Carroll responds to NCAA sanctions

Pete Carroll responded to the NCAA sanctions handed down to USC like the new media magnate that he is: on Youtube and his personal website.

“I never thought there was any facts that supported these significant sanctions that were put forth,” Carroll said.  “The primary issue throughout the process was did the University know?  The University didn’t know, we didn’t know.  We were not aware of any of these findings.”

We’ll let Pete explain the rest

56 responses to “Carroll responds to NCAA sanctions

  1. right…. you didn’t know but you jumped ship before it sank… stfu carroll, you’ve proven over and over again that you’re a liar

  2. The primary issues are:
    1. Did the infractions occur?
    2. If yes, Did the university and team leadership know?
    3. If not – why not? Is the tail wagging the dog?

  3. Pete Carroll leaves and months after USC gets hit with sanctions. Anyone who fails to see the link, please see the link. Carroll is a dirtbag.

  4. The University of Spoiled Children should have known, Pete. Not knowing is the definition of a “lack of institutional control”
    7-9 for the Seasucks this year

  5. If “the University didn’t know,” then there is a huge problem. If they knew, it’s an even bigger problem. This goes on at every major football and basketball program to some degree…some schools just do a better job of hiding it.

  6. Well I guess we know why Carroll wanted to join an NFL team so bad this year.
    Good for you Carroll, you made it to “Mexico” scot-free with a trunk full of loot.

  7. no matter how many times you say you don’t
    know about the events surrounding the violations, no one will ever believe you. I hope
    they come after you for all the bonus money
    you made and make you personally responsible
    for the entire event. You leaving USC is enough
    to state you knew exactly what was going on and
    what was coming. Turd!

  8. Thats why you ran like a little bitch!!!
    You are a cheater and a liar you built this program on lies and broke every rule then you bailed when the heat was on.
    Now everyone will remember how terrible a coach you really were and are. You took a superbowl contender in New England and ruined it. Atleast you cannot screw up the seahawks much worse!

  9. …and on a separate YouTube post, Pete Carroll can be seen flipping Kiffin the bird while cruising Seattle in a dump truck filled wit dolla’ bills y’all.
    Pal, Snoop Dogg, looks to be in the passenger seat sippin’ on gin & juice…but now wearing a Seachickens jersey.

  10. thats why you left so quickly, aint it pete?
    you used to get offer after offer from the NFL and denied them but SUDDENLY you decided to jump ship this year.
    Reggie’s greed and disregard of the rules have made this group of kids/players suffer.

  11. “……it depends on what your definition of the word, “is” is………..errrr………….ummmm…………..”

  12. No Pete, you didn’t know anything. You had a great young QB at USC to build around and you decided that NOW was the ideal time to go to the NFL and that traditional power known as the Seattle Seahawks, they of the aging roster.
    No, you didn’t know.

  13. I also never did thought that learning basic English grammer wuz important fer college coaches or NFL coaches myself, coach
    So – despite your academic looking salt & pepper West coast hair and your smart-a$$ looking sunglasses, you are about as dumb as you act??
    You couldn’t mix in an English lesson while you were sleeping with those grad students in your Malibu condo?

  14. Yeh, right. What the F do you expect him to say? “I cheated to win all those college games so I could rebuild my shattered reputation and get a huge contract from an idiot Billionaire NFL owner”?

  15. We didn’t know is not an excuse. And if the NCAA really wanted to stop all the cheating that goes on in programs run by the Pete Carrolls and John Caliparis of the world, they would impose serious punishments and penalties on coaches of programs that violate the rules. How about a hefty fine per every game a team has to forfeit handed down to any coach, regardless of the claim of “we didn’t know.” Indifference cannot continue to be an excuse. If Carroll and CAlipari and all the others had to worry about themselves, u can bet they would make sure to know, and make sure to stop it. Instead, the NCAA does nothing and these coaches just go on with their lives, as if nothing happened.

  16. “I never thought there was any facts …”
    He’s got that good USC education by osmosis.

  17. Way to man up and take your punishment. Shows the true character of a man when he knew this was coming he took the first flight out. Now these players at USC must suffer because his coaching staff. And if his running back coach knew which its reported he did. Then USC knew.

  18. Pete Pete Pete,
    So the NCAA is completely wrong about the facts!! Denial is the first step, huh!
    How could you and Mark Sanchez not know about what was going on at USC?

  19. Seems like a solid defense by Carroll
    I’m not an expert in the law, but what I do know I learned from Mike Florio
    And I know that Ignorance is 9/10ths of the Law.

  20. Yeah, right. Look, Pete for years had been linked to NFL jobs and he kept turning them down. Better jobs than where the Seahawks are at right now (no offense Hawks fans, just that you’re a little old at some skill positions).
    Then all of a sudden the rumors start swirling and Pete jumps. I knew then the crap was heading toward the fan when he took the Seattle job.
    Timing was too coincidental – right after the basketball team was hit and around the same time that investigations were launched against his team. He knew the NCAA was shining a light on USC.

  21. Your Nose is growing Pete
    thinking its funny that his player stole the donuts shows you how he is as a person / coach.
    nice timing leaving USC, Cheater

  22. I had no idea! The fact that I just left one of the best jobs in the country for a high turn over NFL job is just a cowinkidink.

  23. No wonder he got out of dodge. Let Kiffin take over the sinking ship. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it Kiffin.

  24. LOL @ slippery pete disabling comments for his youtube video. Couldn’t take the heat I see.

  25. He also added via Twitter, “ZOMG can’t believe the NCAA is being sooooo lame!!”

  26. Will Carroll come under the NFL personal conduct policy……..lying while being a head coach.

  27. In his defense, there were rumors months before he left that USC was going to be hit. So, it’s not like he some secret knowledge.
    That said, I’m not saying he didn’t know or wasn’t involved, but this wasn’t a secret just out days ago.

  28. Now that USC has been spanked by the NCAA and another former college FB coach denies any wrong doing, who wants to take bet’s on the next program that will be under the microscope?

  29. Can’t say I’m too upset to see USC go down. Its just a little bit of justice for all of the crookedness that is college football. From the NCAA to the BCS… its all a croc of SH#T.

  30. There is a difference in knowing and not wanting to know anything. In this case I don’t think Petey asked any questions so he could deny any knowledge.
    USC got what it deserved. I think if there is an investigation and the player won’t comply to actually answering questions then the school should be hit automatically. What did Bush have to hide? Apparently everything.

  31. Carroll is a lying, cheating scumbag.
    But I’m even more sickened he’s allowed to waltz into an NFL job unscathed.

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