Steelers seal up a couple of draft picks

Though the Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to sign coach Mike Tomlin to an extension, they’ve successfully negotiated contracts with two of their newest employees.

Linebacker Thaddeus Gibson, a fourth-round selection in the 2010 draft, has agreed to terms.  Gibson played college football at Ohio State.

Defensive tackle Doug Worthington has signed, too.  He arrived via the compensatory phase of the seventh round.  He also played at Ohio State.

The Steelers announced the moves on Friday afternoon, but disclosed no terms.  They often sign lower-round picks to three-year deals, even though the league permits a maximum of four.

25 responses to “Steelers seal up a couple of draft picks

  1. As a life long Steeler fan Tomlin should only get an extension if he earns one – and he has not. Last year was embarrassing – losing to teams that were very beatable and missing the playoffs is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
    I would have no problem if they had fired him after last year – and yes, I think if he was white he would have been fired.

  2. Since they are both from Ohio State, I’d have some sort of “idiot clause” in case they shoot, rape, dope, assalt, run over, crash their motorcycle or molest someone. Anyone done a study on the percentage of Ohio folks that get into trouble in the NFL?? I bet it’s the highest of any state, even Florida with FSU, Miami & Gators.

  3. What does Tomlin’s contract have to do with signing draft picks? Just have to do a little pot-stirring, don’t you? 🙂

  4. Steelers seal up a couple of draft picks:
    Sort of like how the bathroom in Milledgeville was sealed up I guess.

  5. Why would it be news that a coach with 2 years left on his deal doesn’t have a new deal yet???

  6. Maybe they didn’t give Tomlin a extension yet is their looking for the chin to come back

  7. let’s talk about ben roethlisberger instead…. he is such a hero to so many women of all ages around the globe. Such a global icon that is surpassing tiger woods.

  8. Florio, who broke your Web site? Or do you guys just ignore any non-Roethlisberger comment posted on Steelers threads?

  9. SoFlor Steeler says:
    June 11, 2010 3:03 PM
    I would have no problem if they had fired him after last year – and yes, I think if he was white he would have been fired
    SoFlor Steeler if you are a life long Steelers fan you know the Rooney’s do not keep coaches on that short a leash. Therefore race is irrelevant, if he were purple with orange spots he would still be coach.
    Cower didn’t make the playoffs following his Super Bowl. Coincidentally the last time Aaron Smith missed most of a season.

  10. @stevack
    Thank you. Clearly that moron is not a life long steeler fan, and just a Florio goon out to increase comments. Like you said, the Steelers have a lot of patience with their coaches. Cowher had a few rough (by Steeler standards) seasons in his tenure. Going 9-7 with
    some of you more talented players injured is hardly cause for firing.

  11. tomlin is a great coach. He says “umm” way to much but other than that he is a great coach. Look for him to coach the steelers for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars to come. The rooney’s believe in long term coaches. End of story.

  12. Still with the Ben comments…eye yi yi….
    Is that an “L” tattooed on your foreheads?
    Move on.
    Its funny that some people are bigger Steeler haters than than they are football fans.
    The comment about the OSU guys….didn’t Holmes also win a SB and SB MVP?
    I agree with the comment about Tomlin not earning an extension as of yet. Coaching did not win the SB that he got a ring for.

  13. The two rookie signings are indicative of the Steelers approach to contract negotiations. No one hears about it until it happens. I’m of two minds on the Tomlin contract extension which I hope happens. Possibly Tomlin is on notice because he
    saved Bruce Arians job (Steelers O/C) last year. In other words, if Arians doesn’t show sound game strategy and produce wins then he and Tomlin will be gone. Or the Steelers are in negotiations with Tomlin as we ponder.

  14. Tomlin does press conferences like his is B.S. ing his way through. He almost has no idea what he is doing.
    A bunch of one liners that are growing old. He inherited a SB team and he and ARIANS ARE SCREWING IT UP.

