Browns release eight, including Shaun Suisham

There was never much doubt, but the Browns made it clear that Phil Dawson remains the only kicker for Cleveland on Thursday.

The Browns released eight players, including kicker Shaun Suisham.  The team also said goodbye to defensive backs John Bowie, Benjamin Burney and Ramzee Robinson, running
back Thomas Brown, offensive lineman Jason Capizzi, linebacker Auston English
and wide receiver James Robinson.

Dawson skipped offseason practices because he’s unhappy with his contract, but showed up for mandatory minicamp.  Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer wrote this week the team made overtures about a modest raise and “the cold response was shocking
to team officials.”

Perhaps this move will warm things up, although we doubt it.

27 responses to “Browns release eight, including Shaun Suisham

  1. Shaun Suisham doesn’t belong in the NFL. Take it from a ‘Skins fan. I’m sure he’s a great guy though…

  2. Suisham was nothing more than camp fodder.
    Capizzi is a big surprise. He would be a nice add for a team needing depth. Has potential to start @ RT down the road. Burney and Robinson are mild surprises.
    8 more cuts after the 5 they just made…. I am smelling a move coming soon, in the way of a WR.

  3. Does Cleveland have a team? I thought they lost their team when they refused to build the team a new stadium. They built Jacobs Field, an arena for the Cavs, and the Rock ‘n Roll Museum but told their football team to take a hike.
    All I see at their stadium now are empty orange seats…and the ones that are there are booing.
    Shaun Suisham wouldn’t have anything to do anyway….a team has to score a touchdown first or get close enough to try a field goal…neither of which will EVER happen.

  4. Nice to see movement. We have a lot of players under contract and more coming with the Draftees soon to sign. The space is already clear for all 8 so they must be optomistic that they can sign them quickly…and releasing the guys as quickly as they did gives them a chance to catch on elsewhere.
    I dont intend to humor the peanut gallery further. Hes proven himself an idiot and thats good enough. We will prevail in the end. Lets take the high road.

  5. Suisam is a loser. I suprised he got signed period.
    His lost too many games by choking….

  6. This is the only other place beside Tony Grossi’s article where I saw:
    ‘the team made overtures about a modest raise and “the cold response was shocking to team officials.”‘
    Is there any other source that says the team is concerned about Dawson’s attitude? The guy is very good and the Browns probably won’t be able to use a tag next year, so he could walk if he is unhappy this year.

  7. OK you all know I’m from Cleveland and my posts are worshiped, (it’s great to live my life devoid of reality)… anyway… question.
    Where do you go when your cut from Cleveland ?
    I mean this is pretty much the end of the line if I’m not mistaken.

  8. not only is this team is bad, its boring! i hope none of their games are on tv! 6-10 you bums!

  9. Ravenmucus…
    Yep, Cleveland built all of that stuff because the owners were respectable, and none were a mis-managing, lying shithead like Art Modell. You got him…that’s great for you, asshole.
    What the people of Cleveland DID NOT do was name a street in the ghetto after a murderer who still takes up room in the Ratbird’s clubhouse. Baltimorons…..what jerk-wads.

  10. Cleveland is no more the end of the line than any other NFL city Tool.
    It means this player did not fit this program…and like a large percentage of the players undergoing release at this time…they dont fit any program. Theres twice as many players trying to make teams as there are positions. But when your lifelong dream is to play in the NFL, you keep trying as long as someone will sign you.
    Assuming that if cut by Cleveland you are of little worth is kinda like saying that because I live on the East side of Cleveland ( what do you envision Tool?) means I live in the ghetto.
    Just remember…and we do here in Cleveland…Josh Cribbs was undrafted. On a bad day he could have been cut, if for no other reason than to make room for a veteran.

  11. hey, don’t bad mouth Cleveland. After all, they are the only city in the U.S. where the river running through town CAUGHT ON FIRE! Yes indeedy. Look it up! I remember that. The Ohio River got so polluted that it actually caught on fire.
    uber cool.

  12. Cuyahoga River was the one that burnt. Three times if I recall right. Just to be correct. We Clevelanders admit our mistakes…and we still love our city.

  13. I thought Suisham made a 100 yard FG on Youtube. That’s got to count for something, right?

  14. Did thatssoravenmuscle get those “facts” from a Wikipedia page?
    As any Skins fan will tell you, Raven fan is among the biggest hillbilly retards in the country.

  15. Dear “Ravenmuscle” and other ignorant burnouts,
    Before you make continual ignorant posts in pathetic attempts to be “humorous”, you might want to get your stories straight. Does Cleveland have a team? ahahah, how long does it take you to write your material? I believe the only reason you’re display name is Ravenmuscle is because you have our old team. Also, the River that caught on fire is the Cuyahoga River…when you mess up an attempted insult you are the one that looks like a complete dolt. Do you people realize these insults don’t matter to us anymore? You don’t know anything…at all. You can’t touch the knowledge and passion of fans in this city. You are wannabes. Also, the browns are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL. In fact, we may be looking close to a .500 team, which for us is almost worthy of a parade. Ravenmuscle you make me laugh, I like how you proclaim the browns will never score a touchdown. You’re elementary exaggeration makes me laugh. You may be a FAN of a winning team, but you sir, are quite pathetic.

  16. The Ohio River caught fire, PriorKnowledge? That runs through frickin’ cincy. You nutbucket.
    Hey, ravenmuscle, I effed your dad. And I ain’t your mama. I effed him with my ravenmuscle, and when I was done it was a brownmuscle.

  17. # PriorKnowledge says: June 17, 2010 9:58 PM
    hey, don’t bad mouth Cleveland. After all, they are the only city in the U.S. where the river running through town CAUGHT ON FIRE! Yes indeedy. Look it up! I remember that. The Ohio River got so polluted that it actually caught on fire.
    uber cool.
    Better check a map. Last I knew, it was the Cuyahoga River that went through Cleveland. Cincinnati is on the Ohio River.

  18. @Ravenlovemuscle
    You’re slipping, troll. Five posts snuck in before you.
    Did Mommy temporarily suspend your internet access as punishment for forgetting to wipe your @$$ after potty time?
    And how about something new instead of the same old lines.
    If your going to be a jack@$$, at least be a creative one.

    They might not be on your TV, genius.
    You know, the TV with the rotating pictures of Sesame Street characters and the bells you ring and the blocks, etc.
    But for around 50 years now the NFL has had a thing called a television contract which means that ALL teams are on in their local market, providing they are sold out.
    And for the record, that has not been a problem (sellouts) in C-Town for a long time.
    So say what you want, imbecile (grab your dictionary, troll) but the Browns STILL sellout as bad as they have been. Some of the best fans in the league.
    And here’s an old adage that you may want to live by:
    It is better to remain silent and appear stupid than it is to open your mouth and erase all doubt.
    You, sir, have erased all doubt.

  20. @.RebaTe
    Wow. How articulate.
    You know, GEDs are available. Even to losers like you.
    But wait…that may involve formulating thoughts and sporting an IQ above 70.
    Never mind. Go back to the crackpipe, jack@$$.

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