Gerald McCoy's injury proves minor

Bucs first-round pick Gerald McCoy left the practice field Thursday with what was initially characterized as a “leg injury.”  NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports that the injury is minor.

It’s also reportedly to McCoy’s hip, not his leg.  La Canfora calls it a “tweaked hip,” adding that McCoy is smiling and no longer limping.
So Bucs fans can breathe a sigh of relief.
We couldn’t say the same for opposing quarterbacks.

8 responses to “Gerald McCoy's injury proves minor

  1. McCoy is showing the primal gesture of submission so those goons across the line chill out a bit at practice.

  2. WTF is a tweaked hip? Isnt that what Bo Jackson had? These damn trainers lie about “frayed labrums” and “hi ankle sprains” when its something much more serious than what they tell the player. IT’s JUST A BRUISE and TAKE A SHOT FOR THE TEAM will be the downfall of NFL. No wonder Glazers are a billion plus in debt.

  3. whats up fellas did I strike a nerve not getting my messages posted by asking for a little respect with Chris Henry?? Didnt mean to offend just thought it was the right thing to do since some of the post were very disrespectful. Hopefully we can move forward not if not I appreciate the opportunity to chime in…..

  4. Is there such a thing as a “minor hip injury” when you’re well over 300 pounds?

  5. other than the shoulder the hip is the most complex joint structure in the body….I hope he gets to a good therapist quick to manage and understand the limitations of this injury…you can’t just “butch” your way through on something like this….

  6. McCoy is nothing special looking at those plays that BYU ran he was either late getting to the QB or they gushed them for a couple of yards on the ground. Granted he was double teamed some. But hey what do I know!!!!

  7. McCoy is and will be a complete bust. I said this from day 1, and hes done nothing to prove otherwise so far. Hes a fat lazy tub of glue!!

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