFadden at least have a chance to be respectable. All fairness to J-Bust, there was not a whole lot you could do when you are flat on your back. (ecept maybe lose 30lbs so you couls at least try to avoid being sacked.
    Raiders would be smart to take a look at Kevin Mawae….that is if he is willing to sign a one year deal. It seems that is all any free agent can get in the nfl these days, since no teams want no payroll in 2011-2012

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