League "will look into" Vince Young situation

A certain formula applies to accounts of off-field player misconduct.  Here’s how it goes.

First, the player gets into trouble.

Second, one or more reporters ask the league whether it will look into the situation.

Third, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello tells each of them that, yes, the league will look into it.

This time around, Aiello has saved himself the obligation of responding to a bunch of e-mail by stating the obvious regarding the Vince Young assault citation via Twitter.  “Getting questions about the Vince Young incident,” Aiello said.  “Yes, we will look into it.”

Typically, for a first offense, the league does not impose discipline until the criminal proceeding has run its course.  When a player has faced multiple incidents, the chances increase of preemptive discipline.

24 responses to “League "will look into" Vince Young situation

  1. The league has told players what is acceptable conduct and what isn’t, (and have specifically told them to stay out of strip clubs)……I tell my kids what is acceptable conduct and what isn’t and when they don’t follow the rules, there are consequences and penalties. Unfortunately, NFL players are like kids in the sense that if an action doesn’t bring consequences then they are quick to figure it all out……”I will do this because I want to do it and I won’t get punished anyways”

  2. this is great.
    unless their is audio NOTHING will stick.
    this is nothing but a pussy fight with some pushing and shoving.
    Wow… a few WAP WAPS…
    Let’s not make it more then what it is.
    It”s not like he got an under age minor drunk in a bar and sexually assaulted her.
    Sometimes a real man needs to swing.
    Throw the damn punch.
    And sometimes it’s the right thing to do.
    This is such a non story it’s insane.
    The whole country is wussy now.
    I have been in fights,
    some I won and some I didn’t.
    That is the way it goes.
    This was a pussy fight.
    I know.
    I got knocked out once and learned.
    This was pushing and shoving.
    (I never saw that right cross coming baby).
    But I didn’t call the cops or sue.
    He won, I lost.
    Real men go though it.
    This country in going wussy.

  3. Is there an epidemic going on with people that make millions quickly? Don’t they watch the news and see other athletes being charged with similar charges? Maybe the league needs to kick someone out of the league to stop this.

  4. Saw video.
    Saw scuffle.
    Didn’t see punch.
    Didn’t see diss (hook’em horns diss).
    This could only rate headline “news” to Pro Football Teletubbies.
    Can see …
    … more hand-wringing teeth-gnashing navel-gazing rubber-necking from Teletubbies if Goodell does or doesn’t punish Young for something this silly.
    It’s not the crime, it’s the time.

  5. Give him the electric chair….this is far worse than what Ben didn’t do….this guy is actually guilty >.>

  6. Raiders will now win wk1 at Tennessee..
    You heard it here first.. even with VY and CJ Oakland can still score on that Weak Tenn Def.

  7. Well with big ben suspended. And now the vy will be suspended 6 games most likely. It looks like another Saints/Indy sb.
    It also means get your QB’s first round in FFL cause theres slim pickings.

  8. So many people want to chide Florio for being the only male in America to be watching the Tony Awards rather than the NBA finals that the server appears to be melting down

    u r 100% right. most of these ppl dont realize that back in the day,football players always got into bar fights but the media and or fans never made a big issue about it. jim hasslet was a bar brawler back in the 80’s. he even fought his own teamate once(isiaha robertson).

  10. He’s just a little frustrated that his Heisman hasn’t arrived yet–cut the guy a break.

  11. They really need to make an example out of Vince Young, or white players are going to think there is a double standard.

  12. This is not Young’s first incident. Remember the suicide attempt? Clearly there is a “pattern of conduct” and Young is high profile. 6 game suspension.

  13. @ # i’m president charlie! says: June 14, 2010 7:18 AM
    5 3/4 game suspension according to roger goodell’s flow chart.
    Wrong the Goodell flow chart involves one get out of jail free card. Just ask Eric Foster, Rey Maualuga, Braylon Edwards…..and so on.
    Players don’t get punished until the screw up more than once. Goodell is a horrible joke being played on the greatest game in the world.

  14. Actually gotta agree, to a point, with tool of tools.
    When I was in college, bar fighting was the national pastime. It was no big deal, no one got seriously hurt, and no one even thought about calling the cops or posting a video on TMZ. Of course, when I was in college there was no TMZ. Or cell phones with cameras. Or cell phones, period. Now I just feel old. Wait, what was I talking about?
    Oh yeah, bar fights. It was no big deal, and half the time you wound up having a beer with the guy you fought.
    Two points though: I was 20-21, not 27, and I was poor and anonymous, not rich and famous. However harmless this all might have been, it certainly speaks poorly for VY’s intelligence or lack thereof. Fair or unfair, he’s a 27 multi-millionaire starting QB in the NFL. He doesn’t get to act like a drunken college kid anymore.
    Them’s the rules, sorry to say. Enjoy your time off, VY.

  15. Mike In Texas – what? Tennessee’s defense isn’t weak and the Raiders are a fraud team.

  16. Based on a previous precedent, looks like a 6 game suspension, reduced to 4 if he complies with the commissioners recommendation of a behavior evaluation.

  17. Tooloftools – the name couldn’t fit you any better.
    Getting in strip club fights is ok for regular joe’s, but not NFL quarterbacks.
    Regardless, script club season for NFL players is Feb-May. Minicamps have stared, VY shouldn’t be anywhere near them.
    The video footage also looks like Vince was hanging out in the backroom/office area of the club.
    Why was he back there? Was he picking up he paycheck from the manager?
    The backroom serves one purpose to non-employees — the cocaine buffet.
    I guarantee drugs are involved and all parties were high as kites.

  18. moswesley says:
    June 14, 2010 11:47 AM
    Why was he back there? Was he picking up he paycheck from the manager?
    The backroom serves one purpose to non-employees — the cocaine buffet.
    I guarantee drugs are involved and all parties were high as kites.
    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. Awful lot of people in that little room. I think we can all read between the white lines.

  19. Interesting to note that Pittsburgh is at Tennessee in Week Two on September 19th.
    If Young is suspended for at least two games, the main topic of conversation in the media will be Roger Goodell and the Player Personal Conduct Policy, and how it affecting the quality of product on the field, as both teams will be without their starting quarterbacks for that game.
    On the other hand if Young is not suspended for at least two games, the media will be comparing how Goodell handled the two situations, and possible irregularities and inconsistencies in how he handles these matters.
    Regardless of what Goodell decides to do, it’s a lose-lose situation for him.

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