  15. Ah, the wonderfully inept comedic stylings of Mama Tried.
    Please stop the lame attempts at humor. You should pay copyright fees to all of the people’s material you have stolen on here.
    Idiotic response in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  16. @bigstorm …
    “Coaching did not win the SB that he got a ring for.” Wrong. One example:
    Tomlin pushed the Tampa D to follow through after turnovers, to shift from defensive to offensive mindset to get a better return. Just before SBXLIII, Tomlin drilled the Steelers on the same post-turnover blocking.
    THE most important play of SBXLIII was the Harrison INT/TD–14-pt swing in a 27-23 game. Harrison scored because the defense turned into a kick-return squad and blocked him into the end zone. Wasn’t a fluke. Tomlin drilled them on it in pre-Super Bowl practices.
    Success = Opportunity + Preparation

  17. Deb
    The guy feeding you this info is wrong. Watch the Series “America”s Game: The Super Bowl”. Harrison made a decision to step inside against the defense that was called on “a hunch”.
    By the way Lebeau calls the defense, not Tomlin.
    On the winning drive that was all Arians and the offense. Even Tomlin admitted that he had no input on the drive other than the usual “go get ’em boys”.
    He can obviously coach but will the real head coach please stand up? To go from SB champs to chumps in one year….that’s a coaching issue as the personnel was the same.
    mark it up….quote of the day.

  18. Hey Big Racist. I mean Big Storm. TOMLIN told the whole defense (IF you watched Americas Game or the SB DVD) Tomlin told the WHOLE DEFENSE. “THIS IS NOT A RUN THIS WILL BE A PASS!!” He repeated this over and over. So why do you think Harrison had his “hunch” to drop back in the curl zone? COACHING thats why. Cowher won a SB in 05 and went 8-8 the year after, can you say SB champs to SB chumps? What is your excuse? Bens accident? Fact is TOMLIN is not a coach KNOWN for choking. He takes risks and the PLAYERS LOVE THE GUY even if the GOOD OLE BOYS of Steeler Nation do not. For the Record BEN ROETHLISBERGER is enamored with Arians and NOT TOMLIN. So if anyone saved his job it was BEN.

  19. big storm:
    You are right and wrong. Tomlin did exactly what Deb said he did. He did, in fact, stress blocking downfield after creating a turnover. I saw the practice cut-ups of them being lazy before Tomlin stressing it and the cut-ups of them getting in front of a DB/LB as he returned a pick after Mike stresed it.
    As far as the last drive, you are very correct, but Tomlin does a good job of trusting assistants.
    Last year wasn’t Mike’s best work, but saw the Steelers lose several razor-thin games with multiple major injuries factoring HEAVILY. However, they still had a winning record and finished in a 4 way, multiple-level tiebreaker for 2 playoff spots w/ Hou, Balt, NYJ.
    Now, if they finish 9-7 or worse THIS year, you will have legitimate criticism of him.

  20. Injuries happen to all teams – 3 very bad losses – one at home. And yes Cowher mailed in his final season and still hate him for it – can’t stand watching him on TV – anyone who hires him to coach will learn he is more concerned about himself than winning.

  21. Hehateme=Psycho
    Racist? Are you f*&king nuts? Because I don’t think that Tomlin has proven himself.
    you are a bit of a drama queen aren’t you. shut up and stick to football. I am Steelers fan but lets call a spade a spade: he is hit or miss until he gets consistency and he hasn’t sold the team that he is head coach material. How do i know that? HE HASN’T RECEIVED AN EXTENSION.
    I am right on both counts. Tomlin being a mouth is not coaching. Of course he is going to let Lebeau and Arians call the plays.
    And Harrison did change his assignment on his own accord…it wasn’t coaching. Watch the bloody interview. He said that he saw the same thing earlier and adjusted. Give harrison some credit. is that racist or just racey?
    Saturday’s post of the day. Mark it up.

  22. @bigstorm …
    Little boy, I don’t know whether you’re racist, but you’re certainly a sexist jackass. I don’t need a guy to feed me football information. But apparently whatever guy is feeding YOU information doesn’t understand the difference between the INT and the POST-INT. Harrison observed Warner on previous plays, which is what drove his “hunch,” resulting in the INT. That has NOTHING to do with my comment.
    My comment was about the POST-INT. Yes, LeBeau is the DC. And Arians is the OC. So in all YOUR football wisdom, you think the DC and OC are solely responsible for coaching the team. Then why have a HC? Or position coaches?
    The HC is involved in ALL aspects of the team. And as a one-time defensive coordinator, Tomlin is particularly focused on defensive technique. He DID drill the defense in POST-INT blocking just prior to the Super Bowl. By itself, the Harrison INT accounted for a 7-point swing in the score. WITH the TD–a DIRECT result of Tomlin’s coaching–it accounted for a 14-point swing in the score.
    Tell that guy who’s feeding you football info to go back to basics. Obviously you’re not ready for anything even mildly complex.

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