Golden Tate has been very good for Top Pot

Golden Tate may be the best thing to ever happen to Top Pot maple bars. 

“Top pot sold 4
times as many donuts as usual
today! Hmmmm,” the Seahawks receiver noted on his Twitter page late Thursday night. (Note: We have no idea if this fact is true. That hasn’t stopped us before.)

The free publicity for the Seahawks sponsor has been immense and effective.  If those bars are worth trespassing for, I will do my best to get them served at the first-ever PFT summit.  And by “doing my best,” I’m hoping they just send us some.

So here’s more free advertising, Top Pot. You know where to reach me.


20 responses to “Golden Tate has been very good for Top Pot

  1. Little boys shouldn’t be eating donuts. With all that sugar little Greggy will be bouncing off the walls!

  2. this has to be a publicity stunt…the whole thing….I don’t beleive he got arrested or anything…brilliant though….

  3. They really are bad ass donuts… Best chocolate old fashioned and Kaisers I’ve ever had… I work near the scene of the crime… Not quite sure how I’m not 400 Lbs yet!!!!

  4. And with the TOP POT moniker Seattle will have the ‘Santonio Holmeses’ of the NFL clamouring to get to the Pacific Northwest to play for Seattle and enjoy a TREAT at the Golden Coffee Shop….cue in favorite Amsterdam memories…

  5. Probably also great for the pot smoking industry as well… Seattle is, after all, Hippievill…

  6. Since when is B&E/theft the ‘best thing ever to happen’ to someone? Steal in a few places in the middle east and they cut your hands off [which would RUIN his career as a WR. Those guys kinda need their hands.] Golden is more like Iron Pyrite Tate–now.

  7. Anything right now is news in Seattle to keep the media away from Pete Carrol.
    His reasons for leaving USC have finally come out.

  8. It is not the donuts that the Seahawks should worry about, it’s him being out at 3:00AM causing a disturbance in a hotel leading them to call security on a couple of drunk guys!

  9. I live in Seattle, so I can comment on Top Pot…
    Top Pot is the BOMB… They specialize in old-fashioned style doughnuts… Best doughnuts I have ever had… Not a huge fan of the maple bar myself, but I encourage anyone visiting Seattle to check them out. You’ll never want a Dunkin’ Donut or Krispy Kreme ever again!

  10. Hey GT, be sure to stop by Joe & Stan’s Bar if you’re ever in St. Paul! (Try to get there before 2am, though)

  11. They’re honoring him with a special donut. It’s elongated in shape, dipped in light brown caramel and known as the Golden Turd.

  12. N.Y. postal officials are wondering what the hell to do with the crate of donuts from Seattle addressed simply to “Gregg’s Mom’s house, lower level”.

  13. Cafe Du Monde better hire extra security for Week 11. Cue the Mission Impossible theme song, for the Beignet heist & for the chance the Hawks leave with a win.

  14. Its amazing how little the posters on here actually know about what happened.
    He didnt break and enter, he walked in a door that was left open.
    He didnt get arrested or even given a ticket for trespassing, he was given a warning.
    It wasnt in a hotel, it was in the gound floor of his apartment building.
    And to the DC guy who says seattle is hippie capital of the country, I would say seattle is #3 behind the san francisco and Portland.

  15. We’ll find out the truth when Sergeant Goddell makes Tate spill the beans or face suspension. Goddell would love to have a poster boy for this rookie class to set a precedent.

  16. Our band is traveling up north to Seattle this summer and will definitely stop at both Top Pot and the legendary Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. We’d planned on the latter, but hadn’t even heard of the former until this incident. So yeah, free, effective publicity indeed.

  17. Bottom line. Loser. DH you forgot to mention he was drunk and one person felt scared enough to call police. Again he is a loser.

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