Leroy Hill already met with Goodell

Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill, facing a possible likely suspension to open the 2010 season, revealed to the Associated Press on Tuesday that he’s already met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Hill called the meeting, which took place a few weeks ago, “instructive.”
“It was informative, it was a good meeting,” Hill said.  “Everything went well.  It was just a Q-and-A basically. … I listened a lot, learned a lot.”
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll admitted that he doesn’t know if Hill will be eligible to play all 16 games this season: “We’ll have to wait and see on that.  I don’t know that.  I don’t know how that’s going to go.”
We can help him.  
Hill is a two-time offender of the NFL’s personal conduct policy.  He was arrested in January 2009 for misdemeanor marijuana possession, a charge to which he pleaded guilty.  Ten days after issuing the plea this April, Hill was arrested for assault and domestic violence following an altercation with his girlfriend.
He’s a poor bet to play more than 12 games this year, assuming Hill is on the roster at all.

4 responses to “Leroy Hill already met with Goodell

  1. I wish it worked like this:
    Monday Offense
    Tuesday Arrest, Charge & Investigation
    Wednesday Suspension/Sanction/Fine levied
    Wednesday Trial & Sentencing
    Thursday Done & Done
    The waiting – especially when it’s one of “my” guys, e.g., Johnny Jolly, just does me in.

  2. Ok Steelers fans…here’s another one to keep an eye on for “pattern of behavior”. Hill and Vincent Jackson should both be getting 4 games off. If not it is blatant unfairness by the Commish. Especially as the NFL recently announced a partnership with MADD. How the eff can they let Jackson off clean with no suspension?

  3. i think carroll will turn the guy around,if he can it would def be worth it,guy is a heck of a lb,with curry,hill,tutupu,[even if hill is only 12 games],could develope into a very good lb corps,i think they gotta keep him and take the chance he changes his attitude

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