Texans set deadline for Andre Johnson deal

Speaking to ESPN AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky, Texans G.M. Rick Smith made it clear that the team has a deadline for negotiations about a restructured contract for wide receiver Andre Johnson.

“Our policy’s been that we’ll look at deals and we’ll try to get things done during the offseason,” explained Smith.  “But once the season starts, our entire focus as an organization goes to football and playing games.”
Smith acknowledged that the Texans have been in discussions with Johnson’s new agent, Kennard McGuire, though no new deal seems imminent.
“It’s pretty well known that he’s hired Kennard and we’ve been in contact,” Smith confirmed.  “So I’ll just leave it there.”
Though Johnson has outplayed the eight-year, $60 million extension he signed in 2007 relative to other top NFL receivers, his camp is in a difficult position.  The Texans have Johnson under control through the 2014 season, with impending salaries of $5.8 million (2010), $6.8 million (2011), $7.3 million (2012), $7 million (2013), and $7.3 million (2014).
The sides will have to get creative to get something done before Smith’s deadline.

13 responses to “Texans set deadline for Andre Johnson deal

  1. Rick Smith is becoming less and less a factor with the Texans. Since this first became an issue Smith has been less visible. I would not be surprised if he was shown the door after this year.

  2. Rick Smith: the worst GM in the NFL.
    I hate him. He never goes after good free agents and turns the screws on our best players.

  3. Pay the Man or cut him loose. Would be sure he’d like to be back in Florida and playing for the Dolphins. Marshall and Andre… woot.

  4. He maybe the worst but let’s not forget about who he replaced, Charlie Casserly. The man who had the Texans paying horrible players not even on the roster anymore.

  5. He’s played two years of an 8 year extension and already wants a new contract?
    Why bother with anything other than one year contracts? Hold the line and don’t give him a new contract. This is becoming ridiculous. None of these players step up and offer to take a pay cut because they’ve had a bad season.

  6. I’m ok with people ‘outplaying’ their rookie deals but, complaining 2 years into a 7 year extension is nonsense. Next time sign a shorter contract. Plus 7 mil a year isn’t bad for a guy who has NEVER had double digit TD’s.

  7. Hopefully the Texans don’t buckle. Players can’t have it both ways; wanting the security of a long term deal and then threatening to hold out for a pay raise the second someone signs a better contract two years later.

  8. His own fault for signing such a long extension. He already got alot of guaranteed money up front too.

  9. You know it amazes me that people will continue to bash players for wanting new contracts, when they have clearly out played their current contracts but no body seems to bash the owners when they cut players who havent lived up to the big contracts they gave. Honor the contract you sign should work both ways.
    If I get a job, I can quit that job to take more money elsewhere at any time. Just like my employer can fire me because I am not holding up to my end of the bargain at any time. If Johnson *knock on wood*, shreds his knee in training camp, the Texans can cut him and he wont see a dime of the money left on the deal. How many of you will be bashing the owners then?
    I have said it before and I will say it again. The NFLPA really needs to make a hard push at guaranteed contracts in the next CBA. The owners will never go for it but thats really the only way to combat holdouts and crap like this. The owners complain about how the last CBA was bad for the owners, there are things in it that do not benefit the players either.

  10. The only thing that matters is what is good for the team. If givng AJ a new deal makes the team better, they will do it. If not, they will tell him to go fly a kite. Too many folks think these things become personal. That only happens when the players get to involved.
    On a personal note, 7 mil a year average doesnt sound underpaid. What it sounds like is a guy who may have made some bad investments and now needs the team to bail him out.

  11. Not having double digit TD’s isn’t his fault. Andre gets into the endzone still, despite the apparent unwillingness to throw him the ball in the red zone. Being inside of 20 yards deprives him of his ability to separate, plus Kubiak’s offense shuts down in the red zone. We’re consistently one of the worst red zone offenses, mainly because we have no power running game to keep db’s honest. Andre gets the ball a lot [evident by the leading the league in yards and catches multiple years], but with other guys like Owen Daniels and Kevin Walter to spread it around to, there’s so much Schaub can do before he forces the ball to Andre…who still catches it regardless.

  12. They will wait until the end of this year to get a deal, done, imo
    It helps both parties to slash another year off the current contract before re-doing it
    If AJ has another huge year, the Texans have very little choice but to pay him top-dollar

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